In fact, Playmaker didn't want any ideals, built from sacrifices. Akira was in disbelief, as he was told that the Ignis declared war on humans. Specter laughed at Akira, for he entrusted the future to a man, who could not win. Yusaku asked who the voice was, but the voice told him he'd soon go home. Yusaku tried to get Ai back by claiming a new soap opera show was on, but failed. He also didn't hesitate to capture Ai and even threaten to delete him in order to challenge the Hanoi. Opening the door, the two found the actual sarcophagus. Ai didn't approve of that, but Earth stated it was socially awkward. Sending "Dotscaper" (which was Special Summoned from the GY), Playmaker summoned "Threshold Borg", then played the "Cynet Codec". The latter set a card, while Ai boasted how invincible "The Arrival Cyberse" was, and it was a matter of time before Playmaker would lose. The culprit hacked by their company's SOLtiS androids, which Shepherd found humorous. Japanese [105], Bohman thought of Harlin, while Playmaker swore to settle the fight, by listening to others as they yearned for peace. Shepherd questioned himself to losing against an opponent with an AI ally, while Playmaker lamented his count turn was wasted. Structure Decks. Ai noted that Varis actually saved them, and that Doctor Kogami had passed away, which frustrated Soulburner. After six months passed Yusaku collapsed,[5] a voice told him he should not give up, and advised him to think of three reasons why to continue fighting,[6] who turned out to be Varis.[7]. Playmaker used "Stack Reviver" to bring back "Backup Secretary" and boost the ATK of "Decode Talker" for a bit. Yusaku asked what was the point of this, to which Ai stated he would not be lonely anymore, for he'd have copies of himself to hang around. After Bohman claimed that AI's sacrifice was pointless, Playmaker finally calls the Ignis his partner and swore to defeat Bohman for him. He is unique in that his motivations for his actions are for revenge, instead of uniting people via dueling and having fun. The Knight reduced Playmaker's LP to 400 and the Data Storm tornado sucked him. Gore was mad at Playmaker for stealing his spotlight and this grew worse when the children at the city orphanage, which he volunteered and donated to, started seeing Playmaker as a hero instead of him. Ai was disappointed the strategy failed, and upon counting 400 LP that Playmaker had, realized he could activate his Skill. Flame and Aqua advised caution, for Lightning was the type that erased any sort of evidence. Ai taunted Shepherd for missing the target, but the latter replied so did they, for they were unable to activate the Skill. Playmaker smiled, since the card he played allowed him to destroy "Wormhole Defense". Bohman frowned, as Ai announced it was time for him to lose. Akira Flip Summoned "Tindangle Hound", and set "Tindangle Angel" into face-down position and gained its attack, plus weakening Playmaker's monsters. Suddenly, Lightning and Bohman stepped in to the area where the Duel took place. Ai petted "Linkuriboh" for saving them, and let it return to Playmaker's Deck. Yusaku and Ai brace themselves for their final Duel. Yusaku and Theodore were alarmed at their presence, as the latter remembered Varis stating his true name - Ryoken Kogami. Ai noted that Playmaker received the Cyberse Deck and defeated the Knights of Hanoi, as he had planned. Relatives He saw that Varis was even daring Soulburner to defeat him. As Bohman ended his turn, he announced he'd take everyone's consciousness in the real life, too, by using the Neuron Link throughout the network. Ai declared he has won, as the attack of "Darkfluid" cannot be stopped at this point. However, they started to feel spooky, fearing something was to happen soon. The trio promised to meet up and went in different directions.[41]. When Yusaku tried to ask about her brother, she replied that people only ever approached her to ask if her brother could give them a new Duel Disk or a job at SOL after graduation. After the duel had concluded, Playmaker showed concern for Varis, who before being terminated entrusted the rest to Playmaker and Ai. The Gore boldly stated he cannot be defeated; as he struggled in the real world, the Gore felt he was moments away from becoming the perfect Duelist, while Ai felt that Playmaker was uncertain if he had to defeat the Gore. However, he rolled the LIGHT Attribute; Playmaker claimed that even luck has left him, and with no more defenses left, "Cyberse Clock Dragon" destroyed Bohman's monster, and Bohman suffered 1500 LP damage. Ai became provoked by his taunt, but Playmaker reminded Ai they should not get riled up by Bohman's statements. Ai muttered "My fate...", and stated that would be impacted on the outcome of the Duel. They went to the place that Varis recently visited, the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi. [31], Ai thought this had relations to Blue Angel, but Yusaku shushed him, since Naoki could hear him. He eventually decided to join the fight, feeling it was his duty as Ai's partner to stop his criminal acts. Ai wanted more time to find a way to keep humans and Ignis intact. Playmaker ignored Ai, who forced Playmaker to log out and joined Kolter, and watched hundreds of tentacles wrapped a beam that was shot in the sky and destroyed LINK VRAINS' cyberspace. However, Shepherd resisted it and continued shooting. He soon bumped into Skye again, and they said good morning to each other. [45], "Sunvine Thrasher" slashed "Underclock Taker", and with "Sunavalon Force", Playmaker's LP were reduced to 900. They saw Blue Angel, and Gore also offered her to join forces with them. However, Varis used "Borrel Refrigeration" to make "Magnarokket Dragon" destroy itself to blast away "Decode Talker". Upon the latter's summoning, the barren land was revitalized with water, turning it into a lush field with grass and trees. The two then discussed about the creator of removal program. Yusaku, in turn, stated that he only fought for himself and that he didn't need thanks. He exclaimed he improved Bohman's program for his ultimate move - "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister" was summoned to his field. The tree went to make the finishing move, but Playmaker anticipated this. [35], Despite the Deleted victims being purged from the virus, Yusaku was still worried, since he only fought the Knights of Hanoi inside LINK VRAINS, and Kolter confirmed one last mastermind left to be fought against. Specter explained someone said the same thing earlier. Playmaker and Varis stand atop the tower for their final confrontation. However, he needed a programmer that knew about the Ignis algorithm. Ai tried to reason with the Gore, who also silenced him. While attempting to access Ai's memories, Yusaku sees Varis destroying the Cyberse. While Kolter started to decode the program to open the gate, Ai alerted Playmaker of the two bounty hunters. Varis let Playmaker take the mission, and Soulburner passed the letter to him. Both were once considered criminals in their series. Bohman proceeded with his turn, Link Summoning "Flow Hydradrive" and destroy it with "Hydradrive Rebuild", to actually move it to the Main Monster Zone. It did not wish to fight them alone, for the sake of exposing itself and the temple. [92] Ai pointed out both sides had to think which Spells and Traps to use. Unnamed did so, leaving Unknown to fight one of the knights. In fact, by scanning the network, Varis believed they could find his hideout. Playmaker questioned the man's name, who held his head and shouted out "Who am I?" He Link Summoned "Elphase", but remained silent for a moment, for Shepherd's AI told him he could not activate his set card. Yusaku also seems very protective of Theodore following the incident with Shepherd, going on solo missions if he believes it may be a trap. Thus, Yusaku reluctantly had to accept that Gore was no longer his ally and is now a dangerous enemy. [31], Kolter believed someone wanted people to be turned into mindless people, but has not find out what happened to their LINK VRAINS' avatars. [84], Inside, Playmaker and Soulburner sensed something was coming. As a result of his completion, Bohman lost all hostility towards Playmaker and now respected him.


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