Michelle: 5/10. We loved seeing the warrior on the small screen, and were into her storyline alongside Prince Phillip. He is very handsome but SUCH a douche. Michelle: BRUH/10. RELATED: The best movie love stories ranked. Lmao ew. Remember when he wrote himself as ~the most successful author in the world~ or whatever? Terrible father. D&D Beyond And he BUILT. Jenna: 4/10. Is it weird that I was way more into Sidney when he was locked up and had that beard than when he’s all clean-shaven? YES HE IS SUCH A BABE but liste, I'm not over the fact that Mulan and Aurora should have gotten together so IDK I can't give Phillip higher score. Once her old spell is broken, Regina is on a new quest — to reconnect with her adopted son and change from bad guy to good. He's the main reason I'm still watching this show tbh. I like my men like I like my coffee, kinda psychotic and also a twin, so Charming's evil brother really works for me. I am so into Hook, he makes living the pirate life look SEXY. ;) ;) ;). It turned out Ruby was actually in love with Dorothy Gale of "Wizard of Oz" fame. I have had a crush on David Anders since his Alias days so I can’t really separate him from Dr Whale, and lemme just say speaking of whales, I am interested in that Moby Dick, if you know what I mean. For myself. A little too self-obsessed. Wisdom is knowledge. Mat: 9/10. Michelle: 6/10. Cora was brought to life by Barbara Hershey, who played the cruel woman who sought out magic. However boy knows how to layer, and has the evil smirk down pat. Babe, shoot me with your arrow and let's call it a day you curly headed beauty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jenna: 1/10. This guy is wise. Mat: 6/10. Mat: NOPE/10. Meh. I am still so mad. Add new page. Jenna: 8/10. We are three thirsty fans of Once Upon a Time who decided to combine our fave pastimes (the show, and objectifying men) and create this list. Michelle: 5/10. BRING BACK GRAHAM. A bad boy in a leather jacket with good brows is my weakness. What is you worst trait? Or five. Warning: this contains spoilers if you're behind on the show. Mat: 10,000/10. Michelle: 6.5/10. Worst villain the show has ever seen. I CAAAAAN’T with Hades y’all. Michelle: 6969/100. Jenna: 3/10. Michelle: 10/10. Honestly it took me a little by surprise, but I am super stoked we will hopefully see more of him. Yeah August is hot, but his neckerchief makes me think he'd write you a poem or something and ugh I'm not so into that. I don’t want to be crushed, thank you. Mat: 100/10. Games Movies TV Video. Played by Sean Maguire, he was meant to be Regina's one true love after Tinkerbell cast a spell. Jenna: 6/10. He can Jekyll my Hyde any day. No, pass. Obsessed with travel? Wikis. Category:Male Characters - Once Upon a Time Wiki, the Once Upon a Time encyclopedia. Hook for sure took all the sexy genes. Jenna: 6.5/10. Wikis. And tbh I’d probably fuck cricket Jiminy over the human. Honestly what’s with the sideburns. Honestly everyone has such an extended family in this show it’s hard to keep track. Mat: 10/10. I don’t know why the show is so obsessed with him, but I wish they’d kill him off. I’ll take Sidney if he sits in a mirror all day and tells me what I want to hear. Michelle: 0.5/10. Belle should never have let him go. Despite being born into a fairy tale, her early life was anything but easy. There are so many white men on this show who look like him, it’s hard to keep up. Mat: 9.5/10. His father, the king, wasn't amused when he fell in love with Snow White — but true love can't be stopped, even by royalty. I wanna pull that sword out of MY stone. He could be the night of MY round table if you get me. Because he’s made of stone. Plus the man obviously has some strength which is always a plus. Guys no. TOO SOON, BUZZFEED. And though he didn't last long, he certainly provided some wizard-y eye candy during his six-episode stint. That’s my type of man. I would fuck the shit out of him. That’s seven years bad luck. Wikis. Does the Queen of Hearts even have a heart?! CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HOT MR HYDE WAS?! I feel that. Michelle, no. "Once Upon a Time" is back! 8. Throughout the first season, we learned that Regina's adopted son is actually Emma Swan's biological one and that he's the driving force that brought Emma to Storybrooke. Jenna: -1000/10. Jenna: 1000/10. Haha .69 get it. Alright, so he may have only been a fixture on Season 1 (with a couple of cameos here and there) before he headed off to… "greyer" pastures, but Jamie Dornan plus "Once Upon a Time" equaled magic. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place!


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