This combination turns her throwback- or aesthetic-inspired outfits almost into cosplay. Jess Keogh (@jesskeo) makes getting dressed feel like the enjoyable and imaginative time it should be. Anyone who can show us how to make comfy outfits look stylish is an instant follow on TikTok. "The outfit I was wearing in that specific video is called the lehenga, and it's basically a big skirt with a top that's matching. Currently, the video has amassed more than nine million views, two million likes, and, at the request of her followers, she's made two more videos for the sound, as well. One of her most viral moments on TikTok was evidence of that. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 Reddit Pinterest 0 0 Likes. From mega-influencers to on-the-rise faces shooting content in their closets, TikTok has furthered the democratization of fashion that first originated on Instagram. Almost every one of his videos is shot against the same white door, creating the perfect TikTok backdrop for all his outfits. "I'm superstitious. Soph is unabashedly herself and encourages her viewers to embrace what they like to wear and go for it. But this is far from the only way that fashion is growing on the social media video platform. "I had the confident vibe and I was building up a community. Sign Up. Email Address. She favors bold prints, bright colors, and — from the looks of it — having as much fun as possible at all times. Zahra (@zahraa_hberro) shares hijab tutorials and highlights some of her favorite colors and styles for viewers. From thrift flips to "little shirt, big pants" fit checks, fashion content has been steadily increasing on the app, and one particular video trend is highlighting traditional outfits from different cultures around the world. In a series of short, fascinating videos, each of the chosen creators — @Cosette, @GhostHoney, and @TayHage — used their personal styles to provide a unique look into fashion week through the lens (and effects, "sounds," and transitions) of TikTok. Jun 27, 2020 . Around the end of June, she took an already trending concept and turned it on its head, which eventually inspired a slew of similar videos to follow. These transformations are as interesting as they are beautiful. Jun 27, 2020. The original video idea, created by Atikhun Kanjanakaset, uses the sound "Hot Seat" by Billies Baby while users, who appear to have just gotten out of bed, sit on a chair and instantly transition into wearing their best outfit. "By the time I woke up in the morning, it was already at a million views and then in four or five days, it hit five million views and a million likes.". @nylonmag posted on their Instagram profile: “ok who’s gonna send me a TikTok showing me how to DIY that necklace” (Her beauty skills shouldn't be left unnoticed either, as she was recently featured on Allure.) If I open the app then it's going to stop, so I didn't even open it until 24 hours later," says Mathew. Her aesthetic is very reminiscent of '90s-era fashion, incorporating a lot of flannels, crop tops, and denim. Her looks are often comprised of loose, cozy layers in muted colors. It's rare to see Soph (@tinygirlbigclothes) in a video without a hat or bandana on. From videos on repurposing items in your closet to what hair accessories will best complete an outfit, her personality shines through making viewers feel like they're watching a friend. Ever. She also attended New York Fashion Week, uploading videos to TikTok from her adventure. During fashion week, the creators further pulled back the curtain on the industry's once-exclusive events, while TikTok encouraged users to get in on the action through its newly created effect called "On The Runway," where users were encouraged to show their own sartorial individuality.


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