The Illuminati await the birth of the Star Child and the second coming of the New Man in the form of the Sensei-Emperor. To Humanity's countless trillions across the galaxy-spanning Imperium, He is nothing less than God. How that will happen will be determined by the interactions between the authors and their brainstorming. These psychic powers were also very akin to those used by the Thousand Sons Legion of the Primarch Magnus the Red. Juvenile has been showcasing... Heidi Klum took to Instagram to share a series of new photos of herself enjoying some down time while in Germany, including one in which she happily posed with all four of her kids while admiring contemporary art. The two had fought together at the forefront of the early Great Crusade. For thousands of standard years before becoming the Emperor, He guided and watched Humanity develop over the course of its history, assuming the guise of a large number of historical personages. It would be in the Cadia System that Lorgar would learn that his suspicions had been correct and that all of the religions across the galaxy that possessed so many similarities to the Colchisian Old Faith were not coincidences, but expressions of worship in the universal truth that was the existence of Chaos. It is known that He had been immortal and ancient even before His ascension to the Golden Throne over 10,000 Terran years ago. The cult and all but four Sensei were killed. Still a niche, but not such a derpy one. He spoke with finality that his Thousand Sons Astartes had mastered their knowledge of sorcery and that there was no knowledge too labyrinthine for them to grasp or that they could not master to serve Humanity rather than enslaving it. As the Emperor grew older His powers began to manifest themselves and become more potent and He gradually remembered His thousands of past lives, adding all of their knowledge and experience to His own. games before he was defeated by challenger Nancy Zerg on his 75th appearance. Who is the Star Child? The Emperor Himself declared that Mankind would never be free to progress and advance to its destined position as the pre-eminent intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy until "the last stone from the last church was cast down onto the last priest.". Though the Emperor was a being of unfathomable psychic and physical might, Horus had become a being of monstrous strength, bloated with the combined powers of all four Chaos Gods, the true champion of Chaos Undivided, even as the Emperor remained the galaxy's ultimate champion of order. These Inquisitors hold that the Emperor's divine essence in the Warp may be transferred to a physical vessel, a specially-chosen Human receptacle known as a "Divine Avatar.". Only at the end of the Age of Strife did the Emperor emerge from obscurity to take a more direct hand in the future of Humanity, conquering the warring factions of Mankind's homeworld and establishing His direct rule over Old Earth. We don't need GW to be regressive and give us 20 years of the same setting in constant stasis. It is said that the Emperor's existence is one of endless pain and suffering, and that it is only His utter devotion to the Human race that keeps Him from accepting the death He now desperately longs to embrace. In this take, the Star Child is the Emperor's manifest compassion, kindness, decency, hope, love and other positive emotions, which he cast from himself as "weakness" when he slew Horus. [1a] The Illuminati gather the Sensei, to establish a Long Watch of Sensei Knights to await the final battle against the forces of Chaos. Using genetic samples that had been derived from the Primarchs' genomes, He created a caste of warriors who would possess some of the same superhuman qualities of the Primarchs and Himself. 798.M30 with the campaign remembered as the First Pacification of Luna. While they had strong arguments in their favour to justify their anti-psyker position, the Witch Hunters could not effectively match Magnus' persuasiveness. This should become an immediate Imperial priority. The most powerful of these troops were the proto-Astartes known as the Thunder Warriors. The perpetual replaced the Sensei just because I guess no one wanted to Tie every immortal to Big E. And then the Star Child just seemed too convenient. The Emperor lamented to His followers that His great work was ruined and maintained that now that the Webway Project had failed to become a reality, Humanity was doomed to the same fate as the Aeldari, ultimate extinction at the hands of the forces of Chaos. You do my brother's Legion honour with your prowess," he said, the same words he had used so long ago. The Council's rulings also created a new position amongst the Space Marine Legions, the Space Marine Chaplain, to uphold the Imperial Truth and help maintain the purity of an Astartes Legion's dedication and fidelity to the Emperor's commands. According to some sources, the decaying Emperor is a cause of the Astronomican's slowly weakening intensity. Back then, humanity was being led and advised by … Maybe introduce another half dozen plausible scenarios on top of the weapon idea. The Star Child is also suggested (by a fragment of the Emperor’s mind) as being the compassion which the Emperor cast from himself in order to destroy his most beloved Primarch-son, Horus. Now taking some of that influence and making a group of powerful psykers, power players, and the like led by a perpetual or two who remember the old days and are convinced because of how their powers work that being kept alive on the Throne is the only thing keeping The Emperor from pushing back Chaos could work, if it could be done in a manner that didn't radically alter things.


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