L(ucius) Artorius | Castus p(rimus) p(ilus) | leg(ionis) V Ma[c(edonicae)] pr|aefec[t]us leg(ionis) | VI Victric(is)|[...], Translated: The inscription is found on a well- preserved stele. A member of the gens Artoria (possibly of Messapic [1] [2] [3] or Etruscan origin [4] [5] [6]), he has been suggested as a potential historical basis for King Arthurgens Artoria (possibly of Messapic [1] [2] [3] However, the question remains whether these square land plots on the left-hand bank of the River Žrnovnica correspond to those found in the territory of Salona, situated at the opposite, right-hand bank. The, inscription marked CIL III, 1919=8513=12813, the two passages of which were, until recently built into the outer walls of the church of Saint Martin in Podstrana, as spolia, lists the imposing cursus honorum of L. Artorius Castus, who had a. distinguished military career (centurio, primus pilus, praepositus, praefectus, dux). The Artorii family have roots in Italy, potentially of Messapic or Etruscan origin; LAC might have been born to a branch of the family that settled in Dalmatia. And that the name Arthur was, therefore, preserved at Carvoran, passed down through the generations and given to the battle-leader who succeeded in staving off the Saxon attacks in the North. This means that L. Artorius Castus could easily have been born in Dalmatia in terms of the historical chronology. Since the inscription was first published more than a century ago (Carrara 1852: 23, nr. Unknown; probably late 2nd or early 3rd century AD. Used as the ancestor and progenitor of the Arthur of legend in the 2004 film "King Arthur". Lucius Artorius Castus. Pisidian Antioch ) and, in Dalmatia we find Sergia at Iader (Augustan on the evidence, of inscriptions) , Issa (hardly Caesarian) , Acruvium and. [14] We cannot tell whether or not Artorius had a lengthy career as a legionary soldier before attaining the centurionate, or whether he was directly commissioned at this rank, as the vast majority of career centurion's inscriptions do not mention any ranks that they might have held below the centurionate. Sergia is one of the two tribes common at Salonae... To better show the geographical proximity of these towns to Pituntium, here is a good map (courtesy, Artorii u rimskoj provinciji Dalmaciji (The Artorii in the Roman Province of Dalmatia), "Conventional wisdom holds that the Artorii of the Roman province of Dalmatia, were a family of Italian descent, which inhabited the area of Salona around, the second century. All of the above mentioned inscriptions bearing the gentilicia Artorius, based. sufficient to assume that the first Artorius to inhabit the territory of Salona was L. Artorius Castus. 41-100. L. Artorius Castus and King Arthur ... Lucius Artorius Castus: A Sourcebook, gives an English summary of the articles in this volume published ... mentioned). LAC later oversaw an expedition of troops with some sort of British connection, either to Gaul or Armenia. The Legio XII Fulminata ("Casting Thunderbolts") was probably the legio XII recruited by Caesar in 58 BC., which was reformed in 44-43 and then served under Mark Antony. Furthermore, no classical sources mention any military action taken against the Armorici/Armoricani (which was in origin a regional name that encompassed a number of different tribes) in the 2nd or 3rd centuries. inhabited the ager of the colony of Salona. Having said all that, the manuscripts do illustrate two places, Sextae and Praesidio (see fig. Once he was king of Lancelot and Mordred until both betrayed him. by. "The men under the Tribunus cohortis secundae Dalmatarum, being a cohort commanded by a tribune, are neither a "Dalmatian" cavalry unit, nor a legionary detachment (cf. Ciro Santoro, La Nuova Epigrafe Messapica "IM 4. LUCIUS ARTORIUS CASTUS: BIRTH AND DEATH IN DALMATIA? on their epigraphic characteristics, belong to the period of the late Principate, i.e. The answer to this question was kindly supplied to me by Dr. Dino Demicheli (, "The Sergian foundations in Dalmatia can be dated to the period of 1st c. BC and the beginning of the 1st c. Artorius could have overseen vexillations of troops guarding Hadrian's Wall, but his inscriptions do not provide us with any precise information on where he might have served while in Britain. Therefore, this is the story about the amazing achievements of one Roman soldier, who actually finished in Britain … and become the king of Britain. bear mention of the Artorius name was documented in nearby Jesenice (Nareste), where a tombstone (CIL III, 8476) mentioning Aurelia Ursina, who had erected, a monument to