The capture of Mecca (630) was not only an evidence of his growing power, which induced Arabs throughout the peninsula to join him, but gave him a valuable centre of pilgrimage, in which he was able by a politic adoption of some of the heathen Arabian ceremonies into his own rites to win men over the more easily to his own cause. She laughed harder, glancing up as Mansr joined them. "Maybe I could get excused from jury duty," Fred said, in a last-ditch effort to join what he now consider an adventure. Example sentences with the word joined. Join sentence examples. Bordeaux helped her down the hill and they joined the Indians. Dean donned coat and boots and joined the lawman. He spotted Dean at once and joined him on the next stool. In consequence, in 1908, of 490,000 liable, some I 10,000 actually joined for full training and 24,000 of the new 2nd category for short training, which contrasts very forcibly with the feeble embodiments of i906 and 1907. Dorsolaterally the basisphenoid is joined by the alisphenoid, which forms most of the posterior wall of the orbit. From 1846 onwards Jowett threw himself into this movement, which in 1848 became general amongst the younger and more thoughtful fellows, until it took effect in the commission of 1850 and the act of 1854. (4) My aunt asked me to join in with her on her holidays abroad. What he did was incredible; in fact, I can hardly believe it. A railway from Haifa to Damascus was opened in 2905; it runs across the Plain of Esdraelon, enters the Ghor at Beisan, then, turning northwards, impinges on the Sea of Galilee at Samakh, and runs up the valley of the Yarmuk to join, at ed-Der`a, the line of the third railway. Several more joined him to clear out debris and the remains of a building. Villeneuve was now able to join the vessels at Ferrol. It was due to his influence that the Iroquois refused to join Pontiac in his conspiracy, and he was instrumental in arranging the treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1768. to join her squadron, as they came closing in. Behind the transverse fissure the lower end of the Spigelian lobe is seen as a knob called the tuber papillare, and from tree right of this a narrow bridge runs forward and to the right to join the Spigelian lobe to the right Vena cava in its fossa lobe and to shut off the transverse fissure from that for the vena cava. He dropped his hands and turned away, striding off to join the party. He was breveted first lieutenant for gallantry at Molino del Rey and captain for gallantry at Chapultepec. The psychologist and the formal logician do indeed join hands in the denial of a real movement of thought in syllogism. We use the nor conjunction to join two alternative clauses when the first clause uses a negative such as neither or never. Late in 1793, Bailly quitted Nantes to join his friend Pierre Simon Laplace at Melun; but was there recognized, arrested and brought (November 10) before the Revolutionary Tribunal at Paris. From the south it is joined by the Faleme, a considerable river which rises in hilly country in about I I° 50' N. Here he was joined by his children, who had been confined at Pressburg; his wife (a price had been set on her head) had joined him earlier, having escaped in disguise. (2) I hope that everyone will be able to join in the fun. Taran followed his quick pace toward the door, watching as the advisors rose from their seats at the tables to join their master. 1 It was said to have been founded by a band of emigrants from Phocis, under the guidance of two Athenian leaders, named Philogenes and Damon, but it joined the Ionian confederacy by accepting the government of Athenian rulers of the house of Codrus. Again, it is said that Achilles, enamoured of Polyxena, the daughter of Priam, offered to join the Trojans on condition that he received her hand in marriage. The 16th of June had been fatal to the idea of an independent Bohemia, fatal also to Pan-Slav dreams. She joined them at the door with enough loose euro change for a couple of beers and dinner. He joined them on the porch, licking an ice cream and pulling over the fourth rocker so as not to disturb Mrs. Lincoln, who gazed longingly at the dripping vanilla. The receiving instrument is joined up across these ends in the usual manner. There are two main theories: (I) that the chromosomes which finally separate are at first paired side by side (Allen, Grgoire, Berghs, Strasburger and others), and (2) that they are joined together or paired end to end (Farmer and Moore, Gregory, Mottier and others). This bundle is continued down into the cortex of the stem as a leaf-trace, and passing very slowly through the sclernchymatous external cortex and the parenchymatous, starchy internal cortex to join the central cylinder. Examine these examples of complete sentences joined with a comma and a conjunction: Agnes robbed the bank, and then she went out for a hamburger. 16, 24 seq.) Canals from Chau-Doc to Ha-Tien and from Long Xuyen to Rach-Gia join the Mekong with the Gulf of Siam. Austria would not join France unless Italy did the same, and she realized that that was impossible unless Napoleon gave way about Rome. In the north Manuel enjoyed the homage of Antioch, which his father had gained in 1137, and the nominal possession of Tell-bashir, which had been ceded to him by Baldwin III. He led the English army back to England after Richard's departure from Palestine; but in Sicily he heard of the king's captivity, and hurried to join him in Germany. Shortly afterwards Martos joined the dynastic Left organized by Marshal Serrano, General Lopez Dominguez, and Moret, Becerra, Balaguer, and other quondam revolutionaries. He's crazy! English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Join" in Example Sentences Page 1. As governor of Gallia Narbonensis, he plundered the temple of the Celtic Apollo at Tolosa (Toulouse), which had joined the Cimbri. He therefore heard without dismay at the end of March that Prussia had joined Russia in a league in which Sweden was now an active participant. The lower Mississippi is the truck in which three large rivers Join; the chief figures (approximate only) regarding them are as follows: Drainage Area Percentage of (square miles).


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