Turn right at the entrance for the lake and drive about 1 mile to the Desolation Wilderness Parking area. I reconstructed his campsite with flagging tape to show orientation of the tent, and relative location(s) of the animal. Les chiens sont les bienvenus sur ce sentier mais seulement en laisse. Hard trail to follow with all the granite. Lastly, suggest you go early and on a weekday...we did and got the pools to ourselves for a good while before another 2 people arrived. Unfortunately it was only me. The overall motion while moving rapidly was said to be a loping motion. Enchanted Pool down into the lower one. At the main falls the best view is from the north side, with three or four falls spilling off the rock at the same time during wet seasons. I undoubtedly did not ask all the questions about the encounter that I could have, and in writing this report from my notes, other questions about movement and morphology have come to mind. You really need the app downloaded to steer you in the right direction. Amazing. Couple of things...trail over rocks was very, very difficult to find. Since this is a hike into Desolation Wilderness, you will need a day permit (free at the trailhead) and the group size limit is 12. Then it took a couple of steps towards me. Enchanted Pools §: Thanks, my friend, for a great day; we must return under more friendly conditions. "Large Sasquatch Track in ice", High Strangeness: Stories from Azna-Borrego, Radio DisclosureMatt Aaron and Dr. Melba S. Ketchum Big Foot DNA, Motorist's daylight sighting in farmlands 45 miles northeast of Springfield, Daylight sighting on the Brazos River west of Weatherford, Multi-witness daylight sighting along powerlines south of Bryant Pond, Cabin renters have sighting outside Logan in Wayne National Forest, Kayaker has rocks thrown and observes the culprit near Union Grove, Two hikers have morning sighting in the Desolation Wilderness, Morning sighting by deer hunter near Naples, While riding bicycle, teenager has afternoon, close encounter not far from Trinity River, Hiker encounters large animal at close range in Mount Washington Wilderness, Fisherman has morning sighting while boating up waterway near Sioux Lookout, Campers see animal observing campsite in Cohutta Wilderness, Woman recalls daylight sighting while driving and a possible incident at a home east of Gaylord, © 2020 Squatchable.com All rights reserved. Some of the measurements were off from the witness's estimations; the stump was about 24', not 6' from the tent door. Georgia The audible rock throwing did not occur while the animal was in sight.No smells were mentioned.No eye reflection was mentioned.When asked about whether the animal had any expression (anthropomorphic) on it's face as it approached, the witness said that it had none that they could discern.Exchanges of topo maps and aerial photographs have pinpointed the location of the incident.Added Oct. 25:I returned to the location with the witness, and took pictures and measurements. We got there on a Wednesday around 2pm (parking was hard to find. Shortly after I started hearing what sounded like somewhat large rocks, hitting in the water, just above the pool I was camped beside. Cairns have been placed wherever people have walked so they are no help. Closer view of the main very easy out and back, but it's so much more. Trailhead: Wrights Lake, 13 miles northeast of Kyburz; Distance: 8½ miles; Elevation: 7010' to 8150' Our route, according to my GPS. Ohio Getting there: Take Highway 50 to Wrights Road (west of the small town of Strawberry.) But as we were leaving groups and groups of hikers, backpackers, bikes...all heading in. This was years ago. Sasquatch Interior B.C. Cross country navigation is Pro-tip: Follow the ridgeline, that will take you to the pools and waterfall. I really enjoy the hike, however the pools are currently dried up. It concerned me enough to realize that it didn't sound like a 4 legged animal at the time, but I didn't know what was different until I heard your recordings. We found the bullet holes in the stump, and they lined up exactly with the spot where he said he was standing outside his tent. But as we were leaving groups and groups of hikers, backpackers, bikes...all heading in. We did a quick survey of the area, and found a couple foot shaped depressions, but they were old and could have easily been made by a hiker. Beautiful trail. I could see it very clearly at this point and yes I did pee my pants. (Class A) Before the retreat, the animal turned it's head rapidly and looked toward the treeline. Eyes were about the same size in proportion