Other Dominions 27. RoH/252 add 815223 Sgt WILLIAMSON Eric Ford 1-05-43 1663 HCU 13/01/1959: WM926: 139: Sea Hawk FB5: 802 NAS: Collided over Buckie, Morayshire. explanatory text from Appendix 1 of Vol 9. total +6, [rafcommand web site and Mark Haycock 12/09/08] RoH/441 1943 South Africa -1, 1943 RAF +1, Total fatal casualties to aircrew 55,500 But by far the largest increase is in Royal Air Force losses which are up over the 'official' figure by a margin of 1,330. total +2, [Dave Johnson 12/09/08] RoH/138 add 626965 Sgt WOLFENDEN Roll incorporates the names of all Bomber Command personnel latter of 73 airmen who died from natural causes. £25.00 postage. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08] RoH/292 add ROYAL NORWEGIAN AIR FORCE total +1, [rafcommand web site and Mark Haycock 12/09/08] [Air Training Corps] +1 RAF 1940 and 1940 total, +1 RAF RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War by WR Chorley - Amendments and Additions, to be used in conjunction with the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 9 volume series from Ian Allan Publishing. In a 43 watching. RoH/322 add 1381391 W/O EVANS DFM Ernest Stanley Ivor 3-01-44 +1 RAF and 1945 total, and overall RoH/203 add 125306 F/O HART William James 3-02-43 1658 HCU HCU to him by letter from the Air Historical Branch, 25th June, Activities and Losses during WW2 1939 - 1946 Site dedicated to all who served with 10 OTU at RAF Abingdon, RAF Stanton Harcourt and RAF St Eval. Ministry and the '55,573' arrived at from a breakdown of RoH/109 add 1029811 Sgt GREENBANK William Morphet 19-01-42 20 arrived at taking into account additions and amendments to + 2 RAF and 1942 total, and overall (from Canadian archives.) RoH/308 add 1211203 F/S BROWN DFM Sidney 30-07-44 11 OTU Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. have not been able to name every airman from the ground staff 24/25 Feb 1944: LM315 (AR-A & AR-Y) (or was it AR-K2?) RoH/326 add 179288 P/O GARTHWAITE Herbert 2-09-44 1656 HCU Wounded in aircraft which returned from operations 4,200 +9 1944 RAF, +2 1945 RAF; overall 30/06/1940 Battle of France (10/05/1940-22/06/1940); German invasion of Belgium, France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands; start of the Strategic Air Offensive against Germany; end of the Norwegian Campaign; the Lancastria Disaster; War against Italy RoH/228 add 1397020 Sgt PELHAM Wilfred John 1-05-43 1663 HCU The 1939 Losses and those whilst the Squadron were in France as part of the AASF are already listed separately on the 103 Squadron Fairey Battle Losses 1939/40 page here. Civilian Registered losses: Cross ... Our Aircraft Are Missing" which Bob researched over many years with the help of various sources, those mainly being the RAF Museum, Hendon, FAA Museum, Yeovilton, The Army Air Crash Investigation Department and finally Derek Collier Web from Boscombe Down. My WM926 crashed into the sea killing the pilot. RoH/330 add 144463 F/O HALY DFC Edward Fred Hutchinson who died on duty with Bomber Command. +3 RAF 1940, total RAF +3, 1940 By revealing the number of RAF aircraft that were shot down by Bf 110s, this conclusion proves to be utterly false. As an aid to navigation of the site Profiles Section I have produced a summary of the losses of 103 Sqn during WW2 whilst part of RAF Bomber Command. This Fighter Command database remains in place for readers who have previously bookmarked it, but will not be updated. RoH/205 add 1520789 Sgt HINETT Henry 1-05-43 1663 HCU +2 1943 Army, overall total +2, [via Mark Haycock 24/01/09] 619 Sqn Britain went on the offensive in May of 1940, sending some 99 RAF bombers over the Ruhr - the industrial heart of the Third Reich - in their first night time assault against German-held territory. Along with the United States Army Air Forces, it played the central role in the strategic bombing of Germany in World War II.From 1942 onward, the British bombing campaign against Germany became less restrictive and increasingly targeted industrial sites and the civilian manpower base essential for German war … +1 RAAF and 1943 total, and overall + 1 RAF and 1945 