Tiger Lily | First appearance: Tinker Bell exits outside, where she is confronted by Regina's armed allies. Tinker Bell | And you have earned them back many times over. The ex-fairy states she has waited a long time for this. No information Regina convinces her it isn't if she doesn't crush the heart, to which Tinker Bell hands it back, but refuses to help find Henry. Biographical Information Megara | Gender: Heading back to the castle, she fetches Regina and the two fly together as the pixie dust is spread in the air, leading them to a tavern. A wounded Tinker Bell tells Regina how she stole pixie dust for her sake and will get into trouble for it. It is then that Tinker Bell, emerging from under a hood, tells the people not to listen to her, saying that the Queen doesn't care about love and that she should know because she was there when she threw her chance at love away. They then find the source of the screaming, and find Mother Superior being chased by Pan's shadow, who soon rips out the Blue Fairy's own shadow, killing her. Tink doesn't believe the Queen when she says she's happy the way she is, believing it's just a facade for her not thinking she deserves love, and Regina, offended, announces that she's going to spare Tinker Bell's life simply to prove her wrong. Granney | Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hoping to help Regina's circumstances, Tinker Bell offers Regina true happiness with pixie dust, which will help her find a new love. "Leaving Storybrooke" Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.2 Season 3 1.3 Season 6 1.4 Season 7 2 Family/Relationships 3 Trivia 4 Appearances Tinker Bell was a fairy who was known for her slightly rebellious streak. Thankful, Mother Superior grants Tinker Bell the right to her wings, telling her that she's earned them many times over, and soon hands over the Black Fairy's wand. Sofort fordert Tinker Bell Regina auf, sich dem Fremden vorzustellen und kehrt dann nach Hause zurück. However, when Tink returns to the fairies' sanctuary, she is scolded by the Blue Fairy, who warns her against helping the soon-to-be Evil Queen. Satisfied with this means of escape, Tinker Bell continues to plan the rescue of Henry along with Emma, Hook, Neal, Mary Margaret and David. A moment later, she steps out to face Regina and knocks her out with poppy dust. Tinker Bell becomes allies with the Charmings, going with them. Kurz darauf werden die Bewohner von Storybrooke von Peter Pans Schatten angegriffen, der die Mutter Oberin tötet. Regina hat jedoch Angst davor, ihren Zorn aufzugeben und geht nichts in das Gasthaus. Species: She is able to light the candle with her own magic and fly up to the shadow, who becomes trapped in the coconut. She then asks what would be in it for her, and Mary Margaret says that the fairy can have a home with them. Denn die Blaue Fee hat herausgefunden, dass Tinker Bell den Pixiestaub gestohlen hat und nimmt ihr als Strafe ihre Flügel, sodass Tinker Bell zum Menschen wird. Zelena Mills | Tinker Bell, feeling betrayed, flies away from Regina's castle to be confronted by the Blue Fairy. Help Regina find her true love (failed) ("Dark Hollow"), Tinker Bell is trekking through the jungle alongside Baelfire, Hook, Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming and is about to help them break into Pan's compound in order to rescue Henry. "Quite a Common Fairy" Without further ado, they set off for Storybrooke using Pan's shadow to fly home. Fairy Biographical Information Status: The King | While being working under the Blue Fairy's supervision in the Enchanted Forest, Tinker Bell mischievously sneaks out against her superior's orders. TinkGreen When it's asked what shall happen to Henry in the process, Wendy states that the boy will die. Alive Episode: #9.02 That Kind Of Heat (Chicago Fire). Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con: A 'Frightening' Pan, Ariel's Debut, Killer Queen and More Scoop, Once Upon a Time - Episode 3.03 - Role being Cast, https://onceuponatime.fandom.com/wiki/Tinker_Bell?oldid=919593, After being hinted at in several interviews, Tinker Bell was officially announced at the 2013, The casting call describes her as, "in her 20's, and is a head-strong party girl and often lands in trouble due to her inability to pass up a challenge or a prank.". Tinker Bell rettet Regina, als diese von ihrem Balkon des Dunklen Palasts stürzt. Als sie Regina beschwört, es noch einmal zu versuchen, wird Regina bösartig und beschimpft Tinker Bell. However, Regina comes out and reassures them Tinker Bell does not have bad intentions. After helping Emma and the others with a failed attempt ti liberate Rumplestiltskin from Zelena's command, Tinker Bell attends the big fight and witnesses Regina get thrown through the face of the clock tower by her sister, who tries in vain to take her heart. Tinker Bell Snow White | ("Dark Hollow", "Think Lovely Thoughts"), Within an hour's time, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina speedily steal back Henry's heart from Pan and board the Jolly Roger in time to revive him. The foursome catch up in time to witness the Shadow ripping away Mother Superior's shadow. She is discouraged to see Regina is not "glowing" as she should be after finding her true love. As the curse washes over Storybrooke, Emma is forced to leave with Henry and forget the town, which will be eliminated from history, but the two of them are given new memories by Regina.


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