Maximum flavour for a minimum price tag. But as a matter of fact that works to your advantage. Let's season the beef cheeks. Jamie Oliver we made the beef cheeks ragu, from the Jamie Cooks Italy series (I am Italian and we had never heard of it made like that!). Beef Cheeks: Our Beef Cheeks are 400 grams each approx & the texture is coarse with rich red colour as you would expect from a good quality grass-fed piece of beef. As the name suggests, these are from the jaw area & look like 2 little pouches that would fit in the palm of your hand. Now the smell is transforming immediately with the pancetta. My oozingly rich slow-cooked beef cheek ragu with luxurious homemade pasta. It was amazing Salt and pepper and then we have the smoked pancetta. Next ingredient we've got beautiful porcini that's been dried. Chop up the carrots, red onions and celery to make a soffritto. When you look at the basic ingredients, this beef cheek ragu is really great value for money. Beef cheek is not the most sought-after cut of meat. The flavour is good & strong that works well with red wine in the ingredients. What it means is that you can often get this very tasty cut of meat at a very reasonable price.


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