The inlet is essentially a duct where the air flows in stationary conditions. For subsonic flight speeds, these losses are the only losses. A well designed subsonic inlet will recover 99% of the ram pressure or more. The inlet cowling lip design … 9.14. The subsonic flow field around the forward fuselage and the intake consists of free stream flow being modified by the presence of these bodies. A mass-flow throttle plug was utilized to examine mass-flow ratio (capture ratio) effects on inlet drag. In this paper, an attempt has been made to optimize the aerodynamic shape of a subsonic scarf inlet with aerodynamically shaped center-body with a particular value of the circumferential extent. it is designed according to rules of gas dynamics; since such laws have different implications depending on how the flow enters in the duct, if in supersonic or subsonic conditions, the main classification of distinguishes between: – subsonic inlet; – supersonic inlet Supersonic passage designs: a) nozzle design for a subsonic inlet flow; b) rotor design by the corner-flow method; c) rotor design with vortex flow field. A ram jet engine is a device from which usefuI thrust can be obtained by creating a velocity difference between the atmosphere entering the ram jet body and the same quantity of air leaving the ram jet body. A diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) is a type of jet engine air intake used by some modern combat aircraft to control air flow into their engines. For smaller single-engine aircraft, a pod generally isn't feasible. It consists of a "bump" and a forward-swept inlet cowl, which work together to divert boundary layer airflow away from the aircraft's engine. The magnitude of the recovery loss depends on the specific design of the inlet and is normally determined by wind tunnel testing. Test 371 was conducted on a General Electric axisymmetric laminar flow subsonic inlet configuration during 10/5/1982 to 12/7/1982. At subsonic speeds, the ideal inlet is a "pod" or "pitot" installation, as seen on most modern jetliners.This makes full use of the "ram effect" and has minimum size, weight, and effect on the aircraft's aerodynamics. In subcritical operation the flow in the inlet is subsonic and the inlet flow is readily influenced by engine operation while in supercritical operation the engine operation can only influence the inlet flow if the shock is ejected. A transonic inlet design tested previously (see test 264) was also tested for comparison purposes. The inlet geometry model constructs the inlet surfaces through the generation and transformation of planar entities based on key inlet design factors. 3.8 Supersonic Inlet Principles Flow in a supersonic inlet is much more problematic than the flow in a subsonic inlet. PRACTICAL SUBSONIC RAM JET DESIGN. The inlet sits upstream of the compressor and, while the inlet does no work on the flow, there are some important design features of the inlet. The F-16’s modular inlet design allowed development of a DSI-equipped inlet module without significant impacts to the aircraft forebody or center fuselage. The inlet operation in supersonic flight has two basic operational conditions as shown in Fig. There is an additional propulsion performance penalty charged against the inlet called spillage drag. As shown in the figures above, inlets come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the specifics usually dictated by the speed of the aircraft. For scarf inlet design, the primary variable of interest is the circumferential extent over which the extended lower lip is formed. The drag of the spilled air, Dadd, will be cancelled by the decrease in the cowl drag, ∆Dcowl, due to the extra air flowing around the cowl. Future efforts will focus on developing the inlet geometry model, the inlet design and analysis methods, a Fortran 95 code to implement the model and methods.


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