BitBoot quickly summoned "D-Scale Battle Coela" and used its effect to move their Link Monster to the Main Monster Zone, so that through their Skill, Marker's Portal, they could bring out "Judgement Arrows". TCG cards contained in "STRUCTURE DECK: SHADDOLL SHOWDOWN". Soulburner being told by Blue Girl that a relationship between an Ai and human is that strong. Soulburner seems to admire Go Onuzuka a lot, even calling him senpai. Soulburner and Flame were in shock, for a Skill could only be activated once, but were reminded Bit had activated his Skill in the first turn, and now Boot did, too. Flame reminded Soulburner everything depended on his next draw. Home » Games » Konami Reveals New Yu-Gi-Oh! Soulburner listened what Wind Ignis, who revealed his name is Windy got to say and said that Ignis dream is to rebuild their home, as for Flame agreed with Windy. He can also teach you how to play Star Trek chess, be your Mercy on Overwatch, recommend random cool music, and goes rogue in D&D. He drew and played "Salamangreat Sanctuary", as Flame reminded that card was unaffected by "D-Scale Chaff". Later, Soulburner reunited with Playmaker, and Flame pointed out the cyberspace was vanishing. Set Card Lists:Structure Deck: Soulburner (TCG-EN) Edit. Soulburner noted Go's monsters were tough, as Flame noticed he mastered his Deck. has reunited with Soulburner and they both then log out from Link VRAINS. Through the card's effect, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Heatlio" to Link Summon another copy of it, a move he called Reincarnation Link Summon. He is known as Soulburner (ソウルバーナー, Sōrubānā ) in Link VRAINS. While dueling in Virtual reality, Takeru got red scarf, gray, orange and red suit, red with gray boots. They arrived into one beautiful place. Instead, Flame showed a copy of the program that forced Blue Girl to log out. Soulburner primarily focuses on Link Summoning, but you can add cards from Soul Fusion and Savage Strike to this Structure Deck to expand its capabilities to include Ritual Summoning and Fusion Summoning as well! Ghost Girl had annoying negates in Altergeist and even Revolver with his Rokkets displaying an array of multiple draconic negations. When the monster was about to shot, the Wind Ignis come out laughing at them and said that he was making the joke. Soulburner accepted to duel Blue Girl, so much to buy time for Playmaker to find their enemy, Bowman. Takeru uses a "Salamangreat" Deck, an archetype of FLAME Cyberse monsters revolving around a Beat-Down strategy. Follow @TheGavinSheehan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vero, for random pictures and musings. His standard attire consists of a green glasses, a slate-colored jacket with light blue trim over a white dress shirt with a pink tie and a pair of black pants and brown shoes. As the duel begins, Go activated his new skill Dinowrestle Revolution, only to activate field spell, ''World Dino Wrestling''. Soulburner drew "Monster Reincarnation" and was ready to play it, but BitBoot used "D-Scale Chaff" to negate cards on his field and hand. Go seemed not to be interested in dueling Soulburner, but after Soulburner showed him Flame, Go accepted to duel Soulburner. Using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner made another Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatlio", which lowered the ATK of Go's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to 800. Salamangreat powers up its boss monsters in a unique way. Soulburner noted Go put a lot of effort into Dueling, but reminded Soulburner also had a reason for winning. Ghost Girl confronted Soulburner, who explained the program activated to make her log out. Soulburner told Go Onizuka how he admired him in the past that they defeat The Knights of Hanoi who kidnapped him and Soulburner was finally happy that he found out the reason why he was kidnapped. That thing pissed off Soulburner, calling Go SOL Technologies pet and dog. Go reminded his monster still had more ATK. Windy asked Playmaker and Soulburner to stop Ghost Gal and Blue Girl coming closer to his little world. After Special Summoning back "D-Scale Battle Coela", BitBoot activated their Skill once more to place "Judgement Arrows" on the field. Card number Name Rarity Category Qty; SDSB-EN001 "Salamangreat Raccoon" Common: Effect Monster: 1: ... Yu-Gi-Oh! To protect his monster from "Salamangreat Heatlio", Go summoned "Dinowrestler Rambrachio". Takeru noticed Aoi and he was happy greeting her. 4.8 out of 5 stars 178 ratings | 7 answered questions Price: $30.60 & FREE Shipping. Takeru is a teenage boy with fair skin, blue eyes, white hair with red spikes. Yu-Gi-Oh! Flame supported Soulburner, who activated Burning Draw skill to draw a card. Wiki is a … Flame suspected it was because of a Duel going on. Aoi said that she's busy and somehow she overheard Naoki, Yusaku and Takeru's conversation about Playmaker. Fluffal Monsters: A Fantastically Friendly Review. Before the attack resolved, Soulburner had played "Energy of Fire" to restore his LP, equal to the ATK of "Salamangreat Falco": 1200. Wonder Woman's Future State, Pokémon GO to Green Lantern's Ring - Daily LITG, 25th November 2020, Azelf, Mesprit, & Uxie Return To Pokémon GO Tomorrow. Go started to talk about how Playmaker was always on his way and he only thinks to win against him and be no.1. Soulburner swapped his "Salamangreat Falco" for "Salamangreat Mia", to prepare himself. Takeru walked at school and greet Yusaku. Konami revealed a brand new structure deck this week coming in early 2019 for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Structure Deck: Soulburner, Is Next Week's Weapon X #26, Hell is a Free Market Healthcare System, Serious Allegations Made About the Last Days of Stan Lee, A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? The Yu-Gi-Oh! Suddenly they were caught into wind.


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