Turns out it’s more about helping people die. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases on Amazon.com. 1. Go red. Thank you for the honor of building a healthy relationship with you. B. Pharaoh Celebrated His Birthday Making A Feast For His Servants Genesis 40:20. 12. We pray Lord that the strength of the birthday celebrant is renewed from day to day. I take a notebook and my Bible. 24. Get sent to the principal’s office smiling. Happy birthday to you sir/ma. Sometimes it’s at the table on our back patio, or on top of a rock by a stream in the mountains, or on a bench in the shade at a nearby park. Consider the cellulite on the backs of thighs like the rippled soil spotted by space crafts on other planets or the lunar curve of the soft underbelly. 20. Celebrating my 40th birthday marks the end of my 40th year and the beginning of my 41st year on earth. Over the past four decades, we’ve learned that when people walk through our doors, they become part of our family. Use these birthday prayers as a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a friend, family member, little one or your own! Lord, we bless everything that we’ll eat and drink in celebration of our friend’s birthday, and we pray that we have much more to eat and drink in the coming year filled with love, Amen. Thanks for marriage and family happiness. 28. There will be people in your church who just straight-up don’t like you. where you can be yourself, are loved & accepted, and Jesus is at the center of all we do. It’s a cliché because it’s true. I thank God for all my friends, fans, buddies, colleagues and well wishers. No make up, two hearts plotting their steady sounds inside you. I thank God for all my children and my disciples. I have received many compliments from my husband and many others and I give back to God all these kind words, merit and honor. When we say birthday prayers, we remind each other that all life comes from God. 13. Freedom to kiss and scream and walk naked into lakes. Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. (Matthew 14:6) Celebrating the anniversary of one’s birth is a very common and old practice. 27. Shelby Township, Michigan 48315 Recall them from your muscle memory and start again. Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 996-9000 info@dsbc.church We are gathered here to celebrate with our friend and we pray that may we have more gatherings of celebration for you and everyone here in Jesus name. It almost got foiled just like his 30th surprise birthday though because he started planning for his big day. He has given me enough time to make things right and live for Him. Real life starts when we get on the path of conforming to the image of Christ. May the name of the Lord be blessed forever more and thank you all for sharing your life with me. If you’re actively engaged with your flock, ministry will often feel incredibly Sisyphean. May the Lord in His mercy and grace grant us more good days together. That he/she does not fall sick of any sort in Jesus name, Amen. We pray that may you always be a blessing and your life a testimony of God’s blessings in Jesus name. I was a pretty neurotic kid and I masked this by trying to look spiritual, which only compounded the problem. There are special days in the lives of every human. Lord, you said in your words that as our days shall be so shall our strength be. Since my moment of gospel wakefulness (see below), I have a come a long way into the security of union with Christ, but that cloud is never far from me. You are honoured and blessed on all sides and areas of your lives in Jesus name, Amen. “The glory of the mudbug is foolishness” and all that. ( Log Out /  We are each special to the Lord, unique and precious in his eyes. Luther’s first thesis was “All of life is repentance.” So is all of marriage. 18. 25. Gets me every time. “Am I not beautiful now?” you’ll ask, petulant. Then I tuck the prayer in my journal or Bible so I can read it several times during the year. I trust that His grace will be more than enough for me. Thanks for becoming my father, so caring, forgiving, understanding, thoughtful, loving, godly, good, kind a husband you are. I pray Lord, that the family and friends of the birthday celebrant rejoice and bless this day for good every year in Jesus name. If you know someone who’s turning forty soon, you might want to spend a little more time crafting the best birthday message for them. On 29 May 2011, the service commenced with praise and worship, greetings to all the people celebrating birthdays in the month of May, inviting on the stage different ministers who participated in the community work day and also prayers for the needs of everyone present took place.The mass congregation welcomed the presenters who conducted a […], Dear friends let us bring to your attention the preaching of Pastor Sunday from morning service of the summer fast, August 3rd on the topic “How does the spirit of flattery, delusion, and seductionact?” The first action of flattery and delusion: Now the serpent was craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God […], Marriages are special, and great marriages are even more special in this age of deteriorated family values. That lines fall unto you in pleasant places, Amen. You stood in your white Keds on the hot driveway, weeping. Instead Lord, after now may better things happen that the world may see that you’re God. Thanks for allowing me into your life and your inheritance. 16. Over the past four decades, we’ve learned that when people walk through our doors, they become part of our family. I see life as being an opportunity to work on oneself and one’s character. Required fields are marked *. I thank God for all the teachers, mentors (previous and present) from kindergarten till today. And some of you here in 1998 were here in … As you add another year to your years today, the wisdom of Solomon is added unto you. Tel: +38 (096) 590-91-13, Services: As you celebrate your birthday today, may you be blessed like the 12 tribes of Israel. Just like I am looking forward to the many more years God will allow me to see in the land of the living. Father, we pray, that beyond the celebration here, you meet the birthday celebrant at the utmost point of need and open doors for more celebrations, Amen. I especially thank Him for my close family and friends. That’s why SG is “A place to call HOME” . 32. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers. We are changing the world together, spreading the influence of the Kingdom of God to every sphere of the society. by Carol Kuykendall - Posted on May 6, 2013, “Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain…”—I Chronicles 4:10 (NIV), This year, my birthday fell on a regular workday, so I took the day off, just as I’ve done for the last several years. Copyright © 2020 The Gospel Coalition, INC. All Rights Reserved. As long as the Lord will be with me, and as long as I have breath, I will do all I can to be a godly and supportive wife. But at forty you might finally know it.”. He will be one in a line of lovers, more or less condescending. Blessed be your Holy name sweet Jesus, Amen. If you have always wanted to write, you would already have been writing. That the glory of God is made evident in your life, Amen. The paradox of independence is that free people are free to make mistakes. Wonderful opening prayers to pray for a Birthday Party. I pray Lord for the birthday celebrant today that may he/she continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, in Jesus name. “I see them as God’s gift of a once-a-year day to celebrate the person He’s created each of us to be, and an opportunity to pause and consider where we are in the process of becoming that person.” We are very grateful to the Lord, whose hands have kept us together, against all odds. Tel: +38 (067) 163-52-22 We thank you, Lord, for life, for family and friends and for your unending love over the birthday celebrant. Learn how your comment data is processed. On-site & Online NOTE: And it came to pass the third day, which was Pharaoh’s birthday, that he made a feast unto all his servants: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and of the chief baker among his servants. . I trust Him to meet the mornings of my days with faith and hope, I trust God’s grace to enable me to honor Him even in the darkest of days, through life’s sorrow and pain. I do not struggle with lust as badly as I did when I was a younger man—praise God!—but this gluttony thing wins more days than I do. We thank you for teaching him/her to number his/her days and celebrate your love and presence. 17. You will be forced by medical condition to choose children as well—they will never just happen to you—and that is a painful gift, but a gift still. And that in the midst of all these you’re safe and secured to celebrate many more years, Amen. If you’re doing it right, you will probably be hyper-aware of almost everything you’re doing wrong. For you preserved us and the birthday celebrant, we pray that your banner of love over us shall never be uncovered, Amen.


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