Not a member of Pastebin yet? By eliminating the mana base of every player on the table, or destroying all the creatures, you're making it difficult for your opponents to continue productively and react to your plays. Edit Live Edit. Ads by Fandom. Help | Suffocating Blast would be better if you could deal the damage to a creature or a player. Control 283 . Sounds like a fun way to recycle Planeswalkers. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Quest for the Janklord — Truly jank-tacular, high effort EDH "TV show" featuring awesome puppets and costumes, voice acting, a "plot," and a $0.79 cap on every card in the 99. Copied to clipboard. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. Common in stax builds is wraths and land screw tactics. raw download clone embed report print. Feeds | Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. I'm still looking at making it better. The deck is actually a 2 card combo deck, meaning that you need both. But I do agree you have to make a choice which is more important to you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Either way, I'm probably going to retire this list since it's, as you noted, kind of a one-trick pony. On phone so sorry about no links. Hi r/EDH, I was wondering if any of you play the same way I do. You could always choose to pay the full cost as well, if someone's casting something ridiculous like an Omniscience, Foil - same idea, and free counters in clutch moments are amazing, Thwart - getting a little bit blue-heavy here, but same idea as Foil. Or if you take a random card and hit a land, then you can tutor the second draw. Izzet - Keranos, God of Storms (EDH) Commander / EDH Burn Control UR (Izzet) Ryuenjin. When you run wizards you get access to a couple of neat cards that benefit Keranos like [[Information Dealer]], [[Serendib Sorcerer]], etc. Never . text 1.49 KB . Contact | Curse of the Swine / Ixidron - turn all their creatures into things you can burn! Mercurial Chemister, for extra cards and more pitching ability, Commandeer - you're going to have card advantage, why not abuse it? TCGPlayer 281.19 - 277.48 . Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. I'm fairly new to EDH (only been playing Magic for about a year and a half) so I still don't know all the cards that would work well. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Does the card searcher bot work in this sub? Actually, Reality Scramble checks the targeted card's last type while on the battlefield when the Scramble is cast. UR (Izzet). This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Discord Server | It's not going to make a card like War Elemental un-terrible either. DMCA requests | These run alongside things like Smokestack, Winter Orb, Static Orb, and Tangle Wire to create soft locks or hard locks on the board. I would take out Suffocating Blast and put in Counterflux if you want a good Blue/Red counterspell. Stitch in Time is nice along with Isochron Scepter and Runechanter's Pike for your deck. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. He gives me card advantage, removal, and an indestructible blocker all in one package, which is pretty convenient. Blue Spells Red Spells Small Spells Big Spells. These are just cards that I thought up of at the top of my head. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Privacy statement | Card Kingdom 308.19 - 337.97 . All three are really underwhelming. Edit. Spellslinger ), Lightning Bolt (slightly more damage than Pillar, same argument about effect), Venser's Journal (lifegain's a bit difficult in UR, but I'm not sure that this is the way to go), Second Chance (I don't see anything you have that can recur it), Mogg Maniac (I can't see how you would take advantage of him - he's more useful in maybe Nin), Lightning Storm - gives you something to do with all those lands, Wild Ricochet - copying + redirection if necessary, Cryptic Command - lots of utility in one card, Turn // Burn - utility, fits colors, and makes it easier for you to bolt things to death even if you just play Turn. Sometimes I will crack open four of my decks and set everything up for a riveting game of solitaire. Terms of Use | Keranos, God of Storms is not that kind of "build around me". Commander / EDH* Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! (100 cards, 80 distinct) - Volcanic Island, Force of Will, Misty Rainforest, Cavern of Souls, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Scalding Tarn, Rolling Earthquake © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved.


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