to the head as a human. It all went quiet for about 15 minutes or so and then I tried going back to bed. Explanation of the report classification system, Submit a report for the sightings database, Please send any comments or inquiries to ContactUs@BFRO.net. It is an easy hike, there may be some fall color, it may be warm enough to swim. BFRO. Half the hike has a trail ... half the hike you’re on your own! This really concerned me, thinking the "bear" may be circling my campsite and trying to get at me from a different angle. NEAREST TOWN: Wright's Lake. Hello, my name is Ricardo. Also, you’ll be lucky if you do find parking at the TH, it was full before 8am. The hair on the head, shoulders and arms was considerably longer, ranging from 3-8". Very little bushwhacking tends to be necessary, and becoming truly lost would be quite difficult. The cairns are few and far between. I picked up this bad smell, almost like something had died. There was one time when we spent the night at Dark Lake, that we had footsteps all around our campsite and it kept us up all night, not knowing for sure what it was, and there was some wood knocking going on then too. To read the full report & 1st interview follow up by B Brewer. Also, you’ll be lucky if you do find parking at the TH, it was full before 8am. I’m knocking off another star because of the drive in: it’s slow, bumpy, and narrow (for almost 8 miles). lake and drive about 1 mile to the Desolation Wilderness Parking area. The spot where the animal was standing next to the tent was almost a foot higher than the ground the tent was on, and the base of the stump was over 2' higher than the ground at the tent. Trailhead: 5 miles east of Kyburz on US-50, then 8 miles north on Wrights Road Le sentier longe une cascade et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. The spot where it stood 15' from the witness was a little over a foot higher than the ground at his location. No tree-breaks, stacking, isolated limb breaks or other suspected sasquatch related behavior was noticed. This is the type of trail our family enjoys - hard to find, fee people, lots of rock scrambling, good views. Water was pretty cold but we still got in. The creek was dried up and all the ponds/lakes were stagnant at the beginning of Sept... there is snow on the ground in May. I got out out my tent on several occasions, and was trying to see if I could make out any movement on the other side of the stream but nothing. Squatchable's daily email newsletter, THE BIGFOOT REPORT, features the day’s biggest stories and sightings report that matter most to readers like YOU. Then "she" showed up. The head was conical in appearance from the side, but the "cone" was not evident when facing the animal. I really enjoy the hike, however the pools are currently dried up. Well marked trail with a little off trail at end. Backpacker's moonlit encounter near the trail from Wright's Lake to Enchanted Pools. We had to double back a bit from our wrong turn. Wrights Lake early in the Southeast Oklahoma. Highly recommended. New York Thursday, August 25, 2016. Also, the split isn't marked at all, and it's easy to take the right (whicj is wrong) trail instead of going left when you need to. So worth it! I didn't see anything but then I looked at my tent. BFRO. It was very fast. I would 100% recommend purchasing the maps otherwise it’s pretty impossible to find. An eight year old made the trek with us so it's doable with older kids. I think it was in the spring of about 1998-99, my ex-husband woke me up at about three in the morning. Enchanted Falls area. Texas BFRO. Then after it got dark, I climbed into my sleeping bag looking to the east to the Crystal range, I think it is called, and watched as the glow of a full moon worked it's way up over the top of the granite mountains. I said no thanks and that I wanted to come up here, to come up there and fish, not go party somewhere in town. Anyway, well worth a visit and very kid friendly. An eight year old made the trek with us so it's doable with older kids. Continue to the end. It was located in Logan Ohio part of Hocking Hills area. BFRO. I talked to a friend of mine about going up and camp overnight and do some stream fishing. I was kayaking down a creek. Birds galore, the scenery was amazing, and the pools/waterfall were just perfect. cross country section of hike. Hard trail to follow with all the granite. So gorgeous! That was followed up by another visit at 2:00 am and then the biggy at 4:40am. At first I couldn't see any features, just the outline.


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