Rather than his father's self-sacrifice, Neal kills a squid to retrieve its ink, which he coats on an arrow shaft. Mr. Gold can tell each one is for a separate woman, though David lies. ("Skin Deep"), In a deal with Regina, Mr. Gold agrees to make David's wife, Kathryn, disappear so Mary Margaret will be blamed for murder if she pulls some strings for the District Attorney to drop the physical battery charges pending against him. Once Upon a Time rapidly evolved into the darling of the ABC Network as both nostalgic adults and fantasy-enamored youth flocked to the re-imagined fairy tales in the modern world. The next day, he watches from a distance as Henry and Neal play at the park. Emma is unaware of which item is it, but promises to find it. He casually remarks that she should change her fertilizer, though they both know the real reason is because Emma's presence in town is causing the curse to slowly weaken over time. She awakens in a screaming frenzy, still without her memory, to which a saddened Mr. Gold leaves. He suggests ending this feud by killing Regina; an idea Henry objects to, though David and Emma don't see any other choice. Emma tries to goad the witch into a fight, though Zelena has Mr. Gold fling her away. Lacey, witnessing his actions, becomes drawn to Mr. Gold dark self. Masquerading as Hook, Mr. Gold interrupts a diner outing between Belle and her date, Will, to chat with her privately. At some point before this, he amasses all the obliterated and powdered pieces of the urn from the barn house. She shakily describes Henry running off, and apologizes for everything, including what happened to Neal; swearing she had not known the true intentions of the Home Office. Mr. Gold's own past with his father continues to haunt him as he's become exactly like his own parent; cowardly and selfish. At first, Regina blames him for her mother's demise until realizing Mary Margaret is the real culprit. In order to satisfy their skepticism, he allows Belle to command him, using the dagger, into revealing the truth. We know that the first curse basically threw everyone into modern life in Storybrooke, but everyone seems to have just stopped aging altogether. ("A Land Without Magic"), After the breaking of the curse, Belle pressures Mr. Gold to renounce vengeance on Regina and others who have wronged him. Emma proposes the only way to save him is to get back to Storybrooke, where magic exists, as soon as possible. Before things out of hand, David explains Elsa is looking for her sister, Anna, whose pendant she found in the pawnshop. Later in the day, Mr. Gold receives a panicked phone call from Belle, who is hiding in the library elevator due to a madman attacking her. Neal then permanently cuts off contact with him; stating that the only person he's in Storybrooke for is Henry. When her command yields nothing, Belle is relieved, and with her mind at ease, she gives him the dagger and departs. So where does Granny's diner get all of its raw ingredients? You'd think that these characters that grew up in a magical land wouldn't want to stay in a small rainy town with mundane, routine lives. In her spare time, you can find her playing Dungeons & Dragons, rocking out at concerts, or stuffing herself with popcorn at the latest movie premiere. As she draws him into a kiss, he pulls away to confirm his suspicions that she isn't actually physically in Nevlerland, which she affirms. Henry's parents and grandparents react with shock, but Mr. Gold states that he has no choice since the boy will be his undoing. After signing Belle's discharge papers, he finds her missing. He voices the character of Gabriel Belmont, and his counterpart, Dracula in the video game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, as well as its sequels Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. However, the potion will allow Henry some control over the dream and he will be able to come and go at will. Mr. Gold states that he would have been able to help her for a price. Due to Belle's imploring, Mr. Gold agrees to help. Dr. Whale comments only that he hoped if he brought Daniel back, perhaps she would be able to return Whale to his home. ("The Apprentice"), After storing the sorcerer's hat, Mr. Gold closes the safe just as Belle enters the room calling for him. [14], In 2019, he portrayed Ogilvy in a three-part television adaption of The War of the Worlds for the BBC,[15] and had an uncredited role as John Lennon in the film Yesterday.[16]. Zelena couldn't possibly have known every detail of Marian's life and personality enough to pull that off as long as she does in the show. Instead, Neal frees Wendy and brings her back to camp to inquire about Henry. Mr. Gold pretends to take out a paper with the name of the item purchaser, though it is actually blank, but states a man named Michael Tillman bought it. Upset, the boy flees the building as Emma follows. He returns the dagger and proposes to Belle, which she happily accepts. The current Dark One, Rumplestiltskin is a powerful and immortal practitioner of dark magic who was feared throughout the Enchanted Forest, known for making deals with people. In anger, Hook considers harming Belle, but Mr. Gold promises, should it happen, he'll do the same to Emma. Emma can't be killed, lest the curse will break, so she decides to use the Sleeping Curse on her. He takes these furious outbursts as the pressures of motherhood getting to her head. Mr. Gold warns David that while Cora was dangerous for not having a heart, Regina is more of a menace for having one. Mr. Gold attests that he himself is a villain, and as such, can't have a happy ending. Carlyle was born in Maryhill, Glasgow, the son of Elizabeth, a bus company employee, and Joseph Carlyle, a painter and decorator. In his last moment, Mr. Gold questions if she ever truly loved him. Shocked to hear words she once said in the past, he spills wine on her dress. In 2020, he portrayed Robert Sutherland, the Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party in Cobra. His was touted by the studio as the "leading role" in Universe.[12]. Especially when Henry had it right in Regina's house, under her nose. Belle leaves the room and later leaves the house. Regina attempts to start a conversation with Mr. Gold, but he dodges her with a well-placed "please". He questions if Emma remembered her, and she confirms it didn't happen. He has been called an imp in reference to the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale. ("Rocky Road"), Hook, recalling the dagger secret and the repercussions if he tells Belle, wants his lost hand reattached. Before following, Mr. Gold sees a box with stars decorated at its center.


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