Momentarily it’s quite challenging to select faster MCU character between Vulture and Falcon as both rely on wings. Hercules is the King of the Olympian gods who possess extraordinary superhuman strength that could rival the strongest Marvel characters likes of Thor. As the granddaughter of Zeus, he had control over her and limited her abilities and powers. ", RELATED: The 10 Most Comics Accurate Costumes On Legends Of Tomorrow. Once an old cavalry soldier in the 1800s befriended a native tribe of Indians. Ms. Marvel vs The Scarlet Speedster. The very mention of his name is enough to send shivers down Superman’s back and raise the hair on his arms. Even was later faster than Savitar. Thanks to its advanced genetic engineering, Beta Bill Ray is capable of running at a faster rate. Jay Garrick has since then been a very helpful member of the Flash Family, often taking on the role of the mentor and counselor considering he's had an unnaturally long life. What makes him one of the Fastest Marvel Characters is his obsession with speed. So in this list, Marvel has won the race. It took everything Barry had in order to defeat Zoom, as well as some help from a Tachyon device that increased his speed. On top of being incredibly fast, Hermes also has various other powers that give him an edge over Barry Allen, such as flight and teleportation. Because of his mutated DNA, Yo-Yo got her superhuman ability of super speed. Barry Allen lived a long time thanks to his connection to the Speed Force and he left an impressive legacy behind during those years. But sadly he was outrun by the Runner who places as number one fastest marvel character. He was even faster in the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths comics where he could fly faster than the speed of light. Instead of placing them in jail, he simply killed all of them. Makkari is so obsessed that he has drained his other abilities and channeled them into his speed. This has been argued and QS loses everytime. However, Runner has proven over the years that he is capable of running many times faster than the speed of light while Makkari has been reduced in power after the Eternals received a retconned origin. Another famous character from Arrowverse, Supergirl, holds high superhuman strength. Together, the twins are capable of moving at light speed. As comics usually go, the Flash has actually grown into what is called the Flash Family. The third fastest is the mutant/evolved human Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. Although he is just like other Olympian Gods who possess superhuman abilities, Hermes is crazy faster than any other Gods. Ezra’s character can run at tremendous hypersonic speeds. Following the real-time speed of the speedsters, we ranked them accordingly. Because of this ability, his thinking capacity also increased about four times faster than an average human being thus making him his brain just as fast as quick-thinking. She also has cosmic binary powers which enable her to fly at light speed. With that in mind, he is also superpowered on land, his body impervious to bullets, his strength on the level of Superman, and his speed on land faster than mere mortals. However, without powerful energy like the Speed Force in the Marvel Universe, its speedsters are less connected and generally not able to reach the same speeds as some of their DC counterparts. If there is anyone in the Arrowverse deserves a salute for being as the smartest person, its Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash. She is at least on par with Superman and Supergirl. 3-D Man is Marvel’s first superhero which is composite of two brothers, Charles & Hal Chandler. The Jesse Quick from the comics has a much different story to tell. Their powers grant them the ability to control the kinetic energy in their bodies, thereby allowing them incredible speed. Here are the 10 fastest characters in DC Comics that don't rely on the Speed Force. As a result, Speed Demon can create cyclones, run across the water quickly. Billy Batson, a homeless boy looking for more out of life, follows a mysterious figure into a nearby subway station. stands for Mercury, and for those unfamiliar with the Greek Gods, Mercury offers Shazam! One of the biggest question fans has debated for years concerned who would win a race between Superman and Flash. However, when the Flash beat Trajectory, she took another formula that helps her to achieved Zoom’s blue lightning speed. Same as Iron Man, War Machine also has inbuilt flight ability to fly at a faster rate. And here’s why. Captain Marvel better known as Carol Danvers who was a former head of Nasa security. I know, I know, it certainly sounds unbelievable but here are 15 of these powerful speedsters. When she accidentally strike by extra-dimensional energy which gave her superpowers, she can able to transform into any form and any type of energy. It’s obvious why Tony Stark is one of the fastest Marvel characters. DC’s iconic speedster and fan-favourite superhero, the Flash is vastly loved by audience all over the world. By using Mercury's speed, Shazam! Quicksilver, as his name implies, is really fast. According to FANDOM, Whiz Kid run faster than 30,000 mph. According to Gubz, who calculated Savitar’s speed with the help of diameter-circumference formula, found out that Savitar ran 12.25m in 0.86 milliseconds. With this rate, Quicksilver dodged multiple bullets at once. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom is CW’s new live-action speedster who sought to kill Barry Allen for the speed. To prevent the side effects of Velocity-6 serum, Zoom absorbed speedsters’ speed to cure his disease. She lost her powers when Zeus left the mortal realm, but Ares gave her powers back, and without Zeus in control, she became more powerful than ever. With this incredible superhuman speed, Blur proved himself to keep up his pace with Quicksilver and Squadron Supreme Vol 4 #3 just showed it. What do you think? With the help of Iron Armor, Tony can flight at a much faster rate. There are older Novas also who possess true super speed, meaning that doesn’t necessarily just flying. Wonder Woman is right up there with Superman as one of the most powerful characters on Earth, and she is also right up there with him when it comes to speed. This increased amount of speed caused him to disappear and send him straight to the Speed Force, where he would meet other speedsters such as Max Mercury and cause all kinds of havoc for them to deal with. Of course, in the water, there might not be a bring alive that can move as fast as Aquaman underwater. This led Amazo to be one of the strongest villains fighting the Justice League. Eventually, the Black Flash was found to be dead (somehow), but his legacy was still intact. Moreover, with the acceleration of his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can fly at supersonic speeds, which is faster than the speed of light. Sadly, after the plant god Urkartaga captured her and gave her the powers of the Cheetah, she believed Diana abandoned her and became a fierce enemy. Still, Kid Flash failed to reach a max speed of Jesse Quick as she outran Wally during his practice session. Was John Byrne Almost the Regular Artist on Daredevil Early In His Marvel Career? To prevent the side effects of Velocity-6 serum, Zoom absorbed speedsters’ speed to cure his disease. Hence, even though War Machine called as physically most durable Armor, still it may loose to Iron Man in a one-on-one dual race. Supergirl possesses the same superhuman abilities as that of Superman and running at a faster rate is one of them.


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