If you haven’t made such a preemptive strike and the beetles are feeding, products that kill on contact and provide systemic protection are most effective. The life stages for the Japanese Beetle are: The females will feed on your plants for a couple of days and then burrow into the soil to lay their eggs. They came to the United States along with the import of plants and that is what is believed. Where Did The Japanese Beetle Come From ? The Japanese beetles are natives of Japan. Shortly after, they will return to feeding and mating and start the cycle all over again. The beetles tend to leave the skeletonized leaves behind. The beetle will lay eggs in the ground in July and mostly die off by mid-August. Precaution has to be taken much earlier in order to prevent them from taking over the crop. More.. This pest is considered to be an invasive species. By the end of th… destructive plant pests in both their immature and mature forms Without Chemicals ? They are known to be highly destructive species of the beetles. However, the beetles are seasonal creatures and are mainly seen in the months of July and August. Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) were first found in the United States in 1916, after being accidentally introduced into New Jersey. Many beetles enjoy human gardens, since gardens are typically moist and filled with easy sources of food. Asian lady beetles are known to dwell in trees and fields and they prey on aphids (a minute bug that feeds by sucking sap from plants and causes massive damage to … Its important to know when they are passing through each stage in your climate because control methods are different for each stage. The first time the Japanese beetle was ever noticed was in a small nursery in New Jersey about eighty years ago. Beetles can live in the desert, by the seashore, in the forest, in the swamp or even high up on mountains. They are known to be highly destructive species of the beetles. Copyright © 2013  Rocketswag.com, All Rights Reserved. Adult Japanese beetles emerge from the soil and begin feeding on many types of plants and ornamentals, leaving skeletonized leaves. The first time the Japanese beetle was ever noticed was in a … They even destroy turf grass in lawns and golf courses. Asian beetles are native to Asia, hence their name, and can be found in China, Russia, Korea and Japan. Popillia japonica is native to Japan, but is an invasive species in North America. They came to the United States along with the import of plants and that is what is believed. These kinds of plants grow rather slowly and having Japanese beetle feed on them is bad news. Japanese beetles usually appear from late May to early August. It is a problem in the United States because the natural predators are not available. Beetles typically go through 4 stages of development. A garden store sells various types of beetle prevention equipment which include nets, traps and even pesticides. The best strategy to control them in an early stage is through handpicking in the early morning hours. The Japanese beetles eat the foliage and also the fruits; and there are some hundreds of species of plants that they can destroy within no time. Where Do Japanese Beetles Come From? How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles ? If you are considering an organic way of getting rid of the beetles, then here is how you should do it. They pose serious danger to expensive flowers and ornamental plants. In August the grub will hatch, then begin feeding on the roots of plants – mainly grass. The Japanese beetles are natives of Japan. The Japanese beetle is an aggressive destroyer of plants, and once it arrives, it can take over your garden very quickly.


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