Modern & Contemporary Art Resource. Having achieved success in many arenas during his lifetime, the actor, director, writer and photographer died Friday in Lo…. Created in black and white, these images explore the classical beauty of the female nude. In this series, Nimoy wanted to portray the alternate identity of his subjects - the creative and sometimes weird sides that is usually hidden from others. Commenting on his work process, the actor explained: “The story has to be captured in complete very quickly. Nimoy’s son, Adam, says the actor died Friday morning in Los Angeles of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Featured image: Left: Leonard Nimoy - Barry, Secret Self Series, via / Right: Leonard Nimoy - Joseph, Secret Self Series, via For his series Black and White, Nimoy experimented with studio portraiture, continuing his fascination with the female form. “It was too bad, because I think it was a good idea,” she said. Throughout his 30 year-long photography career, Nimoy has created an extensive and provocative portfolio featuring this subject, exploring spiritual, the sculptural, and the voluptuous. Nimoy also photographed the key to his suite cabinet as a comment on this censorship. A famous actor best known for playing Spock from Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was also an accomplished fine art photographer. “It really disturbed him that women who considered themselves overweight had this terrible feeling about themselves,” Angier said. In 2007, Nimoy published The Full Body Project, a collection of photos featuring nude women of many shapes and sizes. In the 1970s, he studied photography at UCLA with famed photographer Robert Heinecken, seriously considering photography as an alternative to his acting career. Nimoy’s images portrayed the women as powerful and engaging, qualities that moved Angier. Growing interest in photography in early age, Nimoy took his first photograph when he was only 13 years old and would sharpen his talents throughout his lifetime with many photography projects. However, he discovered that breaking into the medium was rather complicated as his celebrity status as an actor often discouraged galleries and print editors. Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, was known by fans for his iconic character in Star Trek, Mr. Spock. During an artist-in-residence appointment in Rome, Nimoy produced a series of images based on the Natonio Canova sculpture of Paulina Bonaparte Borghese in the Borghese Gallery in Rome. In this series, models always have their eyes covered or away from the camera. Featured image: Leonard Nimoy - Early Works, via Those fans may not have known that Nimoy was also a photographer who championed full-figured women. © 2013-2020 Widewalls | With over-abundant joy and a wonderful sense of freedom and grace, the models display their bodies and captivate the eye with their commanding presence. His depiction of alluringly glamorous women — some wearing tefillin in all their naked glory — as the essence of the feminine manifestation of God struck some as revolutionary and others as salacious. Once again visiting the female form, Nimoy photographed members of a burlesque group called The Fat-Bottom Revue for his celebrated series The Full Body Project. He wanted to translate the sensual impact of marble into his photographs, but also the backstory. I don’t have to be ashamed and cower in the corner.”. Hugely influenced by his upbringings as the child of Jewish immigrant parents, Nimoy created Shekhina series in 2002 that represents the divine presence of God as a woman and blends sexuality and spirituality. A departure from his black and white photography, the series Secret Selves was inspired by Greek mythology. He would revisit this theme through his career as an artist. Appart from being an artist, Nimoy was also a passionate arts collector and patron. Via Mashable: In 2007, Nimoy published The Full Body Project, a collection of photos featuring nude women of many shapes and sizes. When Leonard Nimoy’s book of photography, Shekhina, was published in 2002, it created a ruckus. “He considered this as a mission, that he thinks women should feel good about themselves and their bodies.”. Featured image: Leonard Nimoy - Borghese Series, via Featured image: Leonard Nimoy - Eye Contact, via He encouraged models to explore a personal experience, although the photographer’s presence inescapably alters the moment. By portraying subjects that often fall through the cracks and are pushed to the margins of society, Nimoy’s photography offers a commentary on the human condition and its false limitations. We provide art lovers and art collectors with one of the best places on the planet to discover modern and contemporary art. Leonard Nimoy/R. Featured image: Leonard Nimoy - Shekhina, via Besides his rising stature as a major contemporary American photographer, in his spare time Mr. Nimoy moonlights as an actor, director, philanthropist, and as one of the world’s best loved and respected personalities, Mr. Spock. Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, was known by fans for his iconic character in Star Trek, Mr. Spock. It has to something that can reach out and touch the viewer in that instant.”. His subjects were family and friends. He was 83. Featured image: Leonard Nimoy - Classic Nudes, via Featured images: Leonard Nimoy, via; Leonard Nimoy - Full Body Project, via Michelson Galleries Nimoy's previous book of photographs captured images of nude women as well, though the models' slim bodies hewed closely to the conventional standards of beauty.


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