It not only significantly reduces the carbs and ups the fiber count … Yes, coconut flour is an amazing flour to cook and bake with because it has a huge range of health benefits. Such a disappointment!! It was very lumpy at first, but after sitting, I just needed to add about 1 tablespoon of extra almond milk. Delicious! Is your baking soda fresh? I wish I could help troubleshoot for you! I include photos so that readers have a good visual of what the recipe looks like, too. Wipe your skillet clean and repeat with more melted butter or cooking spray and remaining batter. Dry, crumbly, and just gag worthy. Hi Monique, Im not paleo but trying to avoid wheat flour. Not too thick at all but I put the batter in my blender to mix the natural peanut butter in sincr it was crazy thick. Finally a delicious coconut flour pancake recipe!! Thank you for this recipe! Thanks for stopping by to fuel your health journey! Tried to give one star, would not let me. Thank you so much, I’ve been going through a personal hell with sibo, and a breakfast I can eat and ENJOY. The last time I baked Tony something with coconut flour in it, he fell in love and ate half the loaf for brunch. Thanks Monique for the fabulous recipe, as always! Yeah that one. And I’m using an amazing high end plant based non stick coated pan. I only did 1tbsp or peanut butter instead of 2 because I don’t like them to taste too much like peanut butter. I love using coconut flour too , Wow, these are so good. Glad those swaps worked out for you, and that they’re kiddo-approved, too . I tried this recipe and the pancakes never cook through. To make the syrup, place maple syrup and blueberries in saucepan over medium heat. Came out really flat and not fluffy at all like in the picture. The peanut butter I used gave it an over whelming scent of peanut butter…but I didn’t really taste it in the batter itself. Amazing! Let me know how it goes next time! Sorry to hear that! Sign up for AK Cookie Week and get a FREE printable e-book of the, Breakfast, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Healthy, Paleo, banana coconut flour pancakes, coconut flour pancakes, dairy free coconut flour pancakes, paleo coconut flour pancakes, your favorite natural nut butter of choice (I like peanut or almond butter), medium very ripe banana, mashed (about 1/4 cup mashed banana), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, plus more if necessary. Add soy milk and melted vegan … Fantastic recipe! Question: I will use this from now on whenever I make pancakes (will make sure I always have almond milk in) but while I like peanut butter I don’t always want that flavor in my pancakes. Just the blueberries and a little lime is all you need for a delicious topping, Sorry to hear that you didn’t like these! Just amazing. Now add the cornflour, mix, then add the blueberries. I’m very good in the kitchen and followed the instructions and recipe exactly. Sorry to hear that, Flora! These are yummy! You’ll simply place the pancakes on a baking sheet so they aren’t touching, place in the freezer for 30 minutes, and then place them in freezer safe containers and freeze for up to 3 months. I can always count on Tony to make the bacon because you know, men and their meat obsession. I have done other recipes with coconut flour and always turned out good. Thanks so much for sharing! And if you’re on Instagram, snap a photo of your pancake creation and use the hashtag #ambtiouskitchen! Thanks for a great recipe idea for me to try!!! SO YUM. Baking the mixture worked like a charm this morning! (I’m wondering if there could’ve been something else that could be used instead of peanut butter. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Banana & Oat Breakfast Biscuits + A Flahavan’s Giveaway, A Very Veggie Xmas: Maple Glazed Tofu | Vegan, Gluten-free. We have allergies in the house and are gluten & dairy free and everyone loves pancakes. Amazing! I felt like I stopped in a mom and pop or IHOP and enjoyed real pancakes. . Stir until fully combined. Sorry to hear that, Samantha! I doubled the batch and added chocolate chips Thanks for another easy, healthy recipe! I made these this morning! Most other pancake recipes using coconut flour turn out to be a total flop, but these are so fluffy, moist, and very filling! I am a sucker for anything with fresh blueberries. Homemade blueberry chia jam YUM. I left out the honey in the recipe and found them to be perfect. I subbed the almond milk for regular, and a small amount of the coconut flour (10g) for protein powder and they were perfect! Thank you! I made two different cocanut flour pancakes this morning. Did the original recipe have applesauce where the mashed banana is now? Anyway, that might be helpful for some one who is thinking along the same lines as me. I do eat berries though. Glad you enjoyed! Ooooh, I just happen to have some coconut flour and almond milk on hand – perfect timing!! I’d recommend sticking with the recipe and using the banana so that the texture turns out let me know if you try them again! Anyway, you made them sound sooo delicious I decided to give them a try. By far the best paleo pancakes I’ve ever had. It was too much baking soda when I doubled the recipe and I had to throw it all out. You can easily make these paleo pancakes ahead of time and keep them warm in the oven. Figures I try this recipe the one day I do not have bananas; so, I substituted ~1/4 pound of sweet potato and the result was great—very buttery and compliments the nutty ingredients. When they’re kiddo-approved you know they’re good . Tried this today in my kitchen. If you put them in the oven and bake instead of pan-frying, they end up tasting like dog treats. They turned out great I would just rather not add nut butter to mine next time. Thank you for the recipe. Hope you get a chance to try these . Thanks for the recipe! I substituted water for almond milk. I had to add a tablespoon of additional coconut flour and the batter got thick enough to use. Made more of a blueberry compote, using 1 T maple syrup. Maybe I should add oil to the recipe? These easy, banana coconut flour pancakes are delicious, paleo, dairy free, gluten free and made without baking powder! I, too used mashed banana in place of the applesauce and it turned out wonderfully. You could try pumpkin. , Thanks for the note, Kathleen! Ambitious Kitchen is my personal platform to share delicious recipes + a healthy dose of my personal life, which allows me to connect with readers. Raw Spirulina Chocolate + Win an Indigo Herbs Superfood Bundle! So, there was a little bit of a crunch which was a nice addition to the banana flavor. The nut butter in the recipe should make them moist! By fueling your body and honoring your journey you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Place a medium-sized frying pan over a medium heat. Thanks. Glad those swaps worked out for you! I wish I could help troubleshoot. To keep it slightly lower carb I used xylitol in the pancake batter, and for the topping (for the entire recipe)- 1 tablespoon coconut oil+1 tablespoon maple syrup instead of 1/4 cup maple syrup, worked well and was sweet enough for me, my tastebuds are sensitive to syrupy-sweet stuff especially loved the way the blueberry syrup topping stained the pancakes. I still don’t undehstand, Carino, why you have a blog devoted to basketball all year. I have a picture, will try to post it elsewhere. I make for my paleo eating wife and have have modified slightly without a problem to increase protein and beneficial fats. I’ve found these to be fluffy (like the photos). I’m not sure what went wrong for them – but these are great. No pancakes for me today. They were Amazing! They are some of the only vegan gluten-free baking recipes that ever turn out for me! Cook for around 3 minutes then carefully turn and cook for a further three minutes on the other side, moving the pancakes occasionally to prevent burning or sticking. I will never make another one after I found this recipe! For a double bathc, sub 1.5T of peanut butter powder (Nocal Organic in my house) for the peanut butter. I added some psyllium husk fiber and it helped a little.. I’ve had coconut and other paleo pancakes/waffles before but this recipe left a lot to be desired. Light, fluffy, not much coconut flavor, and all around delicious and easy to make. This recipe didn’t work well for me. No need to open a new box each time, but just make sure your baking soda is fresh . These are great with some pure maple syrup as well. Used regular Kraft peanut butter. They liked the idea or the pretty picture. I’m excited to make more in the future! I’ve always liked peanut butter on my pancakes so the peanut flavor is fun. Don’t you know basketball only mattahs from around March 16 to April 5?


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