Second, the edge itself was very uneven. For example, the Chefsteps immersion circulator is produced in China, and no one has ever complained about them, and they're always considered to be the best circulators in terms of robustness and quality (usability is subjective lol). It’s still a new brand (founded in 2018), so it doesn’t have the benefit of a long track record to stand on. It's available on Amazon for around $45. Plenty of high quality kitchen gear is being made there, especially for smaller organizations that just don't have the capital for producing things in America. This does not apply to any clearance-priced items, which may not be returned or exchanged. Rockwell Hardness: The Rockwell score is 58 with a +/- tolerance, meaning the blade’s hardness can fluctuate slightly based on the production run. Your review kind of makes me feel better for not buying the knife impulsively since I would've felt a bunch of buyers remorse after the fact. To my surprise, I see the wired post and then wanted to see if there were more comments from individual users. Additionally, Misen manufactures its knives in China, which traditionally has lower manufacturing costs. How are Misen knives so affordable? For reference, I got the Tojiro DP 240mm Gyuto for $62 on Amazon (now looks like $64). I have been waiting since July for a replacement knife. In that regard, you can get some rock and chop action, but it’s more suited to the push cut. Since Misen sells direct and doesn’t go through middlemen in the selling process, it can offer much lower prices than the competition. The flat sides, squared edges, and length isn’t optimal for lengthy prep tasks. Misen. The blade isn’t overly wide, which makes precise cuts easier but scooping chopped ingredients more difficult. (A good rule of thumb: If your knife can’t easily slice through a sheet of paper, it’s probably too dull.) All I have is a phone camera and I failed to get a good picture of the problems. I really enjoy the design and balance of it. The curve was smooth for the first few inches from the heal, but there were several bulges, including an especially noticeable bulge at the tip. Long handle: This will be an issue for those with smaller hands. For about a week after I let them know I shipped it out, I did not receive any communication. I still stand by my initial review after testing multiple production line copies of the knife. It’d be helpful to see their knife-making process and the standards of production (other brands like Made In provide more insight into the manufacturing process). Furthermore, Misen has high ratings and praise from thousands of verified buyers on its site. Here is a shortlist of the brand’s recent accolades: Clearly, Misen users and product testers are impressed with this knife. It’s classy, functional, and will look good in any kitchen. Use the links below to navigate this review: Before we dive into the details, let’s review some key facts about the Misen 8-Inch chef’s knife. I love the blue handle, but the black and gray might better match some of your other cookware. Press J to jump to the feed. A week after receiving the Chef's knives I'm slicing watermelon and the blade snaps in two. When the time started coming up when I wanted to pull the trigger, I decided to look up some reviews to see if the general concensus was still positive. Although all indications are that it’s an ultra-durable knife, only time will tell how it holds up. There’s got to be a catch, right? Do you think the Fujiwara holds up to the Tojiro? I'm honestly not sure what the problem could be. Retail price $100.00 Materials and manufacturing cost $ 20.00 Marketing and distribution $80.00 Actual value of knife $10.00. I decided to keep this one, thinking I could get the tiny chips out when I sharpened it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Conclusion: The Misen knife is not terrible, but comparing it against comparably priced knives, it's probably not worth a buy. On the other hand, it opened up the world of r/chefknives and I also started looking into chef knives to go forums. Victorinox knives use a steel that is very comparable to AUS-8 in terms of edge retention and toughness, but I'm willing to bet Victorinox applies a much better and more consistent heat treatment. I think that he has enough clout that if he were really going to sell out, he'd make a lot more money endorsing a major brand than staking his reputation on a Kickstarter knife. I can't say Kenji has a monetary interest in the knife but he sure is an advocate. In this in-depth review of the Misen 8-Inch chef’s knife, you’ll learn: So, if you’re shopping for a quality kitchen knife and considering the Misen 8-inch chef’s knife, keep reading. It looks, feels, and performs superbly at a fraction of the cost. It performs at the same level as its higher-end counterparts like Wüsthof. How do you like the handle and profile compared to the Tojiro? Wired smashed it to pieces in their review. The Misen portfolio is limited to six knives and a steak knife set. Misen will replace defective knives at no cost to you. For people who prefer a heavier knife, the Misen chef’s knife ($65) is a good option. The handle is sturdy and properly balanced. So, should you buy the Misen chef’s knife? Now I'm slowly warming my wife up to the idea of a $300 knife. I’ve tried both and Tojiro is a professional knife. Before placing your order on for this knife, there are some downsides to consider. I took out the Victorinox to see if I was going crazy, and it sliced right through without a problem. Misen offers a 60-day in-home trial with a no questions asked return policy. I also find it very bizarre that Misen's social media accounts have been basically silent for 4 months now. The Misen knife feels heftier and fairly well made. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I also didn't know a whole lot about knives so reading their Kickstarter pitch was like being spoonfed some marketed jargon. How did you sharpen the knife? I contacted Misen, and they responded within 24 hours offering a refund or replacement. You are smarter than she is. TL;DR - I bought a Misen knife despite some reservations. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, my knife is sharper than your honor student. Materials and Construction: The full-tang stamped blade (steel from butt to tip) is made from premium Japanese AICHI AUS-10 steel. I'd skip the fuss and get a tried and true knife like Tojiro or Victorinox at this price point. To learn more about Misen, and get details on their full lineup of knives and cookware, visit Made in China: Misen manufactures its knives in China, which can be a deal-breaker for some cooks. At some points along the edge I wasn't even sure if it was sharpened at all, at others the bevel extended quite far. The misen is stamped and made in China. Check for the current prices. This isn't really true though since AEB-L, which is in my opinion a superior stainless steel, is often also at 60 HRC and has a much better chance of being absolutely fine after honing. Third, there were small chips along the edge. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s sleek, modern-looking, and highlights a mix of German and Japanese influence. Where to Buy: Misen is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning you can buy the 8-Inch Chef’s Knife only at You can disagree with someone without accusing them of being a sell out or a shill. They have lots of complaints on Facebook from people with issues saying they can't get a response via email. After about two weeks of use, I started to feel the edge was noticeably worse. That doesn't sound good. The synthetic handle material is attached firmly to the tang by two exposed steel rivets — another feature common among quality knives. And if you don’t want to sharpen it yourself, Misen offers lifetime free sharpening. But does the fact that its made in China really make a difference? It’s subtle and not as pronounced as German models like Wüsthof or Zwilling. Review: Misen Chef's Knife. I contacted Misen and they sent the Chef's knives 2 weeks later. First, the bevel was incredibly uneven from the heel to the tip. Misen Chef’s Knife versus the Made In Chef’s Knife. The synthetic handles are made from thermoplastic elastomers or TPEs, a durable, hygienic choice. It is more affordable than comparable premium knife brands such as Wüsthof, Global, and Zwilling. At that point, I started to consider doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling my knife budget since it just got so damn interesting. Both performed exceptionally well. Sure, you may find knives that are slightly sharper or retain their edge a bit longer, but Misen holds its own against even the most established cutlery competition.


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