You don’t need to start from birth to describe yourself, you should in fact start with what you feel is the best way for someone to get to know you. Ensure that the IEC adheres to the ethical guidelines for private counseling established by IECA. Do you prefer to support others and create a strong team? In your response, do the following: 1. Indian Students can also get abroad UK based MBA in singapore and MBA Internshipsin US Newyork Wall Street. Or discuss how because your parents took you on family vacations, travel has become a significant part of your life and led you to push for more projects abroad with your company. Know that you have to answer on tell me about yourself for fresher for what interviewers want to hear; Start with your most recent achievements and tell them why you are well-qualified for the job. Site by. Find an IEC that visits college, school, and program campuses and meets with admissions representatives regularly in order to keep up with new trends, academic changes and evolving campus cultures. Thanks for giving educational knowledge to students about MBA and its career in India. If you have been part of a high achieving team – sports, extra-curricular or scientific, you can mention that too. How do you plan to achieve these goals?9. And even if they don't, there is always a question that asks about your strengths and weaknesses. In my last position, I worked with a team of designers to brainstorm, plan, and execute innovative designs for our clients. Yet we find several applicants tripping over this interview staple more often than not. 10 – PersonalWhen you talk about your family, stick to siblings and parents. 1st Floor | 254 B Dr. Annie Besant Road Why did you choose this career?6. If you require any more guidance, get in touch with us. 20 – EducationStick to the title of course, skills developed, and the learning experience provided by the program. Our repository of articles, vlogs (video blogs) and infographics on wide-ranging topics at all levels of education, help debunk myths and enable people to make informed choices. I love what your company is doing in the industry, and I’d love to bring my enthusiasm to your team., The blog you have shared is very informative. Start with the present and tell why you are well qualified for the position.? Best to start with a strong simple statement about yourself (again related to the job Thanks for sharing nice information on GMAT coaching | Training for GMAT | Sandeep Gupta | Top One Percent Gmat. Stanford Interview TipsWharton Interview TipsKellogg Interview TipsHarvard Interview TipsColumbia Interview TipsChicago Booth Interview Tips, An MBA Admission interview typically starts with “Tell me about yourself”. These were sample answers to “tell me about yourself” question. It’s a simple question, right? Tell me about yourself. Whoever the interviewer might be, the onus is on you to present yourself quickly, stressing some of the aspects you feel are cornerstones of your personality, events that have been significant in your life, and other vital pieces of yourself, in an articulate and concise way. An MBA Admission interview typically starts with “Tell me about yourself”. Ask them what about you stands out, and what they feel someone must really know about you. How do you evaluate success?10. Yet we find several applicants tripping over this interview staple more often than not. Required fields are marked *. Dominating the interview time with conversation about your passion, followed by your work experience, will give an overview about your motivations and why pursuing an MBA program is essential. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. When did you decide on this career?7. Starting your response with, “Well, I was born in Delhi and I went to XX school, and then I did this, and then this, and then this, and I studied this and graduated top of my class from this prestigious college, and then I did this internship…” isn’t a compelling or illustrative way to describe yourself. A General Answer to “Tell Me About Yourself” Possible Answer 1: “I am a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills. Good luck preparing! Are you a problem-solver? The gap should be obvious. The answer to this question should not take more than 2-3 mins and should contain a concise yet strong overview of your career choices and your take aways in each of these choices. The common mistakes mentioned in the book resonated with my experience. We hope that you have found some inspiration in our answers, and that you will manage to prepare your great answer to the question. Now, think about your life outside of work. Tell me about yourself for fresher: Tips to Remember. Worli | Mumbai 400030, Privacy PolicyCancellation & Refunds Copyright 2019. Nevertheless, motivation, enthusiasm, and positive attitude (nearly) always works. Example Answer for “tell me about yourself.”I’m an experienced Graphic Designer. Thanks for sharing nice informationTop mba college in india | Top ranked B School | MBA courses in bangalore, You need to be prepared for the full spectrum of questions that may be presented.


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