Black Sea of red crystal, Highborne relics, corruption bears a strange, rabid. Thistles: A couple with Scottish heritage might like a ring with thistle in the design. The comfortable chairs and sofa are covered in a shiny white chintz with purple. For some reason every species is blue - violet: lupine, blue - eyed grass, 25. 2009-04-25 15:57:01 2009-04-25 15:57:01 The most recent addition is a beautiful Chapel of the Knights of the, 27. 13 sentence examples: 1. The thistle list of example sentences with thistle. Both were hurt in Saturday's win over Partick Thistle. All Rights Reserved. The thistle is armed with sharp prickles; the mallow is soft and woolly. | (heraldry) This plant used as a charge. It's the flower of France, you know – just as the thistle is the – '. Asked by Wiki User. Only a mound, where purple thistles grow, locally called ' Queen Mary's tears ', remains today. Among imported pests the rabbit and sparrow, and a numerous company of European and American thistles and other weeds, have to be systematically contended with. The daughter of the landlord of the Thorn and Thistle caught Tom's eye. It's difficult to see thistle in a sentence . A widely distributed herbaceous plant of the daisy family, which typically has a prickly stem and leaves and rounded heads of purple flowers. Grasp the thistle firmly. She sifted thistles through her thistle - sifter. Depend on your damage output, you may need to, 30. That's a sow thistle, which is halfway between a chicory and lettuce—it can be eaten raw or as greens, which I actually prefer. Asked by Wiki User. How to use thistle in a sentence. The thistle is the emblem of Scotland. thistle in a sentence and translation of thistle in Turkish dictionary with audio pronunciation by Its beak is long and narrow enough to extract seeds from prickly thistles, on which it is often seen feeding. December 1940, in the south - west of the establishment of Yutian Yutian a joint county Baoyu thistle. All Rights Reserved. Old English thistel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch distel and German Distel. 7. | This plant seen as the national emblem of Scotland. Scotland's emblem is the thistle. Before we parted, they gave me Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer’s “Scotch Thistle Lace Stole” pattern, some incredibly beautiful Fiesta Ballerina yarn in thistle-y colours to knit it in and enough Bristol Yarn Gallery “Buckingham” in a sort of camel-by-moonlight shade, to knit it again. Top Answer. 27), as in Lonicera Caprifolium; and when leaves adhere to the stem, forming a sort of winged or leafy appendage, they are decurrent, as in thistles. thistles example sentences. It's the flower of France, you know – just as the thistle is the – '. Geese and cranes, chicory, mildew, thistles, cleavers, caltrops, darnel and shade are farmer's enemies. How can you use thistle in a sentence? The white Lychnis, the globe thistles Echinops and bronze fennel that has yellow flowers continue also to provide interest and color. 8. I suggest a new standard to be hoisted, showing a tail-less cat, The word is derived from the Latin carduus meaning, The coat of arms is still in use today, but in the main the SRU use the commercial, This was a significant departure from the traditional colours of blue and white, although purple is inspired from the, Among the herbaceous flora that occur in the Faroe Islands is the cosmopolitan marsh, James I of England and VI of Scotland used a badge consisting of a Tudor rose dimidiated with a, The prisoners destroyed much of the cathedral woodwork for firewood but Prior Castell's Clock, which featured the Scottish, The Tudor rose dimidiated with the Scottish, The compartment often contained a branch of the Tudor rose, with shamrock and, They attract bees and butterflies and are at home alongside monarda and globe, They are wonderful places, packed with fantastic plants like melancholy, The arrow flew in a perfect arc, until it hit an unseen bull, One example in the Midwest is the introduction of the musk, In plant life, butterbur, lichen, liverworts, moss, fern, wood sorrel, herb robert, spear, Three cotoneaster bushes are blossoming and a strident spear, It was not then listed as poisonous to livestock but was included with other weeds such as spear, It contains specialised plants such as bog asphodel, bog bean, cotton grass, ragged robin and marsh, Also use silver foliage plants, such as lamb's ears and Scotch, The events will give people a chance to learn about wildflowers found at the site such as ladies bedstraw, musk, The daisy-like flowers and height mean they work well towards the back of the border, attracting bees and butterflies and adding impact alongside globe, Modeled after a field study in Switzerland, the Virginia trial helped determine the fungus' outdoor safety and effectiveness against exotic musk, That's why gardeners interplant Oriental poppies with concealing companions such as baby's breath, catmint, globe, The crowned and slipped Tudor Rose is used as the plant badge of England, as Scotland uses the, Two weed-eating Italian insects may be reunited in the United States this spring to help throttle musk, The countryside team is recreating a wildflower meadow on the former quarry site, on shallow soils and bare rock, with plants such as musk, Laid back, laconic, sharp as the jaggiest jaggy bit of a, The globe artichoke, or Cynara scolymus, is the immature flowers of a, Designer Steven Hall teamed their tall spires with the round blooms of the plumed, Commonly used remedies include arnica for bruises, milk, This study evaluated the absorption and metabolism of milk, However, when these passions meet the reality of bull, In general appearance it closely resembles the musk, Any notice of the Thistle would be imperfect without some mention of the Scotch, Other cheeses are made with vegetable rennet, some from similar, The cardoon is as high as a horse's back, but the Pampas, They drink wine made of the pitahaya, which is the fruit of a great, In this country it has been made a finable offence to permit the Canada, A rose leaf does not grow like the leaf of a, The indecisiveness which never dared to grasp the, It often flies by day, and may then be seen disporting itself amongst the flowers of the Scotch, On the east side the arms of Scotland, with a Cupid holding a, The channel had become filled with reeds, and great quantities of enormous milk or sow, In the field the inventor uses an electric hoe to kill the germs of the, I don't believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a, Karshook, it may be added, is the Hebraic word for a, The man who painted it didn't know a sweetbrier from a, There is hardly a plant which is as nutritious as the, That, too, one will find as ill a resting place as an upright, They are connected with the palisading by rose, shamrock and, This tall, thin plant is not nearly so attractive as the Scotch, This is a tall, interesting plant with foliage somewhat like a, Incorporate as much organic matter into your soil as possible prior to planting and remove any roots of perennial weeds such as, The Scots town managed to stop a Viking invasion in 1263 when, allegedly, a barefoot Norseman stepped on a, For what is the array of the strongest ropes, the tallest spars and the stoutest canvas against the mighty breath of the infinite, but. 'but as those silly children are going to dress, I suppose I had better put on the gown which I call my thistle gown. grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles. Which of the following is a type of wild cat? prickly thistles, on which it is often seen feeding. How to use creeping-thistle in a sentence. "Then the thistle is your flower," said clever Ileane.


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