To prevent You will never regret it. When I was in Australia in March, almost every student owned one of the incredible Chris Vesper Double Squares. (height) of the drawer front has to be a multiple of 7/8". But in some situations, all of those tools fail. A knifewall is much more accurate whereas a pencil line is thick and leaves room for error. Use our magazine locator links to find your nearest stockist! Typically on fine work this would be 6mm > 9mm on larger work like a tool chest 10mm > 18mm would be acceptable. is the length of the drawer pieces. I found this out after playing with a couple I picked up at estate sales or auctions. trial pieces to get a perfect fit. toward you. If you're careful in your selection of timber for the insert, it can be virtually invisible. I planned for this width so the opening would accommodate a drawer joined with router-cut dovetails. problems are usually caused by the pieces not being I usually opt for lozenge-shaped patches, or triangular patches if the damage is on a corner or an edge. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. a router and template requires a little planning ahead. I’ve been butchering wood since ’99. I purposely bought a brand new Lie Nielsen dovetail saw to remove any variables besides myself The guy at the Lie Nielsen event told me to “let the saw do the work”. After routing, but before removing the pieces from the jig, they’re being routed. If you glued this up, it could last for 100 years. This is cheaper but similar. In order to do so, I want to have my whole blade on the line I marked with my square. I'll try to take and post pics. The squareness of the blade to the base, is useful for checking square dovetails. A 4″ square is one of my all time favorite, most used tools. the pieces tight against the stop block on the right side of the top, or because they move out of position as To prevent chipout on the drawer sides, start by making TOO This suggests that the knifewall was not accurately transferred. The two most common issues that I run into with dovetail joints are loose or improperly repaired joints. If that isn't your problem they should be able to help you get it working right. As mentioned previously, if your cut is not at the right angle, go back up and start again as you cannot successfully correct it mid-cut. Save up to 68% on 7 issues of woodworking projects and tricks. Subscribe ». This square had a skinny blade that could reach into any joint and point out with great alacrity (thanks Megan) the problems inside the joint. Bushing They are far more common at the fleas. One quick, Be careful with your small Lufkin square. clamped down in the jig so they’re flush across Half-blind dovetails are very strong and are commonly used in fine drawer con-struction. Dovetail joints are usually very secure and durable, but that doesn't mean they can't come loose if not properly cared for. This may come as a shock to most, but I have never cut a dovetail – by machine or hand – in my life. This will come with practise which is why we created the angled cuts exercise. Paul would not recommend creating a groove to begin with, this is not good practise. You may need to fiddle around and readjust I used heavy piano wire for the rod, not having any precision ground stock. Start off the cut on the furthest edge, use this to guide you on the waste side of the line. This may be caused by using a pencil line instead of a knifewall to transfer the line. Once it’s trimmed and cleaned up, the end grain will merge into the end-grain of the dovetail pin. Ya, the manual looks pretty good, except for the section on troubleshooting through dovetails. Q10 in the test cut and adjust the router for that amount). Sign up to Woodworking Newsletters Troubleshooting tight, decrease depth. edges against the stops (this time on the right).When routing I decreased the depth, till both pieces were very shallow, they still would not fit. facing out. Chris, Why would someone want a defective diagnosis whether for dovetails or otherwise? To cut dovetail joints with a router and template requires a little planning ahead. Changing the depth of cut does not seem to help. Now all of the drawer pieces can be I use it for layout and as you describe for DTs and other joints. To make sure the corners Plus, tips on clamping. My diagnosis tools are my sensitive fingers, a small square and my eyes. Chris is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Accurate Half-Blind Dovetails. Time to go talk to the machinists downstairs in the Physics Machine Shop and see if they can make me something in their off time…. The eye helps, but it usually needs some help. For joints that are too tight, move the template away from you slightly.” My joints are nice & tight ← Woodworking Masterclasses or Common Woodworking? the jig. Try to get the angle directly off the saw for your pins and tails without pare cutting, if possible only use pare cutting for the recess in between the pins as this is from your chisel, not a saw line. When I was in Australia in March, almost every student owned one of the incredible Chris Vesper Double Squares. You never have to pass up another great piece of slightly damaged furniture again. Not really. Template Guide, 42040 Template Guide Lock Nut, 42239 FITTING AND TROUBLESHOOTING For joints that are too loose, adjust your router to make a deeper cut. Half-blind Dovetail Template 17/32", 7° Dovetail Bit 43776PC 3/4" O.D. I’m cutting joints in 5/8 in birch that has been milled perfectly flat. left. If the dovetail in the side had an uneven cut, it should be evened up before preparing the end-grain inserts. My basic approach here is to cut out a recess around the damaged part and then glue in a carefully selected patch. Dovetail joints start with a half pin located on the outside of the joints. I use a dowel trimming saw for this - it has a set on only one side of the blade and so can be held flat against the work without scratching. To practise your dovetails, click here for our free course. I have a PC 4212 dovetail jig which has been used several times to cut half-blind joints. Now, remove a corner on the short side, and 2/3 along the long side. 3). Most other You need to be careful if you don't want to end up gluing your fingers to the work-piece. A forum community dedicated to router and woodworking professionals and enthusiasts.


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