Principles and Applications, Oil content and oil quality properties of some grape seeds, The temperature dependence of dynamic viscosity for some vegetable oils, Short communication: A new mathematical model for thin layer drying of fruits, Extraction of rice bran oil by supercritical carbon dioxide and solubility consideration, Effect of heating and cooling on rheological parameters of edible vegetable oils, Influence of Extraction Processing on Rheological Properties of Rapeseed Oils, Viscosity and Specific Heat of Vegetable Oils as a Function of Temperature: 35°C to 180°C, Rheological properties of an electrorheological fluid in original transition zone, Viscous properties of pig cecal contents and the contribution of solid particles to viscosity. Refined sunflower oil is used for low-to-extremely-high-temperature cooking. [13], Yilmaz [18], Esteban etal. 0000042301 00000 n predict viscosity of vegetable oils with an average absolute deviation of 13.0 and 14.5%, respectively. To alleviate this problem, various efforts are undergoing such as the use of plant oil as an alternative fuel for cooking. trailer Sunflower oil is also an ingredient in sunflower butter. The rheological behavior of used cooking oils remained Newtonian at shear rates greater than 10 s−1. Cottonseed oil Cottonseed oil, RBD. The torque of each sample at different temperatures was recorded at different shear rates. The activation energies (Ea) were determined from Arrhenius-type plots, and the enthalpy, entropy as well as Gibb’s free energy were obtained from Eyring plots. There was no significant difference between the yield of oil from wet mill cold extraction (45.13%) and wet mill hot extraction (42.19%). We measured the. ϪzG�Q"[c��5m���T����d��7����){���VU ��]�,i�dD;� �!�Ն���j��B���wN& © 2014, 2009, 2001, 1993, 1984 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. The results showed that the oil concentration of seeds ranged from 11.6 to 19.6%. 342 / 363. This work compares the qualities of shea butter produced from two methods of extraction with respect to thermal stability and physicochemical properties. of the six oils was reduced with increasing temperature, and there was no significant change (P > 0.01) among the oils with a shear rate of 100 s−1 at 50 °C. The absolute viscosities of the different vegetable oils were determined using a Lamy Viscometer RM100, a rotating viscometer with coaxial cylinder. coefficient of viscosity, shear rate, and shear stress of pig cecal contents by using a tube-flow viscometer before and after removal of particles. The viscosity, specific gravity and refractive index of both SBCP and SBSE are within the same range. A study was carried out to determine the effect of higher shear rates (64.5 to 4835 s−1) on the absolute viscosities of different vegetable oils at different temperatures (26 to 90°C). The end stage treatment is Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), which can be costly in terms of initial surgery, but also in terms of revision knee arthroplasty, which is quite often required. Corn oil . Minor components may be the contributing 2 is the Arrhenius model that is commonly used to model temperature dependence of a property. 5�"]J�4U� Flaxseed oil 120 - 135. Food and Feed from Legumes and Oil Seeds has been written by a team of international contributors, each with direct experience of these important crops and their nutritional merits, and the editors are both international experts in the crops covered. The straight use of vegetable oils as fuel in diesel engines entails adjusting several physical properties such as density and viscosity.


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