Free Shipping by Amazon. In the last five decades in India, there is a drastic change in production technology. HyVolt II Type II products contain no other additives, such as those listed below: Ergon’s Hyvolt II Type II C50B transformer fluid is a severely hydrotreated naphthenic insulating oil designed to meet CSA C50B specification. Oil Burner Ignition Transformer 2721-620 - by CandyCane3. Updated cookies policy - Morris Lubricants Online use cookies on this website. COVID-19 The latest updates from Morris Lubricants Online - Find out more.

These reactions accelerate in a chain effect – each adding to the ongoing destruction of the cellulose. Benzoil is among Australia’s few specialised transformer oil suppliers, and we consider ourselves well placed in the oil market to offer helpful advice. These and the other characteristics of transformer oil are improved by the use of high quality crude oil, deep refining and introduction of additives that increase the oil’s oxidation stability and reduce corrosion.

Oxidation is normally first associated with the oil as it deteriorates, and can be controlled but not eliminated.

Soltex represents Ergon HyVolt transformer oils. Although vegetable and synthetic variants are available, Benzoil chiefly offers mineral based transformer oil for sale. HyVolt I products contain no other additives, such as those listed below: Ergon’s line of HyVolt Transformer Oils are fully miscible with insulating oils meeting the requirements set by ASTM 3487, IEC 60296 and CSA C50. Find here Used Transformer Oil, Second Hand Transformer Oil manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Find key technical and safety information on our products at

Read more about regenerated transformer oils. HyVolt II – ASTM D 3487 Type II Inhibited, HyVolt II – C50B – Canada CSA C50B Type II Inhibited, HyVolt – C50A – Canada CSA C50A Type II/IV.

physio-processed from previously refined (virgin) oil). Transformer oil is a dielectric fluid is used in oil-filled electrical assets including: The function of transformer oil is to insulate and cool, and serves to: Transformer oil can be considered a technically complex product, and we can explain the meaning and significance of the various physical, chemical and electrical properties including: Although vegetable and synthetic variants are available, Benzoil chiefly offers mineral based transformer oil for sale.

Transformer oil is also used to preserve the transformer's core and windings – as these are fully immersed inside the oil This negative gassing transformer oil meets requirements of ASTMD 3487. Ergon’s Hyvolt II Type II transformer fluid is a severely hydrotreated naphthenic insulating oil. The Shell Diala range has been extended with the introduction of new GTL based products to meet the demands imposed by the reduced size, increased loads higher voltages and longer operational lifetimes of today’s transformers. Brisbane & North Queensland. It is a good dielectric and is rather stable against oxidation. 281.587.0900 p As soon as the additive is depleted, the oil ages in about the same amount of time as an oil without the the antioxidant additives. Without the additives, the oil aging process will accelerate.

It is another kind of oil used in higher voltage systems. Hyvolt II Type II meets requirements of ASTMD 3487. Use the Distributor Locator for Lubricants to see where you can get our products. Sydney & surrounds. Benoni 10 days ago. Applications 1-16 of 166 results for "Oil Burner Ignition Transformer" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. show more. All Rights Reserved.

However, this level of performance can only be absolutely guaranteed at the time of manufacture, Registration in England - No 6425597 HyVolt products have a very low pour point, excellent oxidation stability, and electrical properties making them suitable for the most demanding requirements set by leading global transformer manufacturers. Product Icon. For a better experience please use a browser other than your current version of Internet Explorer. Transformer Oil is recommended for use as a dielectric and coolant in all oil filled transformers, switchgear, welders and other electrical equipment. Optimal kinetic viscosity of the oil at 20 ̊C is about 28-30×10-6 m2/second. Specifically engineered and thoroughly tested for use in electrical power systems, XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid is among the least hazardous of all known engineering materials, making it an excellent alternative to organic transformer oil.

Ergon’s HyVolt products are genuine naphthenic insulating oils meeting the requirements of both IEC 60296:2012 general specifications and special applications and ASTM D3487-2016. show less 5th avenue, Bredell, Marister. FREE Shipping. In a transformer, oil oxidation is a chemical process which must be readily be kept in check. It also contains ionol, an antioxidant, that ensures good stability and dielectric properties of the oil. Black Friday Deals Gift Cards Best Sellers Customer Service Find a Gift New Releases Whole Foods AmazonBasics Sell Registry Free Shipping Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support. The porous nature of insulating paper and board react to the decay products as adsorbents. TKp oil is made from low-sulfur naphtenic crude by an acid-alkali purification process. Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions. Transformer oil is used in oil-filled electrical power transformers to insulate, stop arcing and corona discharge, and to dissipate the heat of the transformer (i.e. … Soltex Inhibsol 10 is genuine, unused, naphthenic transformer oil blended with 2,6-di-ter-butyl-p-cresol (BHT) to a concentration of 10% by mass. 01. It meets both IEC 60296 higher oxidation stability and low sulphur as well as ASM D3487 Type II. Narrow your results by using the filters below, {{ var imageURL = raw.imageurl }} Two of the main characteristics of transformer oil are its viscosity and density.

It is well recognised that even low acid levels in oil have a major effect on oxidation and the degradation of the paper insulation in transformers.

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Find and us on Facebook. Morris Lubricants specialist oil, lubrications, biodegradable lubricants, synthetic biodegradable marine two stroke lubricant and outboard engine oils. HyVolt products have very low pour points and excellent oxidation stability.


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