The following recommendation are made by the researcher based on the organizations generally and general cotton Mill Onitsha must review there organizational structure with the intention of adopting or creating one that will be completely free from communication hitches and hiccups so that cohesiveness will rule in such organizations and better understanding of tasks, expectations etc. Therefore it becomes a network of interaction and relationships between positions, therefore functions and occupants and also a means through which management attempt to achieve organizational goals. Organizational Structure: Refers to the setting through which an organization accomplished the task and responsibility needed to attain its objectives and goal. Download full Chapter 1-5 Project topic and material For Final Year student in Business Administration titled “The Importance Of Organizational Structure In Effective Management“. Hence organization structure defined the format for allocation of work roles to identify the members of the organization. The importance of effective management. Ads: Get Admission into 200 Level and Study any Course in any University of Your Choice. These objectives are identified through planning. Abstract. Explaining organizational behavior. To identify the links between the above variable and the managers degree of effectiveness in meeting up to the objectives he is expected to achieve. These objectives are identified through planning. The management of innovation. Title                                                                                                                                       i, Approval                                                                                                                             ii, Dedication                                                                                                                          iii, Acknowledgement                                                                                                         iv, Table of contents                                                                                                            vi, Abstracts                                                                                                                             ix, 2.1          The meaning of organizational structure                                            14, 2.2          Structure                                                                                                             15, 2.3          The traditional early perspective                                                             17, 2.3.1      Environment and structure                                                                       25, 2.3.2      Division of labour                                                                                             27, 2.4          Departmentation                                                                                             31, 2.2.1      Types of structure                                                                                           34, 2.5          Authority and delegation                                                                             36, 3.1          Design of the study                                                                                         38, 3.2          Area of the study                                                                                             38, 3.3          Population of the study                                                                                              39, 3.4          Sample of the study                                                                                       39, 3.5          Instrument for data collection                                                                                   40, 3.6          Validation of the Instrument                                                                     41, 3.7          Distribution and retrieval of instrument                                                              42, 3.8          Method of data analysis                                                                               42, DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS                                                                 43, 4.1          List of findings                                                                                                   48, 4.2          Discussion of findings                                                                     49, SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION, 5.1          Summary of findings                                                                                      51, 5.2          Conclusion                                                                                                          52, 5.3          Recommendations                                                                                          53, 5.4          Limitations of the study                                                                                55, 5.5          Suggestions for further research                                                            56, Reference                                                                                                           57, Appendix                                                                                                            59, Questionnaire                                                                                                  60.


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