41. Because this is a vast subject, it is useful to divide it into a series of questions like the following. is widely associated with reducing causes of chronic conditions and the burden of disease, disability and premature death. This is not meant to be a complete set of questions; only a starting point for an investigation. (2011). Baker, N., Rassia, S., & Steemers, K. (2011). A group of innovative architects and thinkers are beginning to formulate the basis for a new architecture that arises out of human needs, and which is supported by an improved understanding of biological structure. Feelings of happiness, curiosity and engagement are characteristic of someone with a positive sense of themselves. Social Indicators Research, 837–861. Enhancing health and well-being though ‘behavioural design’. The colour of our environment, such as interior walls, can impact on our learning behaviour and, in certain spaces, can be used to support learning. Use heavyweight materials to absorb and retain the warmth. Such consequences of altruistic behaviour are related both to spending on others as opposed to oneself. It is thus unlikely that following deconstructivist thought could possibly bring architecture any closer to biology. Main habitable rooms should receive ‘good’ daylight (above 3% average daylight factor), and a key family room should have access to direct sunlight for at least 2 hours per day. (2014). and hard landscape (ideally traffic free or reduced ? VAT Registration No: 842417633. Views of the neighbourhood and nature from the home are associated with psychological benefits and encourage social interaction (Connect) and supervision (Take Notice), so low window sills and openable windows are valuable aspects). 7730:2005 – Ergonomics of the thermal environment. air quality) achieve a level that is considered ‘good enough’ to avoid ill health, whilst not impinging on the opportunity for design to integrate wider wisdom and to nudge occupants into positive health behaviours. These findings are interpreted here in terms of architectural design. It is there that one has to look for the greatest damage this mistaken idea has wrought to our civilization. Energy and Buildings, 175–182. Mehta, R., & Zhu, R. (2009). Exploring the factors associated with variations in rates of volunteering across Europe. The explosion of post-war consumerism across Europe and North America created huge economic growth and prosperity. Conversely, the lounge/tv area should be less accessible from the kitchen (potentially upstairs to encourage physical exercise), limiting the temptation for tv dinners but also providing potential separation in terms of noise, odours and pollutants. Enhancing health and well-being though ‘behavioural design’. This is moreover not a philosophical discussion, but a biologically-based refutal of the intellectual underpinnings for a significant and entrenched establishment. CABE. That mentality cannot coexist with an esteem for the truth, and I believe it is responsible for some of the unfortunate trends in recent intellectual life. When we discuss well-being in buildings, it is more important to incorporate a wide range of both quantitative and qualitative health considerations rather than to focus on single, narrowly defined criteria. Make circulation an enjoyable experience and provide rewards for the movement (avoid boring corridors, aim for good natural light, views, opportunities for spatial variation and encounter (Connect), use art, etc.). (2008). The issue of today society on the relationship of architecture and built environment towards human well being is that the architect which is also the builder and the designer often neglected some proper considerations when they designed too egoistically until they have forgotten that architecture and its built environment has the direct impact on human well being. However, this essay will focus instead on supporting positive mental well-being, which, in turn, has implications for physiological health. 48. large impact for a small population), but rather to balance and complement this with strategies to improve well-being for the wider population (i.e. Review of 24. They forage, play, rest, mate, and act like normal animals. Cambridge (MA): National Bureau of Economic Research. At the other end of the health and well-being spectrum is mental well-being or happiness. Abingdon: Routledge. The second section draws on research to define the implications and opportunities for architecture. Our current social identity has undoubtedly been defined by the gamut of technological advancements in the last century. (2010). The social context of well-being. We can understand this relationship through our past ancestors from the architecture that still stands today. Bedrooms in particular should have effective blackout options to support good sleep patterns, for example in the form of thermal shutters (for cold periods) and/or with adjustable louvres (for secure night time ventilation in warm conditions). 39. Huppert, F., & So, T. (2013). The publication of Nudge: Improving health, wealth and happiness by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein in 2008 was influential in revealing that behaviour can be strongly influenced by context1. Flourishing across Europe: Application of a new conceptional framework for defining well-being. and reduce the reliance on the car.


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