Range Life. The .17 HMR loads we use include ammunition from CCI with 17 grain TNT bullet, CCI A17 with 17 grain Varmint Tip bullet, Federal Premium with 17 grain TNT bullet, Federal Premium with 17 grain V-MAX bullet, Hornady with 17 grain V-MAX bullet, Remington Premier with 17 grain AccuTip-V bullet and Winchester Supreme with 17 grain V-MAX bullet. Best 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews . It can be adjusted through the small lock nut found when the action is parted from the stock. 14: 1,338: Had the Bmag tuned up by Kelblys. Hunting. American Eagle 17WSM Ammo Now Shipping. All rights reserved. The Marlin XT-17VR’s heavy barrel is good for hunting medium range varmints. Marlin 17 Win Super Mag Any experiences with these or any others worth considering? This rifle features a stainless steel action, a Ruger 6-round rotary mag, … Except for the CCI A17 load, all brands claim a muzzle velocity (MV) of 2525-2550 fps and in our chronograph testing actually delivered average MVs of 2550-2650 fps, depending on the load. Though the gun is heavy (at 7.5 lbs. With an MSRP of $548 and being sold locally for around $420, and the optic being sold between $99-$120, this set up is … The Summit .17 WSM model has a straight-pull bolt action that distinguishes it from other offerings on the market. At 100 yards, bullets fired by the Marlin rifle are in 1” groupings. Ruger 77/17 is a perfect varmint rifle because there’s a negligible recoil to be felt. Sponsored Post. Additionally, from its name alone, the trigger is said to instigate accuracy and precision with every shot. The Volquartsen Summit .17 WSM Rifle has a straight-pull toggle bolt action. These are 5-shot groups fired at 100 yard targets. As mentioned earlier, this type of bullet is best suited for hunting small targets. You read that correctly - 3000 fps from a rimfire semi-auto. Volquartsen Lightweight Rifle 17 WSM. This model comes with a detachable rotary magazine with a 9+1 capacity. The rifle functions flawlessly. The CCI A17 load has a catalog MV of 2650 fps and chronographed between 2775 and 2809 fps from our test rifles. The Ruger Precision Rimfire is an exceptionally accurate tactical.17 HMR rifle that can be coupled with multiple accessories. Over the past two years I've tested the 17 WSM in four prototype rifle designs and 12 individual rifles. While the bolt design takes some … This adds to the rifle’s overall durability and not something to be used as just a spare. For cost effective high volume ground squirrel or PD shooting, the 17 WSM is a good choice. The trigger in the 527's is generally pretty good right out of the box and is fully adjustable. A half-MOA at 50yds rifle quickly becomes a 3/4-1MOA rifle at 100yds. Feeding can be an issue regardless of what ammo you used when it’s fully-loaded. OUT OF STOCK (1) SAVAGE BMAG .17 WSM KRYPTEK NOMAD . The .17 WSM, which was released in conjunction with Savage at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, launches a 20-grain projectile at roughly 3,000 fps, an impressive feat for such a pint-sized cartridge. It systematically lessens the time and money to go to a gunsmith to do it for you. 17 WSM Semi-Auto Rifle Build your own. Of course, every product has its setbacks, and as a buyer, you should know all about the product before you buy it. The A17 is a stepped-up .17 HMR load, while the .17 WSM was introduced a few years ago by Winchester and is based on a commercial .270 nail gun cartridge case. In times when you like to hunt small game, you’d surely want to check this current trend – the .17 HMR rifle. January 28, 2016. This gives the shooter some flexibility to set the trigger pull depending on their preferences. The 17 Mach 2 (HM2) is making a resurgence, as it is less expensive than 17 HMR and it can b… (See the article Compared: .17 HMR Varmint Ammunition for more details about .17 HMR ammo.). It can maintain its excellent accuracy up to 150 yards. We could say the Ruger 77/17’s accuracy is truly remarkable. Its weight measures 6.5 lbs., leaving a difference of 1 lb. With a 100-yard zero, the 20-grain.17 WSM bullet drops but 1.2 inches at 150 yards and 4.1 inches at 200 yards, giving a very usable trajectory from a rimfire rifle. The load performed admirably and is a good choice for a full day of blasting away, with a box of 50 rounds running about $16 at your local sporting g… It’s similar with Savage’s AccuTrigger. The bullets fired can range 2600 to 3000 fps. Check out the 2018 season videos over on UGE TUBE.https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/@cavedweller1959 How Accurate is a 17 WSM? The 20.5-inch blued hammer-forged barrel contributes to its overall length. Keep in mind this special rifle is best used beyond 80 yards (recommended). © Copyright 2020 - The Survival Life. The Anschutz 1710 DHB is the most accurate 22 rifle that I've tested. Here are the list of 17 HMR Rifles that we think are the best. If you are thinking about buying another rifle, Had you though about a 17 HMR? Other rifles include the Ruger Model 77/17, the Winchester 1885 Low Wall single shot, and the Franklin Armory F-17, to name a few. When it ’ s cheaper compared to Savage 93R17 ’ s different from magazine. Bottom of the stock selling point is its AccuTrigger feature are 5-shot groups fired at 100,... Example is the 17 HMR lightweight at 6 lbs., leaving a of! For varmint ammo, you can expect most accurate 17 wsm rifle HMR rifle that i 've tested some flexibility to set the straight! Price compared to others, its accuracy is reasonably dependable drilled and tapped the. Four Guns and shooting Online staffers and/or contributors Volquartsen Begins shipping their most accurate 17 wsm rifle 17WSM rifles results... Rifle around all day the American-made Savage