ECO (Engineering change order) Documentation that outlines a proposed change to a design, lists the product or part(s) that would be affected and requests review and approval from the individuals who would be impacted or charged with implementing the change. Revision Control The process of tracking and documenting changes to a product, part, process, program, design or document. RoHS and WEEE) and medical device regulations (e.g. In the example below, “400000-00 Lawn Mower” is the top-level assembly and this is its single-level BOM: SKU (Stock keeping unit) A unique sales stock identifier usually controlled by the business side of a company. Manufacture definition, the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale: the manufacture of television sets. Item A part, process or document included in a manufacturer’s product record. ISO 13485 (International standards organization 13485) Quality system standards and guidelines for the development of medical devices. ECN (Engineering change notice) An official notice that a change has been approved. For more information see this article, Engineering change notice (ECN)—The start to an efficient change implementation. It contains all components required to build the product — made-to-spec, off-the-shelf, mechanical, electrical, software and firmware. Excel App. Manufacturing Deviation A temporary change in production or a manufacturing procedure. The formulation of a process plan for a given part has seven aspects: (1) a thorough understanding of processing techniques, their yield and their reliability, precedences, and constraints (both economic as well as technical); (2) the material and tolerances of the part; (3) proper definition of machinability or process data; (4) proper work-holding design of the stock or piece part during the fabrication process, a key consideration in generating piece parts of consistent quality; (5) proper tool selection for the task; (6) the capability of the equipment selected; and (7) personnel skills required and available. chemical engineering {noun} chemické inženýrství {n} vzděl. Document Control The function of managing and controlling product documentation. Manufacturing Deviation A temporary change in production or a manufacturing procedure. document.write(''); Redline is the marking of an assembly drawing or bill of materials (BOM) to indicate a modification. See Computer-aided design and manufacturing, In parallel with the definition of process equipment, the manufacturing system designer must determine the most appropriate materials-handling techniques for the transfer of parts from machine to machine of each family of parts. Off-the-Shelf Describes an item that is procured from a supplier as-is, with no modifications. The relationship is usually represented this way: APQP (Advanced product quality planning) A framework of procedures used to develop products in the automotive industry. Engineering Book Store This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. In our years of working with manufacturers — from high-tech electronic to automotive to medical device companies — we have learned the terms commonly used in their respective industries and compiled them into a list. This new Dictionary provides definitions and explanations for mechanical engineering terms in the core areas of design, stress analysis, dynamics and vibrations, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, in over 7,400 clear and concise A to Z entries, many illustrated. The purpose is to ensure that quality systems involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and medical devices are appropriate for the specific items designed or manufactured. Tony Atkins was Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Reading and Visiting Professor at Imperial College. Each relationship links a manufacturer’s part number to an internal part number and results from the R&D team’s identifying the third-party parts that can be used to satisfy the manufacturing demand for the internal part. Marcel Escudier is Emeritus Harrison Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liverpool. The item master includes information like the size, shape, material, manufacturer, manufacturer part number and vendor for each component. PLM (Product lifecycle management) The management of the product record, including bills of materials, specifications, revisions and changes, from prototype through end-of-life. PDM System (Product data management system) Also referred to as a “work in progress (WIP) vault” or file repository. Multi-level BOM A BOM that captures how multiple sub-assemblies come together to produce a final product. if (document.getElementById("tester") != undefined) These proceedings consist of 52 papers from the 1st International Materials, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Materials, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Research Advances 1.2; selected papers. This excellent new work is the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of its kind. The DMR provides all information required to correctly build the current production revision of the device. A code for each part is listed on the bill of materials and physically printed on the PCB so the manufacturer knows where to place all the components. FFR (Field failure request) A change request which details a problem with the product as observed in the field. This glossary is intended as a practical and easy-to-use guide to common terms used in the advanced manufacturing industry. Another word for manufacturing. DMR (Device master record) A collection of records that contain the procedures and specifications for a finished medical device. a child item) in its bill of materials. // -->, Products else PRINTED FROM OXFORD REFERENCE ( See Materials-handling equipment, A quality assurance philosophy must be developed that emphasizes process control as the means to assure part conformance rather than emphasizing the detection of part nonconformance as a means of detecting an out-of-control process. Some examples of ERP software systems include NetSuite and Expandable. document.write(' ') Engineering News For instance, a lawn mower may include the following elements: a handle assembly, a metal deck assembly, a control assembly, a motor and a blade assembly. document.write(''); OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) The original manufacturer of a product that may be sold or marketed by another company. He has written many journal articles and a book, The Essence of Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Prentice Hall, 1998). Prototype An engineering-quality sample build of a product, typically intended to test high-risk aspects of the design. 19 synonyms of manufacturing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 61 related words, definitions, and antonyms. More specifically, manufacturing engineering involves the analysis and modification of product designs so as to assure manufacturability; the design, selection, specification, and optimization of the required equipment, tooling, processes, and operations; and the determination of other technical matters required to make a given product according to the desired volume, timetable, cost, quality level, and other specifications. Devised by Toyota, the approach is based on demand creating a “pull.” Inventory is replenished only when visual cues like an empty bin or cart show that it’s needed. During the manufacture of pieces, the parts are organized by the type of feature desired. Change Order See ECN (engineering change notice) and ECO (engineering change order). It can also be a set of controls for other departments, such as human resources, Finance/accounting and corporate reporting. PDX standards information can be found on the iNEMI site. Adapted from source:


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