The new ATV series, as revealed in the Landyachtz 2017 line, offers mellow concave with a durable longboard construction, matched in heaven with shapes that are ergonomic, economic and foot-friendly for all-around urban skateboarding. Landyachtz also own the highly reputable Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels brands, so all Landyachtz complete boards come with these high-quality components. Every trick I landed off center I got thrown off within .01 of a second. In short, the ATVs are city rippers designed for all-around but street-oriented skateboarding. Regular Landyachtz skaters will perhaps recognize some of the shape work done here, coming from their previous Loco series. Downhill. It’s a smaller board for all-around urban skateboarding and functionality for all styles – street, park, pools, some freeride. See the pricing for the Landyachtz ATV here on Amazon. Some decks come with a variety of flex and ply options. Cruising, Add to Cart button anywhere on this page. Good length, 35" is manageable, I think the 37 might be too much for someone looking to hybrid skate (unless you are larger) and the 33 would be too small for me (like I said, 6' tall). The pointed nose gives the shape a directional-feel, all the while offering symmetrical concave for comfortable switch riding. I'm thinking of getting it for some techsliding, street, and park riding. The 8.5 inch width is designed to be street-friendly; when doing flip tricks, kickflips and ollies, a narrower width translates to better responsiveness and easier rail accessibility. Compared to a few street decks that I have ridden in the last week it is on par. Ride on! Thanks! The extra layer also adds snappiness and durable pop to them. Hard wheels make this board an amazing techslider while softer wheels make this board a sick cruiser and freerider. The ATV rides very smoothly, similar to the very popular Dinghy (see my full review). Landyachtz’s ATV hybrid boards are a mixture of cruiser and traditional skateboard. We're a bunch of San Diego skaters in a warehouse, assembling your longboards by hand, making sure you get the best ride under your feet. All 3 versions of the ATV ship with 155mm Polar Bear TKP trucks, which are great carving and pumping trucks (I’ve been riding them for a long time). These wheels are fast and smooth, big enough to roll over cracks and bumps. The Laguido is the completely symmetrical, street skate-esque board in the 2017 ATV offerings. A friend suggested I get a board with twin kicks to use to commute to uni when I go. Since the forum is better organized, other riders may also help answer your questions. 57mm Street Hawgz 82a (yellow) Let me preface by saying i have never excelled at traditional skating. The Presidente has a slighly more directional shape than the Laguito, with a bit wider tail and a bit narrower nose with a chisel shape. But, it's more like a skateboard meant for sliding in the road as compared to a skateboard sliding on concrete. Here are some of the ATV art options: With the ATV series, Landyacthz stays true to its reputation with a really well-made, durable composite deck and quality components for the completes. difference, check out the product description below. Added in 1/4 inch of riser and went back to the Khiro Barrels and some Bones Hardcore Hard short cones for roadside and cranked them down until I couldn't anymore. Picked this bad boy up last weekend in Surf Expo in Orlando. For personal recommendations, check out our Wheel guides for save hide report. For more recommendations, check out our Truck guides for Click on the What do you guys think about it? Include spacers The Specs Throw on some hard wheels and you have yourself a perfect tech slider. Prone to wheelbite even with 57mm wheels if you like a loose setup or weigh 180lbs+. things you're missing. If you're into freeride or Review your parts above or below. They offer a nice cruiser feel (and even shape for the Perfecto) while staying trickable, fast, flowy, and stable at some speed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At the same time, the deck shapes and the trucks and wheels make for comfortable shredding and even allow for some freeride. The Landyachtz ATV skateboards come with 60mm 78A Chubby Hawgs wheels. More of a square tail as well. The shape of the tails also give it lots of good pop. Independent (Indy) 169 trucks. I'll try to get some up by the end of the day. Sweet! As mentioned, the ATV comes in slightly different shapes, but also various great-looking color designs – each design is associated with a single shape, so you must choose between your preferred shape OR your preferred graphic art. The Loco Series is Landyachtz's street boards ready to shred whatever you can throw at it. I have thrashed this thing for the past 5 days, 3-5 hours a day and it is showing no major signs of wear. The Landyachtz Loco 35 is the middle child of the Loco series, fitting just in between a street deck, and a longboard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, I regret nothing after seeing the picture comparing several techslider tails. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Although the Perfecto has the most directional shape of the three, it’s still highly trickable with a large kick tail for ollies and kickflips and asymmetrical concave for riding switch comfortably. To upgrade or change your risers, FAQ; Contact; Cart; Español; Basket / €0,00 31" x 9.75" (1 review) $158.95. downhill, grab the Recommended bearings. Check them out! Have you been eyeing out a Landyachtz board? This tapered deck features a long and functional kicktail combined with sanded wheel wells. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the longboarding community, Ask your questions in the Daily General Thread, Press J to jump to the feed. They have heat-treated axels, machined hanger shoulders, precision threading, engineered bushing seats…. The decks have big kicks (for tricks, see previous section for versions), a medium radial concave (for shredding and sliding), and a stiff flex (for kick tricks and park). Was luckily enough to swap for a Comet Sakamoto right before it shipped. All in all, the ATV series is fit well for a do-it-all, fast-cruising/slashing setup. Want something you can slash hills on while still being able to skate comfortably in the park? All my life I've been passionate about the board riding lifestyle. The decent wheelbase and TKP trucks on the ATV make it quite stable and easy to slide on when riding down medium hills. We automatically select the basic options to make your 4.9/5 Check there again. Check out the price for the Landyachtz ATV here on Amazon. an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All three are hybrid shapes with double kicks and the same 14.375″ wheelbase. Freeride, or Was looking into getting a Yoface 35 but found this complete way cheaper.


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