Also, elect leaders who are aware of environmental conservation and see the need to conserve the environment. For human health. It includes research papers, reports, comments and subject reviews addressing environmental natural and social science, and environmental policy and practice, informed by rigorous studies at local to global scales. they provided information on the scientific and technical means for the protection, maintenance and restoration of life on this planet, including species, ecological and evolutionary processes, and the environment). Examples of environmental protection measures. They hold soil in place and naturally filter water that has been absorbed into the ground. The use of renewable and clean energy sources. BU environmental scientist Christoph Nolte has created the first high-resolution map of land value in the United States—a tool he says will improve our estimation of environmental conservation costs and inform policy recommendations. Conservation is vital in saving and helping both animals and … For example, you can have parties based on eco-themes to start important conversations. takes place in controllable terms and includes various options for access to resources, to choose the most appropriate. Economically, conservation of the environment boosts tourism, provides catch for fishing, decreases the cost of healthcare, and provides an environment for the ecotourism industry. The conservation of the environment is the product of reasons of various kinds, such as: The environmental defense is key in the industrial world that inaugurated the twentieth century , as it constitutes one of the few obstacles to the economic ambition of the human being and his desire for transformation and commercialization of raw materials, which usually entails dire consequences for other forms of life, when not for the human being himself. Environmentally, a conserved environment preserves the diversity of water-dependent plants and animals and preserves the various natural services of aquatic ecosystems. (And What to Do With Old Junk Mail), Can You Recycle Lighters? Environmental conservation will in turn protect and improve human lives and health. We need to reduce the amount of harm we are inflicting on the planet as it is contributing to its destruction. The conservation of the environment , environmental conservation or environmental protection , refers to the different ways that exist to regulate, minimize or prevent damage to the activities of industrial, agricultural, urban, commercial or other nature caused to the natural ecosystems , and mainly to the flora and fauna. The Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) established DEC and authorizes its programs, however, it is made up of broad provisions that need to be defined and made explicit. So, What Exactly is Environmental Conservation? All it takes is some attention from your part. For this, it must preserve the. . We should therefore manage our solid wastes and help keep the environment healthy. Environmental conservation doesn’t just mean protecting cute animals on the other side of the world. Environmental education is a process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment. Also, discuss environmental protection with your friends and family members so that everyone is made aware of environmental conservation, ways to conserve the environment and potential consequences if we do not take care of the environment. in Environmental Conservation … These papers were used The trees that help us to breathe also isolate greenhouse gases that would cause the Earth to heat up more quickly. This should also be done on an international level, led by international agencies such as the United Nation with its UN Environment Program. Classes like these might include environme… Municipalities should also conduct programs that manage solid wastes, designating litter bins all over the towns and collecting the waste regularly. Trees convert carbon dioxide produced by factories into oxygen, which helps us breathe and respire. And we seek to create lasting change in how land, freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems are managed. If the environment is destroyed, some animals are forced out of their habitat, making it hard for them to survive elsewhere. When we feed the soil, especially by using leftover parts of food that would otherwise be thrown away, we give the soil nutrients that it craves. Most of nature’s water isn’t made for human consumption, but soil also stores groundwater and filters it, making it safe for drinking. We should make it our life mission to plant trees as much as possible, both on public and private lands, and take care of them. Environmental conservation protects wildlife and promotes biodiversity. has an ethical obligation to safeguard the, of its inhabitants and, together with the other States, of the species. DEC accomplishes this by drafting, promulgating and enforcing its environmental regulations. Help to protect the quality of soil through composting. This position, however, is not identical to that of environmentalists, nor should it be confused with it. Your email address will not be published. Conservation was brought up and championed by Gifford Pinchot (1865-1946). and his desire for transformation and commercialization of raw materials, which usually entails dire consequences for other forms of life, when not for the human being himself. In his way of thought, the forests ought to have been managed in a manner that enabled both human developments and ensured the proper use of natural resources. We must also remember to recycle and dispose of chemicals properly so that the ground and bodies of water are not poisoned. (And How To Keep Them Away). Commercial farms tend to have a poorer quality of soil because the ground is mistreated in order to quickly produce as many foods as possible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment by individuals, organizations and governments. Afforestation and reforestation help in conserving the forests, which are responsible for trapping absorbing a huge amount of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere. Protection of the environment can be done through reducing pollutants or anything that leads to its degradation. The environment is vital to our well-being and every element should be protected, Various Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars, Conserve by using less energy and embracing alternative energy sources, Help to replenish what is being taken away by giving back to the Earth, Practice habits that are part of conservational efforts, Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hybrid Cars, Incredible Ways on How to Dispose and Recycle White Goods. Some people believe that public land should be managed by the method of conservation, meaning that the environment and its resources should be used by humans and managed in a responsible manner. Clean, fresh and safe water is precious and not easily available. This position, however, is not identical to that of environmentalists, nor should it be confused with it. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) - New York State's environmental protection and regulatory agency It is meant to protect nature by protecting vital resources, and it is also a way of living that works against the irresponsible practices of businesses and large corporations. Environmental conservation definitely protects and safeguards the environment from certain factors that are wrecking the planet, such as climate change. For instance, create an event which sees school-going kids plant trees and take care of them for as long as they are in the institution. Conservation measures ensure there is excellent-quality water for all. Start growing your own food for health purposes and to relieve the stress placed on the soil. Reusing these bottles, containers, bags and more will help in environmental conservation. Wild habitats are particularly important as they prevent emerging infectious diseases from jumping from animals to humans. Using rechargeable batteries helps the environment as we will not be prone to throwing them away once they are empty. He was bothered by the methods used to transform the land in which the United States now sits, during the expansion period. Soil that is of good quality produces crops that feed humans and animals. We protect critical ecosystems. Our contemporary understanding of environmental quality is often associated with physical, chemical, and biological contaminants, but in the formative years of the environmental movement, aesthetics and other “quality of life” considerations were essential parts of environmental quality. The latter advocate the non- exploitation of nature’s resources, while conservationists demand a responsible and sustainable exploitation in environmental terms. "Environmental conservation" is the broad term for anything that furthers the goal of making life more sustainable for the planet.


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