SOG fixed blade knives are generally lighter and more tactical, along the lines of what you would find in the survival-oriented Moras. 19-Inches and weight of 5. The weight is 7.3oz (206.95g). Because of this, the Trident is not quite a heavy-duty knife. Best Neck Knife: 10 Stellar Options at Your Disposal for 2020, Best Pocket Knives Under $100: Budget Friendly Options For 2020, Best Camping Knife: 10 Excellent Options For 2020, Best Pocket Knife Brands: From High-end to Affordable Quality Knives for EDC, Best Rescue Knife for 2020: Top Picks for First Responders, Best Survival Knives: 10 Dependable Options In 2020, The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2020: Tough Blades for Demanding Users, The 10 Best American-made Folding Knives for 2020. Learn how your comment data is processed. What they do will do, however, is serve you well in your tactical, survival and everyday use. The Drop Point blade is 3.5” (8.89cm) and has a full flat grind like the Twitch II. The blade is the double scalloped Bowie-style and has a hollow grind. The Flash II weighs in at only 3.1oz (87.89g). The pommel has a lanyard hole and a lanyard is included with the knife. Frazer’s thought was to both recreate the original knife and also pay tribute to the men who carried it. In that, he succeeded and he also succeeded in finding a market for the knife in spite of its price tag. They can handle a multitude of tasks with comfort. The 3.6” (9.14cm) blade is a Drop Point design with a thickness of .1” (2.5mm). The handle has finger grooves for comfortable holding and center texturing that make it easy to grip. The blade length is 3.5” (8.89cm) and it has a very strong Tanto tip. As with all SOG folders, the ambidextrous thumb studs are beveled and terraced for easy deployment. It also has a large enough belly for cutting tasks. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. The SEAL Pup Elite is actually a very good choice for a field or camp knife. Pros: (+) Good tactical knife (+) Sharpening stone included (+) Blade is durable and easy to work with Cons: (-) Clip Point not strong enough for survival (-) Screw on pommel can come loose during rigorous tasks. Click on one of the links to go directly to our overview, opinion, and features of each knife. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is a Chinese made equivalent of 440A stainless and not considered one of your better blade materials. SOG, based in Seattle, WA, created this knife to serve spec ops, ex-gunny grandpops and any warrior in between. Buy SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath - SEAL Pup Elite Survival Knife, Hunting Knife w/ 4.85 Inch AUS-8 Bowie Knife Blade for a Tactical Knife (E37SN-CP): Knives & Tools - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The Creed also has a large belly and stands up well to heavy-duty bushcraft tasks. In terms of materials, most of the blades reviewed below use AUS-8 steel, with a few exceptions. However, this is more of a straight clip, rather than the concave tip on the SEAL Pup Elite. There is a very functional jimping that is not overly aggressive along the top of the handle and thumb rail. It is relatively lightweight, but strong, and is also a very deep carry. Pros: (+) Great tactical knife (+) Also handles camping and hunting duties very well (+) Large handle if you have big hands Cons: (-) Sheath is only belt compatible (-) Not a “survival” knife. The full tang blade also makes it very durable and it will stand up to medium-duty bushcraft. It has a textured crosshatch pattern that makes it very grippy. The handle on the Vulcan is glass reinforced nylon and has full steel liners. It also has an assisted Lockback mechanism, with a spring-tension lockbar that holds the blade in place. As the editor of Survivor’s Fortress, he is committed to providing with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information to help you become more self-reliant and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you. The knife is very well balanced and has an intuitive feel. From there, the line continued expanding and eventually included a full range of folding, tactical and survival knives, multi-tools, as well as gear and other accessories. It also stays very quiet in the sheath (no rattle). 5-Inches, blade Thickness of 0. The Pillar has a 5” (12.7cm) Clip Point blade that has a thickness of .16” (4.1mm). Nobody ever said you had to be pretty to perform well. And like the SEAL Knife, it carries conveniently in your choice of a multi-mounting tactical hard nylon or ballistic nylon sheath. SOG, based in Seattle, WA, created this knife to serve spec ops, ex-gunny grandpops and any warrior in between. It is reviewed below and fits in with the upper mid-range of bushcraft and survival knives. 4-Ounces. The fixed blade knives too are all quality knives that will serve you well for what they are designed for. The Clip Point on the Creed does allow it to be somewhat nimble for its large size. The Twitch II does not have the deep belly like the Aegis, which limits its versatility. The overall length of the Trident 2.0 is 11” (26.4cm) and it is hefty at 11.02oz (317.52g). The Zoom has an assisted mechanism and lives up to its name in that it deploys very quickly. The handle is contoured along its entire length for solid and comfortable gripping. The SEAL Pup Elite is also a light-duty tactical and utility blade. SOG pocket knives are not designed to be as heavy-duty as something like Emerson or Zero Tolerance. The Flash II is a large, but lightweight, EDC folder. The rest of the knives in the lineup are still all very solid. Pros: (+) Big enough and durable for heavy-duty bushcraft (+) Great balance and comfort (+) Very good edge retention Cons: (-) The sheath could be better (-) May be too big for a camp knife. The handle is glass reinforced nylon with center texturing. They will perform many tasks admirably, just not spectacularly. Its lightweight, glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle features a raised diamond pattern for secure gripping in inclement weather. There is a good balance when looking for a survival knife that will not be overly bulky, offer good corrosion resistance, and still be effective in a defensive manner. It is genuinely a knife that can be thought of as an “everything” folder because it does so many jobs well. The Tanto blade also has a slight curve along the belly and a deep hollow grind. This blade is excellent for everyday carry, as well as specialized uses like cutting cordage and even combat. However, the Kraton can get beat up a little, and although the blade retains its edge, the 7CR17MoV can be prone to chipping under continued heavy use. The handle on this knife has skeletonized stainless liners and is aluminum, which contributes to it being a bit stronger and weighing a bit more than something like the Flash II. It sends a message that the manufacturer is pouring their creative energy and resources into function and utility. This full tang knife weighs in at 12.8oz (362.88g). The closed length is 3.55” (9.02cm). 4.85” AUS-8 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: At 9.5” in overall length, the SOG SEAL Pup … The Trident has a full tang blade that is 6.4” (16.26cm) long and .24” (6.1mm) thick. They are generally EDC’s that are comfortable to carry and easy opening, with well-designed features and solid materials. It also has a lanyard hole for leg carry. However, it is a Drop Point style, making it stronger at the tip. This unique outlook and vision has allowed SOG to grow and continually produce innovative designs that challenge many conventions of the industry. In addition to the knives themselves, the SOG website also contains solid information for the knife enthusiast, whether it be the beginner or the seasoned veteran. All rights reserved. Yet the Creed also performs well with more delicate camps tasks like feathering and skinning. If you’re looking for the best SOG knife for a wide range of different uses, then the Seal Pup is the perfect choice. The Pup II is a smaller utility blade that doesn’t quite have the mass for heavy-duty tasks.


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