Stargates are circular devices marked out by nine chevrons spaced equally around their circumference and 39 symbols displayed on an inner ring. Two of the pillars sit in the middle of these circles, almost creating an archway of sorts. A Map Of All The Stargates Throughout World. Perhaps just as curious is who or what stepped through from the other side? Mainstream historians claim that the famous arrangement was built around 5,000 years ago, partly from bluestones that were quarried from a site 386 kilometers (240 mi) away. 5) Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, ‘Gate of the Sun’ Was this ancient site really some sort of magical portal? 6) Eridu, Euphrates River, Mesopotamia In 1996, a tour guide named Jose Luis Delgado Mamani stumbled upon the remote, long-lost ruins completely by accident, although he would later claim that he had for years had strange dreams of a doorway full of blinding blue light and a shimmering tunnel somewhere out in the jungle. Einstein believed in them. According to several authors, a number of locations across the planet exist where ancient cultures built ‘portals and stargates.’ But why would ancient civilizations build portals or stargates? NASA Allegedly there are many stargates on the planet that link us to other places in the matrix or hologram (universe). Some are located on power grid points linked to UFO activity. The “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca in Peru is said by native tribes to have once acted as a “gateway to the land of the Gods.” Mamani even claims that he had dreams of the doorway for years before he had accidentally found it. There is also the idea that at least some of these sites may have held a miniature black hole or some other vortex that could allow travel over space or even through time. Here is where conspiracy theories start to get fueled, with some claiming that the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 was started specifically as an excuse to gain control of the stargate. The effect could not be repeated, but a passing group of treasure hunters would tell them that the stone archway was indeed imbued with some sort of inexplicable force, claiming that as they had been camping there a rain of stones had pelted their camp from nowhere, and that the stones had been warm to the touch. Objects in transit between gates are broken down into their individual elemental components, and then into energy as they pass through the event horizon, and then travel through a wormhole before being reconstructed on the other side and exiting another Stargate. The two treasure hunters had already experienced quite a bit of bizarreness in the area in the form of mysterious floating lights at night, when they reportedly stumbled across a strange stone archway standing in the middle of nowhere, which measured 7 feet high and 5 feet wide and possessed columns of andesite 15 inches diameter. In a statement, the Egyptian antiquities ministry said the scientists had “concluded the existence of several thermal anomalies that were observed on all monuments during the heating-up or the cooling-down phases,” referring to surveys taken during sunrise, when the structures warm up from the Sun, and sunset, when they lose heat. Is there anything to it at all? The ancient world is infused with all manner of mysteries that have perplexed us or faded into history, and among these were the myriad remarkable inventions and displays of knowledge often shown by various peoples of the past, ranging from great feats of engineering, to strange devices, to remarkably accurate maps of the stars, and more. (e.g Bermuda Triangle etc.) The Quinns decided to go back to the enigmatic site, and things would only get weirder from there. This has led many researchers to state the purpose of the gate is indeed connected to something astronomical, although this is hotly debated. When Baghdad fell to American forces the area happened to fall smack in the middle of the highly guarded and fortified Green Zone, which the conspiracy states is no coincidence. Considering its role as an important ancient civilization, it is perhaps no surprise that Egypt should have its own alleged stargates. Ley lines link a number of ancient landmarks by a series of straight lines. Ancient Stargates On Planet Earth. Modern Masters ethically serves small businesses in metaphysical, paranormal, healing, spirituality, homesteading, acupuncture and other related fields. Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal (Pt. However, the team still aren’t certain what exactly it is. This stargate is claimed to be connected to Sumerian gods and kings, which Vegh believes regularly used such portals to travel around the universe. Vegh is convinced that this mention of the “Abyss” is referring to the stargate, which in this particular case seems to have led to someplace perhaps not very pleasant. She even claims that the lost stargate is mentioned in the Bible in Chapter 9 of the Book of Revelations, which says: Then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and it was given the key to the pit of the abyss. Here is where conspiracy theories start to get fueled, with some claiming that the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 was started specifically as an excuse to gain control of the stargate.


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