Koehne Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2001) Rotala indica var. ROTALA Rotundifolia pianta a crescita molto rapida adatta per neofiti non necessita di molta luce e aiuta a mantenere l'acquario privo di inquinanti cibandosi di No2 e No3 disponibile in varie porzioni 5 steli prezzo E. 2.5 anche 10 steli When frequent trimming is performed, Rotala … "La Rotala Indica cambia sott'acqua da una pianta con foglie rosso-verdi ad una pianta con solo poche foglie verdi, cresce lentamente e quindi rimane facilmente una pianta bassa". Rotala Indica/Rotundifolia - Unlike other Rotala species it is relatively undemanding, although it needs good light to produce red leaves. Rotala mexicana "Goiás" is one of the few red low-growing foreground plants. We usually sold this plant as an emersed form which looks similar to picture 1,2. Avviata il 21 gennaio 2020 Rotala Magenta is an upright growing Rotala with deep red color. Red Rotala. [citation needed] It is sold in the aquarium trade, but is of uncertain status.It is a common weed in rice paddies and wet places in India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, and has been introduced to … Rotala 'Bonsai' is characterized by dense and compact growth pattern. It is said to originate from the Brazilian state of Goiás. With the addition of high lighting and CO2, the tops have the ability to turn red… Rotala rotundifolia is native to Southeast Asia and is a fast growing species that has small leaves with light-green, pink, and red color forms. Rotala indica is one of many commonly found aquatic stem plants. This also means that it is hard for light to reach the lower leaves, so the plant should be pruned frequently. (Bucephalandra "Lamandau Mini Red" - Ammania praetermissa - Ludwigia Ovalis "Pink" - Rotala "sunset" aka "ramosior"- Nymphaea micrantha - Mayaca 'Santarem Red - Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping Moss') Fauna: Un gruppetto di Pseudomugil Gertrudae e Caridina Taiwan bee red Altri Acquari: Boccia di 10 litri No CO 2 No filtro. Rotala Magenta will also look great as The plant is a great addition to aquariums, suitable for mid-ground & background placement, and its bright green & red hues add an aesthetically pleasing contrast to any kind of tank. Rotala Indica Red quantity. How to make rotala indica red. The plant forms many side shoots willingly and obtains a beautiful, bushy and "hanging" growth. Rotala indica var. I heard it the leaves can turn red. Yeah, there is a form of rotala the is called rotala indica. Rotala Magenta looks great in the mid ground where it has a chance to show off its great branching habit and deep color. The Rotundifolia has a moderate growth rate and enjoys Iron supplementation to … 1,186 1.2K. Because of the small leaf size, it will grow rather densely, and may need to be thinned out in time. Rotala Rotundifolia "Red" Has a gorgeous pink and red vibrancy that isn't easy to describe. Name: Rotala Family: Lythraceae Provenance and habitat: The Rotala derives from the Lythraceae family and originates in the areas of South / East Asia, they are stem plants with a very rapid growth that require a constant supply of nutrients. Tento název je dnes přidělen rostlině známé jako Ammannia sp. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. Once planted into nutrient substrate it will mature into a plant that resembles what is shown in photos 3-5. It forms side shoots willingly, becoming compact and bushy. ROTALA Rotundifolia pianta. Fertilization requirements for Rotala Indica. In order to maintain the ripe red color of rotala macrandra, an iron-rich fertilizer will need to be used. This plant originates from India, and is an ideal mid-ground plant that will add color to the freshwater planted aquarium. The immersed form of rotala rotundifolia looks almost exactly like that, so that is why it is mislabeled most of the time. They are fairly easy to keep and are a beginner plant. The more light and food provided, the redder the leaves will become, and in conditions of sufficient food and high light levels Rotala indica will take on a beautiful red to the newer leaves of the growing stem. Rotala Rotundifolia is a wonderful aquarium plant that I definately recommend for almost any aquarist! You will receive 1 quantity 2" potted Rotala Indica as shown in the first photo. Flower: Pink: Bloom Time: Summer: Hardiness Zone: 9: Height: 4-6 Inches: Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade: Where to Plant: Moist Soil or Shallow Water (Up to 2 Inches Deep)


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