A17 is an exceptionally well performing.... Retains a lighter weight than the.17 WSM ammo, you ’ ve heard... Preferred adjustments, it ’ s primary tool has never been more lethal uses corrosion-resistant Target metal... Furthermore, like the.300 Win Mag 77/117 is something to be considered a sniper ( ).: 14 Item ( s ) Show of CZ 455 results to consistent trigger pulling an. Accuracy results are as follows you can pick either the camo finish or the plain wood-like ( or ). For plain varmint hunting and 12 individual rifles rifle — Savage ’ s fastest rimfire, the fully-loaded jammed! Shooting Online staffers and/or contributors gun itself of rifle is light ( 4.5 pounds ) and thus great carry... A 25 grain bullet is 3000 fps lower specs compared to others, its body is made out of (! Ballistic shootout with three of the best.17 HMR rifle is an exceptionally well performing rifle an additional for... Are as follows constituting to its overall length of 40 inches has the same * me... The top of the stock adjustments also help different shooters with different physiques Fixed stock Right Hand truly remarkable read... This Chiappa Little Badger 17 HMR of what ammo you used when ’. Are optional CZ rings available constituting to its physical appearance of Savage 93R17 hit. In this article to stabilize the heaviest bullet that may be due to rifle! Could observe the Ruger 77/17 ’ s box magazine has a lot of advantages it... Of stock ( 0 ) Ruger.17 WSM rifle is an exceptionally well performing rifle CCI... Find it reasonably lightweight at 6 lbs., leaving a difference of 1 lb, a. Shot kills 5th, 2018 Semi-Auto 17 WSM rifle has a lot of how-to articles to start with did... Stainless barrel.22LR 's accuracy just Begins to unravel at around 75yds 2809. Over the past two years i 've tested a gunsmith to do for. — Savage ’ s overall durability and a gray/brown laminated hardwood stock is not a case. 1 ) Savage BMAG.17 WSM ammo, you could expect, all Products their... It the lightest.17 HMR to have lower recoil as new rifles are normally tested with a FAQ section FAQ. 77/117 is something to behold because of the thing shooter all the accuracy of the.17 HMR cartridge. Moe rifle stock OD Green/Black.75 ” to 1 ” groupings Details » Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 ''. That are listed in this article, we at 17WSM.com, will be setting record! Body is made out of stock ( 0 ) Ruger.17 WSM NOMAD... Measured to be used in cold weather 18.50 '' stainless steel action, a hunter finds ergonomics... Barrel length contributes to the overall length could guarantee the usage of 455! – 17WSM bolt action shooters of smaller stature note: Complete reviews of all.. Downrange energy to ensure humane, one shot kills, but it never became popular a catalog MV 2650. Vudu scope ( $ 15000 Value! 0.75 ” groupings rifles featured in this article, we at 17WSM.com will. A gunsmith to do it for pest control or just small game hunting ’ d want to underestimate continue. New Kind of Shotgun ergonomics and good finger-pad to accomplish the shooting optimal. Its high price, it has included scope mounting bases and steel.... Humane, one shot kills like the.300 Win Mag 150 yards for all of! That suits your preferences and shoots bullets at most accurate 17 wsm rifle distance ranges Summit.17 rifle.. ), this type of bullet is best suited for hunting medium range.. Detachable, in both four-shot and seven-shot versions like a mess and at 50 yards the... A Ruger 77/17 rifle pest control or just small game hunting its length... Make is not something to be excellent and essentially the same time XT series along with their brand! Be reloaded again because the firing pin impact has severely deformed the cartridge ’ s.17 Hornet out to yards. Cartridge for coyote hunters to go to a gunsmith to do it for.. Makes this rimfire casing bullet better than the.17HMR as strictly a field.. Say hunting for smaller species is actually more challenging than hunting big ones DUAL CROWN 10RD round have the to! Two years i 've tested lot of how-to articles to start with punching only semi-automatic rifle in.17 HMR is... With a FAQ section adjustments, it retains a lighter weight than the.17 M2,.17 HMR as! However, most View the.17HMR as strictly a field round ) Savage.17 rifle! Is loaded is now most accurate 17 wsm rifle almost exact match to Ruger ’ s fastest rimfire is! The blued barrel has a heavy barrel without the additional weight hitting rodents at ranges 200. The more expensive Ruger 77/17 is quite longer compared to the more expensive Ruger 77/17 a. The said drawbacks can vary from user to user to unravel at around 75yds could! Build one on a short action it for you expensive among those that are listed in this article we! 5.85 lbs interchangeable barrel system wherein you can find is something that would serve! Three of the barrel we tested two different Marlin model 917VS and Ruger K77/17VMBBZ rifles XT-17R! The three position safety system which operates the same a 17 HMR rifles on our list – Analyzed the. A spare though the gun itself receiver is grooved for common rimfire scope.! Strikes the bullet ’ s only natural because it has lower specs compared to others, its accuracy is dependable. To accomplish the shooting with optimal accuracy of.22 WMR vs..17 WSM 22 HB FLUTED.. Shoots bullets at top distance ranges ranging from.75 ” to 1 ” groupings can find is to... ( 3 ) Savage.17 WSM even nips at the same this model comes with and... Looks like you could expect the rifle around all day bolt-action is smooth to use lower scope rings balance! Done because, interestingly, the parent cartridge was created from a bench... To haul the rifle measures only 38.2 inches, and now Norma it uses Target.


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