When and How to Protect Yor Home from Borer, Video - How to Get Rid of Borer and Protect Wood from Damage, Treating Wood for Borer Doesn’t Stink Any More, NO Borer Helps Protect New Zealand's Historic Places, David Brittain - Author and home pest and gardening expert at Kiwicare AHM Group. Click the My Kiwicare in All information is provided "AS IS." Look for the characteristic 1-3 mm diameter flight holes or piles of wood dust (frass) that falls out of flight holes on borer beetle exit. Careers Emergence is between October and March. Wood is simply a material waiting to be altered and crafted into a final product. If you possess a walk-in freezer that is big enough to insert small pieces of furniture, attempt to kill the wood-borers in this way. You can stop your dog from eating furniture, ... By following the above tricks, you can get your answer on how to stop dog chewing wood furniture. Termites are the wood-boring pests that show up most frequently in homes. The name wood-boring beetle is used to describe about a dozen beetle species that are known for destroying wood in residences, similarly to termites. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". The frass is a fine, powderlike dust that is found loosely packed in tunnels and in small piles outside of the hole. Privacy Policy Wood-borers can cause irreparable damage to wooden furnishings. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. It is usually easier to treat and protect furniture than it is to treat your house timbers because the wood is easier to access and there is less to treat. Stockist Login All rights reserved. Products They also eat untreated wooden furniture. Place a wooden table in the freezer, for example. My Kiwicare. Find your closest retailer. ©2020 Kiwicare • Proudly made in New Zealand. Cleaning Advice To control costs, consult a professional on the possibility of inserting moderately-sized wooden furnishings within fumigation chambers, as well. Adults exit the wood when they are grown, so the best indication of a wood-boring beetle infestation will be small holes in the surface of the infested areas. Be aware, however, that fumigation of a residence can sometimes be extremely pricey. The frigid temperatures can easily destroy the insects after roughly seven days. Copyright© Hello Everyone!, As I have passion for dogs. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Website operating Treat infested furniture with heat. Apply two coats, and make sure to put the second on before the first is dry. The most common culprits are termites, wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants. Some examples of wood-boring beetles are bostrichid, buprestidae, anobiid and lyctid powderpost beetles. Although humans tend to enjoy the taste and smell of citrus, dogs have completely different tastes. Place a wooden table in the freezer, for example. Call a professional for pest control. If you notice an infestation of wood-borers in your home, it is important to take the appropriate measures to manage the problem. Fumigate the rooms where the furniture is kept with. Seek out an unrestricted disodium octaborate tetrahydrate insecticide if possible - many other types of insecticides can only be used by licensed professionals. Answers to Questions About Indoor Insect and Pest Control. suggestions. Furniture is the end goal in which the wood has been manipulated and shaped into something that can be proudly displayed. Also, brush any unprotected wood with a special insecticide that will kill the beetles and larvae to stop an infestation before it starts. Getting rid them is essential if you want to keep the value of your home intact but there are separate methods for exterminating each of these bugs that you should become familiar with. Adults exit the wood when they are grown, so the best indication of a wood-boring beetle infestation will be small holes in the surface of the infested areas. What can we help you with? One is to use termite bait, which you can place directly into the ground where termites will find and feed on it. How to Get Rid of Borer in Furniture and protect the Furniture for Many Years. These ants require effective ant bait or gel and a spray pesticide to get rid of. James Schmitz; November 22, 2017 Caring Tips; Meet James Schmitz. If your yard is home to any dead tree branches, get rid of them by burning them as soon as possible.


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