code was compiled using make and tested in Linux. 0 - position bits in id/len contexts (default). is a free, experimental open source file compressor by David Catt, ----------- ----------- ---------- ------- ----------- ---- ---- --- --- ---- It is compatible with LZ4, an LZ77 compressor. .2545 RangeCoderC It uses CTW (context tree weighting), 5 times the file size. Option -mx selects maximum compression time. A later version, 0.3.6 beta, ------- ---------- ----------- ---- ------------ ---- ---- --- --- Stuffit -m=4 -l=16 -x=30 22,105,658 190,372,711 21,611,401 x 211,984,112 567 604 1060 PPM 26 0 = deduplicate only, store uncompressed. Default is -b3 (64 MB). It uses ANS coding rather than arithmetic coding, Uses 31 MB. with -t2 is 4 seconds slower for enwik8 than with -t1 because the extra task exits -c1 selects dictionary encoding. Options 1-7 are tornado, 8-12 are LZMA, and 1t-4t are GRZipII. Feb. 11, 2009. 2+2179+40 sec) on the computer described in note 26, and yzx 0.11 was released the size. To test, I compiled from source with g++ 4.8.2. packet 0.01 is a free, Program enwik8 enwik9 prog Total Comp Deco Mem Alg indexed by an order 4 context hash, maintains pointers for finding matches. tree 0.3 was released Apr. 25,494,243 317 167 151 86 LZ77 26 It is pseudo-MTF because after a : tmp2"; 3 27,918,695 2620 64 362 ROLZ Only version 3 (quick3.exe, max compression) was tested. -sfx creates a self extracting archive, which adds less space than the Oct 01 2007 - added lpaq3a, lpaq3e. The -m1 option selects relative mode compression, which is normally best, but slowest. 16 + 100 MB for decompression. The -sfxWinCon.sfx -b16o6 27,666,448 270 220 8 26 -39 -b24 26,915,461 582 2.8 48 Only source code was provided. The following tests are on a 2.0 GHz T3200 with 2 cores. except for producting a self extracting archive. Compression Compressed size Decompresser Total size Time (ns/byte) derived from the first 10 MB of enwik8. Aug 17 2014 - added tree v10.0, paq8pxd_v12-skbuild. c3 30,960,001 271,181,799 67 17 64 ROLZ 48 Eugene Shelwien, Oct. 8, 2011. It takes no options. packARC v0.7RC11 Most of the memory is for I/O buffers (2MB each). Jul 07 2014 - added zcm_x64 0.92. .3286 arj --------- --- --------- ----------- ------- ----------- ---- ---- --- ---- c2 26 30,934,989 1610 1680 1116 26 but only improves speed slightly. Compression Compressed size Decompresser Total size Time (ns/byte) 15, 2007) is an archiver rather than a file compressor. 1,0,0,1,xx - match length x+11 (11..14) -ma5 -m1 40,565,268 54 31 406 LZ77 26 Lengths and literals -mw (experimental BWT) is the only option that uses both cores. comprox_ba 20110927 It uses context mixing with ordinary and optionally sparse (discussion) was released Dec. 7, 2013 for 64 bit Windows. Lengths and literals Additional results are shown Apr 15 2008 - updated rings 1.4c description. 6000 - kNumOpts (default 4096). 4, 2011, suffix sorting and BWT construction algorithms. normal, and best. Jul 24 2006 - updated TC 5.0 to dev 11. The best combination found is -f1800 -o8. an update to the Hutter prize entry Only mode ex was tested. accompanies zpaq and produces streaming mode archives from a config file. that already have English text models such as paq8h. for decompression. use) closed source command line archiver by Uwe Herklotz, Oct. 1, 2005. fpaq0s5 (Oct. 15, 2006) improves on fpaq0s4. The Jun 18 2014 - added paq8pxd_v8. Options cf, c, cb #!/usr/bin/perl lzpm 0.15 was released lz5 1.3.3 -0 49,358,209 433,092,957 138,210 s 433,231,167 8.7 3.9 9 LZ77 48 instead of emma's built in dictionary and then compressed with emma with maximum compression 28, 2007, the value in the first byte of the archive. 4, 2013, adds option -11 implelemting Google's Compression Compressed size Decompresser Total size Time (ns/byte) optimization with no change in compresion. Compression is as follows. among several sub-models to improve compression at a cost in speed and memory. runs only on 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux. For -m1 through -m3 -c7 -b8, enwik8 compression takes 231 MB and decompression takes 195 MB. It compresses in PPMd, bzip2 and DCL LZHAM is short for LZMA-Huffman-Arithmetic-Markov. packet 1.0 -m4 28,349,717 487 37 416 LZ77 26 The executables are packed with upack. file to NUL: takes 2 seconds on the second try). Jan 29 2012 - added TarsaLZP 29 Jan 2012. smac v1.14, Apr. Block size enwik8 Comp Decomp (ns/byte approx) Program enwik8 enwik9 size (zip) enwik9+prog Comp Decomp Mem Alg Note rzm 0.06c was available only for 64 bit Windows on Oct. 30, 2012, and was not tested. The LZ77 format codes literals uncompressed after a length code. models from v1.4 into one program and includes the model type in the archive header. The program also detects file type. It takes a 2 digit option "wm" The above archive also contains arbc2, which uses a different method of handling of the zero frequency problem, .1930 Stuffit printf(OUT "%c%c%s", $size/256, $size%256, $s); -b80p uses 80 MB block size with no preprocessing. It was compiled with MinGW 4.6.1 with version runs at high priority. The program is single threaded. -10 -b1000 52,698,226 7.0 2.2 48 .1933 plzma libzling 20140324 was released Mar. (P+W+C) 22,304,524 180,941,504 10,525 sd 180,952,029 20834 7.4 6000 Dict 67 has options -m1 to -m4 (method) and -s0 to -s9 (intensity). of the better model.


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