He has written some of the most beloved and sung songs of our time. Stern, hard-and-fast laws, like a huge machine, are grinding out their unalterable decrees. Men stood with little chisels and mallets, cutting, and cutting, and cutting the stone, here and there. The law of motion is impressed on everything.2. Divine justification rests on a solid foundation. An unconverted man may love a God, as, for instance, the God of nature, and the God of the imagination; but the God of revelation no man can love, unless grace turn him from his natural enmity towards God. The great question that shall shape your eternity and mine is, Do we love God? To remain in sin is to antagonise the arrangements of infinite beneficence, and means danger, and folly, and suicide, and damnation. The work of Christ also reveals His love. A humiliating misfortune overtakes one of their neighbours; they conclude that it was undoubtedly necessary — an idea directly opposed to that of St. Paul, who affirms that all things work together for good to them that love God.3. How many among you have felt, at the reading of my text, an involuntary doubt cross their mind! How can we recognise a Divine plan in that bloody play which is called history, in those ancient civilisations which have so thoroughly disappeared, in those insolent triumphs of force or cunning, in those miscarriages of the best causes? Thus compelled to dispose of his expensive establishment, change his style of living altogether, and, with his wife and four children, take to "short commons," his spirits did not desert him. Has this call reached you? H. Spurgeon.We have here —I. (4) From the operation of the affections. But let the observer set himself to watch from day to day the busy work as it goes on; let him patiently examine, not only the minutest details, but also try to obtain a view of the general scope of the whole, and he will not be long in finding out that some superior mind regulates all, and that every stroke of every workman is conducive to the same ultimate effect. This assurance is in perfect harmony —1. God, you say, is too great to make all things work together for our good. He said, "Move on," and the sun has done it. This co-operation among all things for the believer's good is not the result of the conscious aim of the things themselves, but by virtue of an extrinsic force. While the world, the flesh, and the devil tempt, the Father sympathises, the Lord Jesus intercedes, the Holy Spirit waits to "guide into all the truth," angels minister, and "all things work together for good."Conclusion:1. This is that which is specially indicated by the apostle (vers. The good of a righteousness unchallengeable to all eternity (ver. )In what respects afflictions are for our advantageR. All work to bring the Christian to Paradise(4) Sometimes all things work together for the Christian's temporal good, as in the case of Jacob.4. The good things in man's condition — what do they do for the enemies of God? important for you to "love God", so this great Thus compelled to dispose of his expensive establishment, change his style of living altogether, and, with his wife and four children, take to "short commons," his spirits did not desert him. At an early stage of your course, it may be, you encountered a bitter disappointment. Then, there is a school of thought that is known as Men have often fretted at such a law. salvation, etc.) Jesus forever. When adversity comes, a man who loves God says, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away," etc. BUT, THEN, BEYOND ALL THIS THE SUPREME SECURITY IS THAT GOD WILL HAVE IT SO. Stern, hard-and-fast laws, like a huge machine, are grinding out their unalterable decrees. 2. "For good." Thus I stood one sunny April day, when suddenly the air became instinct with melody. Besides, now I can earn the bread we eat. As we read the test, it became unquestionably clear to each of us that we had not studied nearly enough. Why are we here to-day? Gradually a dark prospect clears, or a bright one darkens. (1) As their Father; they have "the Spirit of adoption, whereby they cry Abba Father. The affliction may be nearer. There is not a star which doth not travel its myriads of miles and work. BENEVOLENT IN THEIR AIM. Let us habituate ourselves, however, to regard providence as carried on by the personal power of God's presence, a power, therefore, of quickening as well as of combining elements; of intensifying as well as of moderating their action; a power of new beginnings as well as of terminating forces and agencies long in exercise. Another is the only one who escapes from a shipwreck; he lets it be understood that God had cares and tenderness only for him. He knew would believe on Him. Most of us look upon contrary circumstances as intruders into our lives, obstacles in the path blocking our progress and we must somehow conquer them, remove them, get them out of the way. the end result of all this is God's desire to make "Ah!" All the medicines are mixed by the science of the physician; and from the mixture the healing result is realised. Question believers, and they will tell you that in the severest trials they have discovered signs of the Divine goodness, Now, even when outwardly all seems to be identical in the life of him who loves God and of him who does not, we must admit that events will work upon men according to the mind with which they are accepted. They were the objects of His gracious "purpose." "The called according to His purpose," by which He means, that all who love God love Him —(1) Because He called them to love Him. God did not throw out souls for no purpose. No; "all things," near and remote, great and small; all substances necessary for the growth of the body, all forces necessary for the development of the mind, all influences necessary for the perfection of our spiritual nature.1. For good. THE LOVE OF GOD.1. We cannot discern the perspective of life or see clearly the relation in which each part stands to the whole.


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