Blue hull white tramp (internal bladder). View 3227 boats for sale in the United States Advanced Search. The Ultimate Rig. Boats for sale: International. We are also fortunate to boast the WASZP 2019 World Champion is Rory Hunter from the Isle of Arran, Scotland. Grab yours now. Mobile Site; All Boats For Sale; Private Boats For Sale; Trade Boats For Sale; Boats For Rent; Popular Boat Brands; New Boat Ranges; Preowned sailboats for sale under 20 feet preowned sailboats for sale by owner. favorite this post Nov 27 2020 shoalwater 20 cat PM me for more info or call me at (786)681-7074.😢🏖 Check out the latest moths and spares for sale. $649,500. Waszp #2538 for sale for health reason. 0 Pages: Unfinished Cruising World ... £34,950. The Stables, Farrenridge, Avonbridge, Falkirk FK1 2HN. The bulletproof first foiler for the masses, the Waszp could change the foiling market from the bottom up. They also have people talking about the Waszp as an Olympic women's class, but thats a big political challenge and not necessary a formula for success. I have no 1st or even 2nd hand experience with the boat - only seen the videos and read through the website. The first quarter of 2019 has been a buzz of activity within the New Zealand WASZP fleet, in the leadup to the WASZP Games due to be held in New Zealand in April 2021. “WASZP is a perfect boat to showcase virtual reality and introduce gamers to sailing – WASZP is fast, fun & exciting. The Waszp will miss some of these recreational sales but its target was always as a youth racing class with the fall back of a cheaper, slower moth. 76 Seater Restaurant Barge... €400,000. Contact your nearest dealer today! VR users can enjoy the virtual foiling experience in VR for $19.99 on Steam with the MarineVerse Cup.Whether you want to enjoy the WASZP in immersive or physical reality, we recommend that you check out this excellent video that highlights the WASZP family. SYZ & Co Swiss private banking group SYZ & Co sponsored this foiling multihull,which was launched in 2009 to capture the speed records on Lake Geneva as well as with the aim of winning races. It seems the project is currently mothballed. … But a new design of Moth might change all that as the long-awaited WASZP goes on sale. This regatta will consist of 3 days of racing at the end of which the US Waszp National Champion will be crowned. Sailing Dinghies: For Sale: WASZP 2465 Hampshire. The WASZP now has a great platform to gain World Sailing recognition. Since the WASZP’s launch at the Garda Foiling week in 2016 nearly 900 boats are now being sailed across the World. The WASZP is supplied as a complete package with only a couple of simple colour options to select from. ! Products for sale Copyright 2010-2018 Sailing Anarchy, Inc. Austin Yacht Club, Lake Travis (Austin), Texas, Olympic Classes – Canarian Olympic Sailing Week – Las Palmas ESP – Day 3 – Carolie Vittecoq CAN 18th, Olympic News 2024 – IOC confirms Kiteboarding and Mixed 470 – Decision on Mixed Offshore Doublehanded postponed, Olympic Classes – Canarian Olympic Sailing Week – Las Palmas ESP – Fresh winds and big waves again on day 2, Ocean Records – Route du Thé – Hongkong HKG-London GBR – Day 16, advance on record up. This has discouraged many potential foilers from getting involved in the fleet. $8,000. $4,995. The WASZP project was conceived in 2010 and put into production in June 2016 by Andrew McDougall, designer of the world beating Mach 2 foiling Moth. WASZP Wing Tramp Set - External. We also required that the foils were not sharp for safety and longevity. Oakcliff Sailing and the US Waszp Class team up to host the 2019 US Waszp National Championship in Oyster Bay, NY. Thanks to Tom Trotman for helping me sail the boat ;) Thanks to the guys at Waszp for the boat. 6061-T6 was chosen because it is the strongest marine compatible grade (with higher tensile aluminium’s being too susceptible to corrosion). Bladerider X8 for sale! The Moth is a racing boat with very few rules and therefore has developed into a boat that is beautiful to sail on the water, but not the answer to everyone’s requirements for a sailing dinghy. December 19, 2016. Sailboat Listings Preowned sailboats for sale page 11 preowned sailboats for sale by owner.


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