Or is it? The thickness 16 of the guide plate 10 can be any practical thickness for any particular use. This is the easiest to sharpen iron I have EVER sharpened! You can now take off the dovetail gage, take the fence off the dovetail plane and start cutting one dovetail side until the body rubs against the rail and quits cutting. Draw an alignment mark (shown in red) on the guide board perpendicular to the test board’s edge. Fasten the taper template to the end of a short test board. Lock in place and cut the first dado until it quits cutting. And one last thing; if you follow my instructions, you will have a joint that is almost impossible to take apart if you whack it home. After about 20 hours of cutting tapered sliding dovetails, I consider it mandatory in anything but the softest of woods. Also, there is anti-friction tape on my shop made guide rail. It should be noted that the guide groove 22 may be tapered along one or both of its longitudinal sides 27 and 29. Rout the taper template using a board as a guide. Measure across the flange to determine your dado width – in this example the dado width is 0.585″. Soon, you will be able to make sliding dovetails completely by hand. 2D is a plan view of an alternative exemplary embodiment of a tapered sliding dovetail guide plate. We are delighted to share some of the best AW content here on the PW website. (For simplicity, a single guide groove will be described, however, it is contemplated that more than one guide groove 22 can be disposed in a guide plate 10. FIG. I’ll probably just have to do a few practice ones to get the feel of it. Accordingly, it may be desirable that the stabilizing pins 34 do not extend significantly outwardly or at all from the top surface 18 of the guide plate 10. Butt it tight to the taper template and a  spacer. And the bandsaw. Remove most of the waste with a second router so you don’t have to alter the dovetail bit’s depth setting or prematurely dull this special bit. It is an incredibly useful tool in many shop applications. You can cut a dado width of 0.585″ precisely on a centerline with the 1/2″ HP-6 Dado Kit in two set-ups. & Terms of Use. Neck Dovetail Joint The neck is attached to the body with a tapered sliding dovetail joint. This allows the cutter to terminate the tapered sliding dovetail groove 4 at a controlled diameter that can be matched to the diameter of the corresponding tapered sliding dovetail pin. Further, it should be apparent that all combinations of such embodiments and features can result in preferred embodiments of the invention. Rout a test socket (Photo 9). But a well fitting joint can be near impossible to slide together! . This is for your test joint only. What a great company! In certain preferred embodiments, it may be desirable to match the minor width 30 with the outside diameter of the router bushing that extends into the guide groove 22 when used (e.g. I always use soft jaw pliers to tighten the fence posts to the body. The present invention is directed to a locking sliding dovetail joint and a tool and method for making such a joint. Finish the socket with the bearing-guided dovetail bit. – Simple Woodworking Projects. This is the traditional joint for neck attachment. 4, the router stabilizer 60 may include two generally elongated rail members 62 disposed generally parallel to each other and held together by at least one spacing element 64, such as rods 66. The guide plate 10 can include any number of permanent or removable stabilizing pins 34 and the stabilizing pins 34 can be located anywhere on the bottom surface 20 of the guide plate 10. top-bearing dovetail bit, a 1/2-in. Plus, access more than 1,900 in-depth articles and more when you become a member. The present invention may also be provided in the form of a kit including one or more tools useful for forming dovetail joints. The locking section 18 of the guide groove 22 can include any suitable structure for providing a locking region 8 on the groove 4. Curse you, John Economaki. 2. In one embodiment, the depth gage 80 may be made from a block 82 of aluminum. I concentrate exclusively on keeping the sole of the plane riding on the endgrain surface of the stock and not rocking the plane from side to side which will trash your shoulder cut. The individual devices described above (i.e. continuation-in-part of U.S. Ser. The kit may also include a dept of cut gage, instructions for using pin guide and/or the groove guide and/or a package for storing the pin guide and the groove guide. Build the socket jig. In an alternative embodiment, as shown in FIG. 3D and 3E, the locking section 46 can take the form of a relatively untapered section in the tapered walls of the pin guide 40 (e.g. It is also possible to achieve the same effect by tapering only one side of the tapered sliding dovetail pin guide 40, one example of this is shown in FIG. Note that the gage has a “Narrow end” and this should be aligned with the FRONT edge of your stock, not the back. In the embodiment shown in FIG.


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