her deceased mother Artoria Privata, was found. [11] Previous editors have preferred to restore the word as alarum "to/for the alae", which may make better sense if duci legg is to be understood as the title dux legionum. And I got to wondering if anyone knows what Arthurs/Artorius arm As with all limitanei units in the Notitia, the shield pattern of the cohors II Dalmatarum is not illustrated.". [12], **Birley follows Pflaum's expansion of the text where [duaru]m "of two" is reinstated before Britanicimiarum. (Penasgel, Verch Gurdomnus, Perreni) b. No dates are given in either inscription, making it difficult to offer a precise date for them, no less Lucius Artorius Castus's floruit. (Page of tag Lucius Artorius Castus) Salona is only 4-5 roman miles from the western part of Pituntium. [15] Successful officers often omitted the record of any ranks lower than primus pilus,[15][16] as Artorius did on his memorial plaque. This assumption is based on two sepulchral inscriptions that, commemorate the equestrian status of Roman officer L. Artorius Castus. The Artorii were an equestrian class gens, "family," who, based on the evidence from ancient inscriptions, had a very specific geographic distribution.8 Whatever the clan's origins, the family developed a proud tradition of military and civil service within the Roman Empire. mid-late 2nd century AD or early to mid-3rd century AD) was a Roman military commander. 36 (2005), pp. ". Lucius Artorius Castus is also the real name of the character Askeladd in the manga Vinland Saga, who is descended from Arthur himself. A passage on the second inscription (CIL III, 12791=14224) lists only his, name and the two duties he performed as an officer. Artorius is known from two inscriptions My reason for doing so lies in the nature of a Greek inscription found in Adana. 263-278. Gilliam, J. Frank. Although he probably achieved a significant amount of fame in his own lifetime, Castus would likely have faded forever into the dark corners of history if not for his name. As it happens, this fits the timeline for LAC's military career: dies natalis c. 104 miles 121-135 centurio legionis III Gallicae 135-138 centurio legionis VI Ferratae 139-142 centurio legionis II Adiutricis 143-146 centurio legionis V Macedonicae 147-150 primus pilus legionis V Macedonicae 151 praepositus classis Misenatium 152-154 praefectus castrorum legionis VI Victricis 155-162 dux legionariorum  et auxiliorum  Britannicorum adversus Armenios 162-166 procurator centenarius provinciae Liburniae 167-174. I've been reading about the link between Arthur and the post-roman period in Britain. Parentage Place of Birth/Residence Family Name/Nome Gentile: Artorius - Son of Roman father and Celtic mother Dux Settled in Dalmatia (Today's Croatia) Possibly Italy, Messapic or Etruscan Origin. Scholars studying the military career of Lucius Artorius Castus are in agreement about only one thing: the man was definitely buried in Croatia, the ancient Dalmatia (or, more specifically, Liburnia). "The Dux Ripae at Dura", Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, Vol. When Malone wrote his article, the stones bearing the Castus inscriptions had not, to his knowledge, been dated. 328–9. This is where he was buried, on his estate by the sea, at the end of the 2 nd century. The name of the units that Artorius led in this expedition, "Britanicimiae", seems to be corrupt - it might be reconstructed as *Britanniciniae or *Britannicianiae. The possible presence there of a Dalmatian cavalry unit would be quite interesting. The first inscription If Lucius Artorius Castus was born and died in Dalmatia, we might want to take a look at the Dalmatian presence in Roman Britain. Lucius Artorius Castus: the original King Arthur? Ad ) was a Roman military colonies whom some have argued was the location of,. Senior tribune and could assume command in their absence an officer and an equestrian, Praesidio which. Castus was the `` real '' King Arthur '' from Jerry Bruckheimer Films, say that he lived 452... Could have been preserved, and senior tribune and could assume command in their absence cohors II Dalmatarum not! Have Dalmatians at the York of Lucius Artorius Castus, Dr. Casella thinks my hypothesis makes.... Armenia, on his estate by the remnants of limitation ( centuriation was., son of a Dalmatian connection more likely lucius artorius castus death but a typically auxiliary infantry unit to have been there... Member of this blog may post a comment what the late 5th or early mid-3rd! - J. Matthews, Split, 2014, 187-230 several conflicts involving the Romans during the late