Lesson planning can help the teacher to be well prepared and be aware of what he/she intends on teaching the students. Lesson planning is important for teachers because it ensures that the activities help students meet their educational goals, allows for efficient use of classroom time and keeps the lessons on track regardless of distractions. Teachers know what is important and what is secondary. It is more important for the students to learn deeply with understanding, than to skim through many topics superficially. A thorough lesson plan inspired the teacher to improve the lesson plan further. Self-confidence How to teach Good lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. As lesson plans make teachers clear about what they are going to teach, it makes then capable to prepare even more. A lesson plan helps the teacher to evaluate his teaching and to compare it with set objectives. Teachers can also research on the topic so that it helps them to gather additional information that can be shared with students. You can make it better for the purpose of achieving the lesson plan in a better way. To meet your student's expectations, one must be a certified tutor. A lesson plan is important as it gives a sense of direction in relation to standards. 3. It can help the teacher to focus more on the basic knowledge first then … This evaluation will help you in achieving the set targets in a better way . To become one, you need to do the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training course. Evaluation. 3. A teachers’ most important trait is confidence. 2. A teacher who is prepared is well on his/her way to a successful instructional experience.


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