Most weekends and nights are boring if you don't eat (at the few eateries around town) or if you don't like to shop at the malls nearby. btw I'm from Miami and I have grown up with people who are weathly and they don't act like the people in North Hills who are new to money. I think a lot of downtowns are revitalizing across the country. Infrastructure - That is my main thing. Top reasons why you CAN move to the Raleigh/Durham area WITHOUT a job. kids run everything here, and yes are they kids from my generation? i recently found a home in Durham in a D.R. share. The place is good, the people ( majority ) don't worth it. Yes I know 1 and 2 are statewide things but they still suck about living here, 3) Lack of a decent live music scene. what a bunch of pathetic slow weak slow people. nobody looks you in the eye, they all look the other way, you never hear music playing, you never see a limo, you never see a block party,, not even sure if theres wedding receptions...… just like if you go any place that's different than you are, you find yourself out of place, and soon you start to act like them,,,, and god forgive me,,,, but if this is suppose to be how it is im not going to heaven!!!!! and yes there should be a happy medium between both, but here it is tilted so far to the right, boring lifeless judgemental people. When you close down the main streets in the city, for a live concert, you know it's important: Here are 15 things you should expect to love about your move to Raleigh! having lived here for several years running a business and family, it is such a common theme. Not enough choice to go around and sometimes even if you move down the street from the school you WANT to go's not a guarantee you will have a child going there (Wake county that is). It was almost as if a lot of people had a chip on their shoulder. I don't blame NC natives for being resistant to outsiders and transient low lives. There are many reasons to move to Raleigh, such as well-paying jobs, good schools and an affordable cost of living. You do not have to worry about cold temperatures and shoveling snow - the winters are relatively mild. Top reasons why you CAN move to the Raleigh/Durham area WITHOUT a job. Yes, Raleigh is clean and new but when did that become a negative? These people in north hills are just now getting money and they don't know to handle it or act. You can see the snow covered mountaintops during the winter months as you sit in a comfortable chair outside in the yard. The downtown area was clean, people were nice, however very quite, and boring for a city this size. Very diverse group of hard-working people. Well yes its a very clean pretty new place, and even though the weather is warmer, it seems to rain here constantly, what ever happened to hot and dry? no. City good for retirees wanting to live in big city. Schools - A few are great (as compared to NC schools), some are good but too many are still below average. The "men" here are some of the most un-masculine that I have met in my life. I regret a thousand times when I decided to move here. In fact, 43.1% of people have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, a rate of about 1.4 times the rest of North Carolina. You will find that people who are retiring look for homes in Raleigh as well as people with children who want to have a good educational system for their children.Raleigh is not just a great place to move to because of the climate or environment, it also has attractions that can be visited more than once and still be enjoyed. Just walk outside and you'll start sweating. The area checks A LOT of boxes for us as far as recreation, demographics and culture. Raleigh, NC Not only is Raleigh the capital of North Carolina, but it is also the state’s second largest city.


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