Natural Raw Cocoa Butter Sourced from Peru, Ghana, Dominican Republic Cocoa butter is obtained from whole cocoa beans, which are fermented, roasted, and then separated from their hulls. It is not strong at all. I wish I had this butter for those past cold torture winter itchy skin days. The large fruits are edible and valued for their flavor in South America. I've only used the butter alone. Something nothing like the whipped, pink, fluffy stuff the Body Shop sells. You can use it in your shampoos, hair masks and sugar scrubs. I did not add anything else to it because it does not need any more moisture. Thank you 3CayG for introducing me to this butter. BACURI BUTTER Unrefined Bacuri Butter has a strong, unusual scent - kinda like the smell of forest soil - some people love it, a few don't care for it, the scent dissipates fast though. It has a buttery smell to it- maybe butter cookies and a nut. It is a wonderful product to be used "as is" on skin or in soaps. From it's seeds a light colored butter is obtained which has a unique, characteristic odor and behavior similar to Murumuru butter. Try your own mixes ! Butter blends to achieve a flawless wholesome new you… be radiant, be youthful, be natural, emanate a. healthy confident glow. Its nice. I scraped enough to moisturize my hands and they feel nice. Bacuri's color varies from lighter to very dark brown and the texture can be very smooth (sometimes a little liquid-ish) to harder and crumbly. Its earthy smell mixes well with Fir Tree, Pine, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Cedar leaf, Vetiver. It kind of smells like butterscotch. I've yet to try them on y hair. no exception to the butter crave… Ohhh how we love butter… From a pleasant compliment - to - the dinner table – to- that extra moisturizing body lotion, we as people are addicted to butter and Zanqara is . I actually like the smell of it. The Tucuma Butter has been obtained from the fruit of the Brazilian Amazon tree (Astrocaryum Tucuma). The Tucuma butter is really hard right now because it was cold outside when it was delivered. So, I was inspired to make a hippy-inspired body butter. Tucuma doesn’t smell like much of anything, but the ucuuba is deep and earthy, and it looks a little bit like dirt. Rating: Ucuuba butter is an amazing precious exotic butter.


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