It is always good to have alternate consequences. Not including context – When commenting on a message thread or existing post, it is considered bad netiquette to not include relevant information from the original post in order to add context to your comment.This can make it confusing for other users. Each student is required to collect evidence of situations, Expert Help >> Financial Management Question How can the value of a company’s stock be measured? It is funny when simple ethic, but if it is break by internet user, it can make their life such in nightmare and miserable. Copyright © 2020 Full Grade Inc, All Right Reserved, By signing up and Login, you agree to the terms & conditions of Full Grade. to students that these are all examples of bad netiquette. running head: learning journal unit learning journal unit uop amanda martinez learning journal unit we know that using netiquette online is essential, but why? The consequences of bad netiquette in the classroom are • It obstructs collaborative learning, the student who experiences cyberbullying and racism on line feels uncomfortable studying with other students. Reference no: EM132489298 Products and Services Assignment Now that you have proposed an initial project plan, wrote your mission statement, completed your SWOT analysis, and, Reference no: EM132529492 , Length: word count:1500 Task – Reflective Learning Journal; Required Actions Part 1. I believe in logical consequences and not punishment. • The integration between students is greatly hampered because no … Nonverbal communication is limited on the internet, with web chats being one of the few ways to express nonverbal communication which accounts for 80% of how communication is interpreted. This is not actually a consequence: it is over-teaching, and it is also truly negative reinforcement. How do you feel about the feedback you received this week? My worst pet peeve is people who top-post on Usenet. i am doing a class project and i need to know what some examples of bad and good netiquette are i need threee for each please thanks! Obviously, some natural consequences are dangerous and we want to avoid them. In most situations, the principal is responsible for enforcing school-wide rules, and in a well-managed building, consequences will be spelled out clearly. Our academic experts possess great skill in writing assignments, projects and term papers. Source(s): examples bad netiquette: What are the consequences of bad netiquette in the classroom? 1 decade ago. That way, if you use detentions, you can let parents know that it is a consequence. A teacher should take care that a child does not use the consequence system to get attention, for then it is counterproductive. Have him or her do it again until he or she does it right. Picture this: The second grade is busy working on their rain-forest projects, cutting out pictures of animals from magazines and gluing and pasting, when suddenly theres an argument over materials and Amy rips Maddies project in half. It's generally best to ignore trolls. Please reflect and answer the following: We know that using netiquette online is important, but why? ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Proper netiquette discourages people from flooding another person's e-mail inbox with spam mail or forwarded messages or misusing social network sites by posting personal information unrelated to the online course. Consequences should be kept for serious rule-breaking, and children with a history of disruptive behavior need to have a Functional Behavior Analysis administered, either by the special educator, a psychologist or a behavior specialist. If a child fools around in the bathroom, swinging on the stall doors or peeing on the floor. • Computer lab or computer connected to an LCD projector • Video - “Bad Netiquette Stinks” Isn't your goal for the child to follow the classroom routine? After school detention under the principal or dean of student's supervision. BINGO!! By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Creating a Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan, Back to School Toolkit for Special Education Teachers, Severe Emotional Disturbances (SED) Classrooms, Appropriate Consequences for Student Misbehavior, Behavior Contracts to Support Good Behavior, Guide to Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), Classroom Essentials for the New Special Educator, A Color Classroom Behavior Chart Using Clothespins, 3 Think Sheets: Students' Responses to Inappropriate Behavior, A Home Note Program to Support Positive Behavior, A Behavior Contract and Behavior Monitoring Tools, Human Behavior and Identifying Its Functions, Classroom Strategies for Improving Behavior Management, M.Ed., Special Education, West Chester University, B.A., Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh.


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