The reason trucks are the mode of choice when transporting shipments is because they can pass through terrains that other modes of transportation can’t. It is the least complex but most critical aspect of the supply chain because it represents the biggest percentage of the supply chain. For instance, trains travel to limited destinations, while air freight has weight and airport limitations. All rights reserved. Pipelines are also highly popular, especially in the transportation of gaseous and liquid products. The Role Of Transportation In Logistics Chain, Distance MBA (logistics and supply chain management), THE ROLE OF TRANSPORTATION IN LOGISTICS CHAIN, Transportation ppt of suppy chain management, Characterstics of brands at international level, No public clipboards found for this slide, Role of transportation in supply chain mgmt. It involves the delivery of products from the start to the end of a supply chain. Transport planning is an often-overlooked key function of a TMS solution. In Canada, 730.6 million tons of commodities were freighted via trucks in 2014. The importance of transportation in any supply or distribution chain cannot be over emphasized. According to sector research (Chang, 1998), transport accounts for as much as 30% of the total cost of logistics operations – almost as much as Warehousing and Inventory together! Such a system is ideally suited to support international and domestic supply chains. It integrates the management of supply and demand within and across companies. But, when a company delivers promptly with complete and undamaged goods, the confidence of the customer is built and his loyalty gained. For instance, according to Forbes, a TMS can reduce freight costs by 8%. Others include integration among customers, carriers, and suppliers and information flow. The vast distances between farms, mines, urban centres and forests demand a sound transportation system so that manufactured products can reach customers as efficiently as possible. Items moved by air and road have a higher value per ton, meaning that these two modes have a higher value than the others. You can change your ad preferences anytime. The customers, products, time of year, and suppliers, among other factors, determine the urgency and importance of goods in transit. From end to end, this includes decisions about which input materials to use, production quantities, inventory levels, distribution network configuration, and transportation for both the input materials as well as for the finished products. When one level in the supply chain experiences delays and problems, it impacts the abilities of downstream members of the supply chain to serve their customers. Transportation helps to fulfil the economic utility of time and pace; it provides the link that connects nodes in the supply chain, linking a focal company to its suppliers and customers. Consistent OTIF delivery also requires exceptions management using real-time track and trace visibility with real-time alerts and in-app corrective actions capabilities. To succeed in this, an effective transportation management system will provide end-to … The integration and promotion of business services have to involve transportation systems at different stages, it plays a connective role that results in the conversion of resources into useful goods in the name of the ultimate consumer. A supply chain is a body of people and activities, information involved in moving products from the producers to the final consumers. The prioritization of shipments is essential in transportation. Effective management of a supply chain equates to managing business relationships among companies and their supply chain partners which include customers and suppliers. Transportation is used to reduce costs. There are major areas in a supply chain: Purchasing, manufacturing and transportation of both raw materials and finished products. Timely, incisive articles delivered directly to your inbox. To succeed in this, an effective transportation management system will provide end-to-end visibility across the entire multi-party network (beyond just logistics providers), as well as multi-modal and container, pallet, and parcel support. Purchasing. In the United States in 2005, freight transport activities accounted for 10% of the GDP. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; It is the duty of the person in charge of the supply chain to choose the most convenient, effective and economical means of transportation that befits the company or organisation. TRANSPORTATION AND THE SUPPLY CHAIN A supply chain as mentioned earlier, is a network of bodies that work towards providing a good or service for the final consumers. It is important to further get involved with the upstream of the supply chain by driving continuous improvements into processes and decisions to ensure that transportation continuous to deliver excellence for their organisations. Technology, for one. Copyright © Ray's Now. It encourages division of labour and specialisation on geographical basis because cost of transportation is a core factor that affects the localisation of industries, making it possible for local resources to be utilized at maximum. This often requires a change in the mode of transport and settling on alternative carriers. Transportation management systems play a central role in supply chains, affecting every part of the process—from planning and procurement to logistics and lifecycle management. Compare this to 310.3 million tons of freight transported by railway in the same year. Transportation is used to enhance customer service. The transportation in a supply chain can be used for customer service. Effective, cost efficient Logistics Management can be a real point of competitive differentiation. From end to end, this includes … Today, international trade is commonplace and increasing market share in emerging markets is highly desirable. Sometimes it takes a combination of modes of transport for a product to reach an end-user or a distributor. Most companies operate within supply chains, relying on outside parties such as suppliers and customers to help them reach the end-user market.4 In other words, most companies do not entirely own their supply chains.5, Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management. More and more sophisticated tools allowing Managers to monitor, control, and optimize transportation networks are available, and in the wake of the Cloud – are available with increasingly easy implementations. These are the most pertinent issues in an effective supply chain. The transport industry is a huge one, a massive employer of labour from drivers, to flight attendants, pilots, ticket officers and those working behind the scene amongst many others. Potential sources for disruptions include equipment failures, natural disasters and inclement weather, work stoppages, and government intervention. Logistics Management is the component of SCM that focuses on how and when to get raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods from their respective origins to their destinations. It causes accidental injury, deaths. While not all shipping companies are using a TMS, its uptake is on the rise as companies embrace the realities of efficient, cost-effective transportation. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. google_ad_width = 300; The broad and deep visibility afforded by a powerful system leads to more efficient transportation planning and execution, which results in higher customer satisfaction.


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