In the comics, he's a normal, green-skinned Coluan who is descended from Brainiac; However, in the animated series, Brainiac 5 had more advanced robotic and computer-based abilities and was closer to the classic Brainiac. Brainiac then attempts to drain all the knowledge from the earth into itself and then destroy the earth, ultimately Clark and the legion of superhereo's from the future are able to defeat Brainiac and remove him from Chloe once again. Clark rationalizes that since Brainiac is a machine, he is not actually killing anyone, and uses an overload of electrical circuits to disintegrate Brainiac. Luthor vs. Batman and Superman Part 4 ... gathered by the new, advanced Brainiac against the remaining heroes in an attempt to take over Earth-4, Earth-X and Earth-S. Of course, the heroes, led by Superman and Batman were there to stop this plan, which had to be put aside as the threat to the multiverse posed by the Anti-Monitor increased. It is revealed that her blood has been infected with a kryptonite, metallic-based poison, that is galvanizing her blood cells and if not treated, would prove fatal. After this, he is chased and attacked by several Phantoms before he actually escapes the Phantom Zone. however she begins to lose her memory. These robots programmed Brainiac to be smarter even than they were, but built him to look like the people. In the end, Brainiac succeeded, and escaped as Krypton was destroyed. He gets the drop on him, and attaches him to a network of cables that hard-wires him to the ship's computer systems. She presumes him to be Clark, but Superman, (having changed his mind for her safety) tells her he is just Superman. Since then, however, he has used a giant, green/metallic skull-shaped space ship with metallic tentacles. What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way? Meanwhile, Clark Kent contemplates the idea of revealing his secret identity to Lois. The next week, DC reprinted the issue featuring a cover in which the label on the bottle was changed to read, "soda pop". One of his starships went to Earth and discovered young Superman, he contacted Lex Luthor and brokered a deal to acquire the son of Jor-El in exchange for 'saving' him. As Superman and Zor-El talk, Brainiac attacks Superman from behind. He uses advanced alien spacecraft and technology to combat Superman. Actor Matt Bomer voices Superman in the film, while actresses Stana Katic and Molly Quinn voiced Lois Lane and Supergirl respectively. Despite the similar designs and animation, DC has stated Brainiac Attacks is a separate timeline. Released on June 20, 2006, the film features Superman battling the forces of Lex Luthor and Brainiac, and his relationship with Lois Lane. Superman had, in fact, gone into the Phantom Zone in order to find the Argonium 44, which would not only cure Lois and heal himself, but provide him with increased strength against Brainiac by shielding him from his kryptonite blast. Brainiac, sometimes also known as Milton Fine or as the Brain InterActive Construct to Kryptonians, is a robotic/computerized supervillain, who is one of Superman's main nemeses aside from Lex Luthor. His new origin was told in the first episode of Superman: The Animated Series. This Brainiac was a more computerized version of the character. Martha Kent 9. In flashback, Brainiac is shown stealing the city of Kandor. A Phantom Zone escapee named Baern later feeds off of the energy within the broken disk, reducing it to a pile of ash. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Superman promptly defeats the drone and takes it back to the Fortress of Solitude. Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Dave Graham's board "Superman" on Pinterest. Action Comics # 870. Caught by his wife, she refused to listen to him and had him arrested. Can Steel and Batwoman turn the tide and save their friends? » In time, he would leave Colu. Gary FrankBrad Anderson Notably, this depiction of Lex Luthor, rather than being the cold, calculating industrialist portrayed in Superman: The Animated Series, seems to incorporate elements of Gene Hackman's less serious portrayals of the character in live-action movies, making Luthor more light-hearted and darkly whimsical, going as far as to make jokes about the situations around him. Cat Grant 3. Clark was intended to be Zod's vessel (Zod having had his body and spirit separated), but since Jor-El's spirit proved to be too strong in Clark, Brainiac was forced to turn elsewhere. Clark is given a Kryptonian knife to kill Lex and prevent Zod's return, but he instead chooses to kill Fine. It was published on September 17, 2008. Jor-El is able to remove Brainiac from Chloes mind. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Superman, regretting never telling Lois his true feelings then embraces her. View full history. Brainiac can also interface with most technology, and is composed of a black, crystalline liquid which allows him to change shape and create fully-functional copies of himself which can operate anywhere on Earth. To his disappointment he found the planet destroyed by another cause. Declaring to Jor- El as he takes control "Your son is destined to fail, soon a new age will dawn, an age of power and strength and the fall of the house of El, Doomsday is coming." Brad Anderson : The Return of Black Adam, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman. His origin is frequently reimagined for various Superman stories; but they almost always begin on the planet Colu. Using his ice breath, Superman is able to seemingly destroy Brainiac, after Superman and Brainiac had engaged in battle. Letterers He later sensed the use of his technology and found the Kryptonian city of Argo which he attacked. At the same time, a drone manages to hurt Supergirl and she is dragged in the vessel by some kind of beam. Superman shortly arrives and finds Brainiac downloading data from the computers with information relating the various forms of weaponry from LexCorp, including the laser-equipped meteor shield that had attempted to destroy Brainiac earlier. Ironically, this act is what allows Zod to be reborn, since the knife is linked to the Fortress. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Among his improvements is the ability to track down Superman based on his DNA. and the Legend of the Vampire, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League. "Brainiac, Part 4: Mind Over Matter": As it continues to raze Metropolis, Brainiac's head ship deploys dozens of robotic Brainiac Probes. When Superman awakes he escapes and makes his way around Brainiac's ship. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Brainiac recovers from his injury and renews his attack against Superman. Unfortunately, his camera is destroyed by his attack, relieving him of the chance to photograph evidence of Lex's schemes, much to his dismay. Cover And merging is exactly what our heroes are doing, as the deadly new fusion of the World’s Finest duo emerges to wreak havoc in the name of Brainiac! When Luthor came to the antarctic to find and reactivate a dormant Brainiac, the Coluan intelligence wrapped itself around Luthor's head and took over his brain and body.


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