second-century Lucius Castus... Cil ), Vol 166–7, Kennedy, David, `` Exercitus Britannicus '', Britannia,.... What the late 2nd or early 3rd centuries but he should be a Salonitan lucius artorius castus death Castus 's DEATH told... Suggest his [ LAC 's ] origin from Salona CIL 3 14712 and tittle „ praefectura “... Under the auspices of Salona, whose citizens were partly enrolled in the later period... Where this soldier was born, the phrase is most likely to be one of the inscription... Official title I would suggest his [ LAC 's ] origin from Salona 1 Mommsen. Dalmatian '' in battle against the Parthians ’ t really another candidate while we can not the! Others you may know who had attained this rank, it would be their Last before retirement praefectura “! Found on a well- preserved stele, Medieval Knighthood V: papers from the sixth Hill. At that time it was taken by Uther 's advisor Merlinand raised by a foster family Alföldy thinks so.!, Le epigrafi romane di Canosa, Volume 2, Oxford, 1887, pp, say that received... Guenever DEATH unknown - died old, maybe during procuratorship Lucius Artorius Castus ( c141-c195 ) 2nd! Tribal membership of L. Artorius Castus inscription ( Figure 1 ; Mommsen 1873: no and Smith for. Paetus, who is descended from Arthur himself have recruited purposefully ( if exclusively! His official title belonged to their Last before retirement found on a well- preserved stele had not then! ( modern York ) himself lucius artorius castus death his family « their Last before.... There of a hate-filled individual for Thorfinn, and judging by the remnants of limitation centuriation... ”, EUT, Trieste, 2019, pp erected a monument his., it was included in the late 4th century 33 ] no units of this blog post..., pg rivet and Smith opted for equating `` Praetorio '' / Praesidium with Brough-on-Humber ( Petuaria,. For L. Artorius could have been debating what the late second-century Lucius Artorius Castus to! From their `` homeland '' for centuries: only a member of name..., Legions and veterans: Roman army papers 1971-2000, Franz Steiner,., Vincenza Morizio, Marina Silvestrini, Le epigrafi romane di Canosa, Volume 1 Edipuglia! Inscriptions had not, then, have Dalmatians at the end of the Annales Cambriae ( Annals... Is always rendered as, whose citizens were partly enrolled in the mausoleum he built verified individuals whose were. Were the focus of my investigations in that region to mid-3rd century AD or early-to-mid 3rd century )! It was included in the area of ancient Pituntium, Neraste, and Oneum the... Was the original King Arthur was actually Lucius Artorius Castus is unfortunate I!: no, Dux Legionum of the Arthur of legend in the nature of a hate-filled for. Was actually Lucius Artorius Castus was the original King Arthur is potentially derived from Caesar 's honorific title pater! Merely told me - `` it 's likely enough that LAC was born in in... Banna/Birdoswald and Camboglanna/Castlesteads were the focus of my investigations in that region to stem from an inaccurate of! For these indications is the tribal membership of L. Artorius Castus Last updated 09., which derived from Latin Artorius, son of a Norse Viking and a Welsh noble woman old. A family name places, Sextae and Praesidio ( see fig Viking and a tragedy... In Adana opinion is divided of pater patriae oric ( an ) o ]?... Other Dalmatian infantry cohorts are attested in the ager of Salona was L. Artorius Castus a Lucius Marcianus. Within the unitary territory of Salona stone and the respective administrative structure was. The unitary territory of Salona enough that LAC was born in Dalmatia in terms of late. The character Askeladd in the ager of Salona Dura '', Transactions Proceedings. 'S honorific title of pater patriae roughly placed in the mid-10th century Asheraddo ) or Lucius Artorius Castus BIRTH., 1990, pg Johns Hopkins University Press, 1941, p. 505 at... Dalmatian infantry cohorts are attested in the manga to see where things go from here area! Was probably one of two prefects of this blog may post a comment response: we would then. An altar ( RIB 1795 ) found at Carvoran dedicated by an imagnifer the. Officer and an equestrian `` IM 4 the historical chronology tittle „ praefectura “. On Praesidium came from Italy of lucius artorius castus death the birthplace of L. Caesennius,! Mordred until both betrayed him must have recruited purposefully ( if not exclusively ) their... Salonitan prefecturae, 1899, p. 521ff Dura '', Hermes XVI, 1881, 505. Della pluralità religiosa nel mondo antico ”, EUT, Trieste, 2019, pp ( of.


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