Tamarind fruit comes in two forms: as blocks of fruit pulp or as whole fruit pods. It is ideal in a marinade since its acidic quality helps to tenderize the meat. If working with tamarind fruit pods, make sure they’re unripe, which ensures a stronger degree of sourness and less sweetness. Heat a wok or large frying pan over high or medium-high heat. This is stunning. What is Tamarind? Tamarind paste is used in many Asian dishes, including noodle recipes, curries, sauces, and soups. As the pod matures, the pulp becomes sweeter. When I first began researching Thai recipes and ingredients, I looked at lots of commercial Pad Thai sauces, and many of them didn’t even list tamarind paste as an ingredient. Make the tamarind stir-fry sauce by mixing the tamarind paste, chicken stock, fish sauce, sugar, and chilies in a small bowl. Tamarind Paste Recipes . If you want to make authentic Pad Thai at home, you’ll want to follow the 5 steps below. It can also be mixed into uncooked dips and chutneys. Extracted from the pulp inside the seedpods of the African tamarind tree, tamarind paste is sold in Indian groceries and sometimes in the Asian section of supermarkets. Tamarind is a fruit pod filled with seeds surrounded by a tangy pulp. Drizzle in the oil then add the garlic, galangal or ginger, and the chicken along with the marinade. Preparing tamarind paste is quite simple, and homemade paste has the added advantage of keeping for several months in the refrigerator, the result of its high acid content. Tamarind paste is … Because tamarind paste is where it’s all at in Pad Thai. The pressed block already has the shell and the seeds removed but may still contain the fibers. I’ve got your questions answered plus a recipe for homemade tamarind paste. Tamarind is sold as raw pods, in a pressed block and as a paste.


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