With all this information and the above resources, you’ll be conjugating like a pro in no time. It is conjugated as follows: Vous prenez (You [polite] / You all take), Example: Nous prenons le bus. 10. (Download). Or, return to the previously mentioned To Learn French for their “indicative vs. subjunctive” quiz. On the page you can form your own lessons by selecting the verb type (-er, -ir, etc.) ), Vous avez aimé (You [polite] / You all liked), Example: Il a aimé sa maison. Sentences like J’habite à New York (I live in New York) and Elle s’appelle Marie (her name is Marie) use the indicative mood. Each one encourages students to reflect, give their opinion, explain their b, Subjonctif (French Subjunctive) Aller Avoir Être Faire Quiz, French subjunctive notes and exercises - le subjonctif, French subjunctive bundle -speaking and writing / le subjonctif, Subjunctive TPR Story PowerPoint in French Distance Learning, French Bundle | All My French One Two Three and Four Resources in One Place, French Subjunctive Exercise - Subjunctive or Indicative? can take anywhere. The indicative mood is used when we’re stating a fact or describing the world around us. 6. (We took the bus.). What do these three improbable sentences have in common? Mais je t'assure que j' (avoir) de l'espoir ; je vais t'encourager. ' Finally, let’s look at -re verbs, using the example prendre (to take). Looking at the subjunctive—another French mood—can clarify when to use the indicative. So, now, let me answer this question: “what is the French subjunctive?” We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. > Double-click on words you don't understandSubjunctive or indicative Present?Subjunctive or indicative Present? (I climbed the mountain. Note that not all French verbs fall under these categories. When we’re doing something like writing a novel, we use the indicative to set the scene or describe events: Un jour, quand il faisait très froid, un chien est entré dans la maison. Fill in the correct form of the verb in parenthesis. By watching enough videos, you’ll begin to absorb French conjugation rules until they become second nature—just as though you were a native speaker. If you’re working on conjugating in a particular tense, this is a perfect way to practice. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you (He likes his house. ), Il/elle/on gravissait (He/she/it/one climbed), Vous gravissiez (You [polite] / You all climbed), Example: Je gravissais la montagne. C'est un très bon professeur, je suis contente que tu l' (avoir) cette année, 2. If you speak French at all, you’ve been using the indicative mood already. 3. To place accents over vowels, move the caret to the right of the vowel and then hit the down arrow key. It’s conjugated as follows: Example: Il aime sa maison. We won’t cover irregular conjugations in this post, but it’s good to know that they exist and practice their conjugations, too. C'est dommage que tu ne (travailler) pas davantage car tu en as les moyens. For example: Il faut qu’il vienne! Enter the correct verb conjugation and then hit the enter key. In English, the subjunctive is very rare (I wish I were in Paris – like the girl in the picture!). 7. ), Il/elle/on a gravi (He/she/it/one climbed), Vous avez gravi (You [polite] / You all climbed), Example: J’ai gravi la montagne. 8. Plus, each video has a built-in learn mode and comprehension quiz, enabling you to review what you’ve learned after you watch. Fortunately, the internet is full of resources that deal with the question of whether to use the indicative or subjunctive mood. Another good resource for indicative vs. subjunctive quizzes is FunTrivia, which is similar to Quia but with the added feature of timed quizzes. Both conjugations are indicative. I mean that in this post, we’ll learn how to conjugate the three main verb groups in French, -er, -ir and -re verbs, in the three major tenses of the indicative mood: présent (present), passé composé (past perfect) and imparfait (imperfect).


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