In rural quantitative research, data is collected using a structured questionnaire. He should understand that which fact is useful and which is not. Broadly, three types of quantitative analysis can be done on the number of variables involved: (1) Uni-Variate Analysis – This analysis is done using one variable at a time. There is beginning to be a surfeit of supply in every category of goods, and companies have to be smart in the manner in which they target and approach the market place to outsmart competitors. Besides, the rural consumers are suspicious about intentions of the researcher. The company launched advertising campaign whereby it offered to replace all the capsules, it owed its responsibility for any injury caused to the customers and that poisoning happened outside their factors. Being sensitive to the feelings of the rural people is extremely vital for conducting research in the rural market. Considering the environment in which the rural market operates and other related problems, it is possible to evolve effective strategies for rural marketing. It is a rare phenomenon that total population is taken for the purposes of analysts. Interviews in qualitative research in rural areas are always held within the natural setting of the villages, rather than at a location that is central for the researcher and the respondent. Motivational studies like motion study etc. Prohibited Content 3. Observation forms another class of techniques that are particularly well suited to the rural market. Both rural and urban consumers are distinct in various ways. Free essay sample on the given topic "Effects Of The Russian Revolution". A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which people of a group are asked about their perceptions, opinions beliefs and attitude towards a product service, concept, advertisement idea, or packaging. Main Objectives 5. The starting point for rural marketing research is the recognition of a management problem and defining business and research objectives. Content Filtration 6. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Rather the interviewer is guided by a pre-defined list of issues. If the results are positive, they will go for descriptive research – a large scale survey to assess the market potential and identify strategic options. Sampling, remote, scatters and tiny village is a really painful task for researchers. Placing a new product in selected stores to customer’s response under real life selling conditions can help company to make product modifications, adjust prices or improving packaging. 6. Marketing research help in knowing what problems the product of company is facing by conducting survey and hence, company can take immediate action against that problem. Next step in conducting marketing research is to decide the research methods; the marketer is to decide from where to collect data, either from primary sources or from secondary sources. Evaluating present and proposed sales methods. This is its main limitation because forecasting is based on future and future is uncertain. iv. The marketer has a limited understanding of the rural consumer; and. Paucity of Rural Marketing Research Budget: The budget assigned for marketing research is usually very limited and within that too, the share of amount allocated for conducting research in rural market is quite inadequate. Some of the consultancy firms have taken initiative to create awareness about rural markets for the benefits of corporates. Analysis competitive advertising and selling practices. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Sampark Marketing & Advertising Solutions, Hyderabad. A total of 42 socioeconomic indicators are given for all the districts in the country except the 14 districts of Jammu and Kashmir. This research includes investigation of rural customer buying behaviour. Requires simplified instruments. This data can be collected at a huge cost, but it is useful as it is collected for a specific objectives. OBJECTIVES The information so generated is used to relate the findings with the work/studies that already exist. 2. For example, Johnson & Johnson probed into the poisoning of their capsules and found that the customers felt very bad about the company. It is not a published source of data, but has to be collected by the researcher. To Reduce Uncertainty by Providing Information that Facilitates Decision Making by Marketers: This is done by defining the problem and looking at it in terms of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. It also means that a questionnaire needs multiple translations and accordingly, separate training seasons for field investigations. Consequently, rural areas have become easy targets for marketers. i. 1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RURAL MARKETS Willing to respond. Respondents from rural area should not feel that the researchers is highlighting their ignorance and showing his superiority over them. v. The conclusion and recommendations sum up the findings and provide the way forward. Image Guidelines 4. The rise of rural markets has publicized high capacities held by rural areas towards businesses thereby giving rise to rural marketing. In selection of sample design, two important decisions are taken. This helps in knowing the desired improvements in quality, size, design, pricing, distribution method etc. The initial research was more of commissioned research by companies taken up at regional level, based on the company’s annual plan or marketing plans to target a certain region and on which the marketer had virtually no information. Such type of research may lead to alterations in design, colour and other features of the product to make it more acceptable to the rural consumers. It becomes in this process both benefactor and beneficiary. Most marketing research project involves a certain amount of cost incurred for collecting information and analysis data. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! It helps to know the company’s capabilities and shortcoming and the way out in terms of alternative solutions. They may opt for examination before making huge investments on it. Marketing & Research Team (MART), New Delhi – MART is led by the well-known rural researcher Pradeep Kashyap. It facilitates appraising and improving the methods of sales promotion. 6. Limitations. For example – To map the buying behaviour of rural consumers for sub-35hp tractors”, “To identify and profile the segments existing among rural consumer mass. Rural marketing has sought to identify potential new markets. To Know the Demographics and Psychographics of Rural Customers – Rural marketing research tries to reveal the number of facts who buy why they buy, when they buy, the frequency to their buying and the sources of their buying. Setting sales quotas and developing salesman’s standards. Hence, it has led to them contemplating on new markets with the untapped market and an increased customer base able to purchase their products. 4. It was not only a problem of reaching the customer but also understanding his psyche too. Secondary Source of Data (Secondary Research): Primary data are in the shape of raw materials to which statistical methods are applied for the purpose of analysis and interpretation. Once the budget is finalized, the research is designed accordingly. Following are the activities that are included in customer research: i. Questions were aplenty, and the initial years were full of trial and error, wherein in addition to stripped down versions of the branded products, a large number of spurious and counterfeit products were sold. (2) Bi-Variate Analysis – This analysis is done using two variables at a time. Nevertheless, governments in these countries have introduced developments that have seen improved communication and technology advancement that has increased income from agriculture among others.


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