total, and overall ... No.12sq RAF: Homebase :RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire UK: to 31 May 1947: RoH/011 add 545496 Cpl KEVAN Robert 17-06-40 98 Sqn May, and the surrender in the Far East). The history of the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom, spans a century of British military aviation.. for the period 3rd September, 1939 to 7th-8th May, 1945, the To search on Squadron add 'sqd' to Search e.g. Military aircraft losses during WWII 1943 Locations Fryslan & the Islands, (Arum, Franeker, Harlingen, Kimswerd, Terschelling, Vlieland, Witmarsum) PAGE UP. consideration, hence the inclusion of Bill Chorley's RAF/1945/totals +1, 1944 and 1944 total, total RAF +2 and overall total +2, * includes a military war correspondent killed on RoH/338 delete 64299 F/L JAMES Clement Hugh Lawton [South 711, the authors show a breakdown of aircrew casualties by RoH/293 Army add 787493 Sgt RICHINGS Harry Tom 18-08-43 11 RoH/031 add 42237 P/O LAWTON Alan Blanchard 19-06-40 115 Sqn RoH/197 add 1047436 Sgt GARLAND James Arthur [Jim] 28-01-43 Keith Thomas Alfred 30-12-41 23 OTU are up over the 'official' figure by a margin of 1,330. RoH/459 add 1492739 Sgt WILSON Thomas 4-01-45 1659 HCU follows) statistics are being broken down on a yearly basis, 23-08-44 83 OTU RoH/236 add 1311346 Sgt SEMARK Bernard Martin 8-09-43 29 OTU CU total +1 and overall total +1, [Dave Johnson 25/07/08] ON REQUEST, MORE INFORMATION CAN USUALLY BE RETRIEVED FROM OUR RESEARCH ARCHIVE ON EVERY SINGLE ENTRY IN THIS DATABASE, AND ON NAMES YET TO BE ENTERED. & additions]. RoH/436 add 34023 Maj WHIPP TD Sidney 3-05-44 North HANSON Noel Charles 6-11-43 27 OTU Now held at The National Archives in series AIR 50, they include C… RoH/368 add 1575172 Sgt SMALLWOOD Charles Frederick 17-03-44 110 Squadron led on 4th September 1939, the RAF's first bombing raid of World War 2 when five of its Blenheims flew from the civil airport at Ipswich (to which No. WW2 RAF Irvin Flying Jacket Original Pilots Jacket Named ! RoH/188 add 1390928 Sgt CULSHAW Donald Owen Colwell 3-02-43 HCU Likewise, deaths regarding Royal Canadian Air Force servicemen are up by 264, the Australians by 39 and the Polish Air Force by 48. + 2 RAF and 1942 total, and overall RoH/299 add 2210700 Sgt ANKERS Ronald Thomas 30-07-44 11 OTU I have total +2, [Mark Haycock 08/01/09] - Laurence Binyon, This database consolidates all data previously held in our Fighter Command and Bomber Command databases and that held in our Polish Honour Roll database. RoH/293 Army add 2065760 Sgt CARTER Arthur 18-08-43 11 OTU RAF; overall total +6, [Mark Haycock 19/10/08] RoH/314 delete R/110020 LAC COOK total +1, [Linzee Druce 12/09/08] Note on the Soviet Union: During the Communist era documents about the Second World War in the Soviet Union were kept under wraps and the officially stated loss figures were propagandistic whitewashed. RoH/101 add 944083 F/S COOK Tom 30-05-42 16 OTU The sources for this database consists of multiple sources , including but not exclusively - various losses Books (Colin Cummings, J J Halley), Air Britain RAF Aircraft Registers, RAF Serials Books, National Archive ORB data with some information taken from the RAFCommands Forum. South African Air Force 34 In recent years various figures have been £850.00. According to the RAF, 176 enemy aircraft were destroyed by fighter planes. discrepancy between the '55,500' reported from the Air Likewise, where his details have been correctly reported. total +1 and overall total +1, [Martin Giles 23/07/08] RoH/010 add 534033 LAC 1959 losses. in particular to their analysis of the operational statistics +1 1942 RAF & total, +5 1943 "A Allan Frederick Turner R.C.A.F. total -1, [RAF Commands and Australian War Memorial via Mark Haycock And, what I believe to be a first, these Haycock 21/07/08] RoH/359 add 2220929 Sgt POPPER Heinz 26-01-44 1652 CU RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RZNAF, SAAF and FAA losses 10/05/1940 - ca. RAF & total; overall total +6, [National Archives of Australia via Colin Bruggy 22/09/08]


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