2 years ago. Amid the downsizing, residential programs like Avon Park/Highlands — and the lockups, where youths await adjudication and sometimes scarce beds in the residential programs — have remained a source of trouble. Police said that is where youth worker Mackell Williams brought a 15-year-old on Aug. 16, 2012, to beat him up. Then again, given what it is — fried dough with a sugary frosting — you’re not buying it because it’s good for you. “The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has been and continues to be committed to reform of the juvenile justice system in Florida. For years, “honey-bunnings” and other abuses have been as ubiquitous as razor wire and starchy vegetables. The statement went from a three-page narrative to one paragraph devoid of detail. Many staffers share one trait: intimidating bulk. He didn’t get it. And that’s for the honey bun’s small version. They conducted scores of interviews with administrators, public defenders, prosecutors, judges, children’s advocates, consultants, parents and youths across Florida. They ignored it all.”. Though investigators watched the kicks and punches unfold on the blurry, herky-jerky video, they could not say who delivered the fatal blow. When it was over, Elord rose to his feet and declared: “I’m straight.”. There will always be someone who makes a poor decision,” said DJJ’s Daly. One called it an “A-town Stomp,” and demonstrated to detectives by jumping on the floor with both feet. T.R.’s lawyer, Arthur Wallace, said it is a “weak case” and “there’s a good chance he’s completely innocent.”. Want to learn all sorts of interesting things? This was Man vs. Food, Bristol County House of Corrections Edition.". All Rights Reserved. Approximately 150 law enforcement officers were deployed, including a SWAT team. But you may not be buying it to eat it, either. Elord’s arms flail in the air. "I'm a smart dude," Hernandez told an officer according to a jail incident report. This cannot happen. “While the citizens are essentially being ripped off,” the report said, “the juveniles are being even more poorly served.”. Notably, the 10-page report never resolved Andrew’s allegation that an officer instructed him to hit another youth. When technicians tried to zero in, the images muddied. We’ve had numerous conversations. Four years earlier, Hernandez was a member of the New England Patriots and had recently signed a $40 million contract extension. ▪ Tolerance for cover-ups: Over the past 10 years, DJJ has investigated 1,455 allegations of youth officers or other staffers failing to report abusive treatment of detainees — or, if they did report an incident, lying about the circumstances. So hit him, Andrew said the staffer replied. There are a lot that are outdated, and we just have to prioritize and do them as we can,” Daly said. And then there are the honey bun murders, as described by the Times: In 2006, at the Kent County Jail in Michigan, inmate Benny Rochelle dragged his cell mate off the top bunk, killing the man, when he could not find his honey bun. Soon, more complaints surfaced, including a kid who suffered a dislodged tooth and possible “roof fracture” when he refused to give up his lunch tray, a youth who claimed he was yanked out of bed and beaten for oversleeping, and a report from a teen of “bounties” being offered for beatings. T.R. He swung two punches. On June 9, 2003, 17-year-old Omar Paisley died of a ruptured appendix at the Miami-Dade lockup after begging for help for three days. Six months later, the program gave her a glowing recommendation for a job working with kids. A tear to a vein under Elord’s left shoulder — which slowly oozed his lifeblood — was the cause of death, along with other “blunt force injury” to his head, neck and chest. Yahoo.com's Dan Wetzel writes of an angry and frustrated man unaccustomed to being told what to do and when to do it all while spending most of his days in a 7-by-10-foot cell. Most of them follow the rules, treat the detainees with kindness and decency, and provide the necessary guidance and mentoring. After examining the uprising at the program for boys with mental illnesses or drug addictions, the grand jury labeled it “disgraceful.”. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nfl | pageType: stories | And even worse: In 2015, youth detention center officers allegedly bribed juvenile inmates with honey buns, asking them to beat up some other kids; one teen died in such an attack. Rather than stanch the abuse, the head of Fort Myers, Michael Mathews, went to extreme lengths to prevent it from being reported, DJJ inspector general records show. Wetzel writes: "He ate one honey bun and then another. Elord Revolte’s death evokes many of the dark secrets of Florida’s troubled juvenile justice system, including incompetent supervision, questionable healthcare, willfully blind internal investigations and spasms of staff-induced violence, sometimes bought for the price of a pastry. The attacker, an adult, remains free. As staffers disengaged the remaining attackers, at least one stomped Elord’s chest a final time. The Herald learned that the U.S. Justice Department subpoenaed records of some of the detention center staff involved in the incident, including Johnson. }); “I can tell you right now that it is absolutely unacceptable for any of that to happen. For a glimpse into just how much Hernandez's life had changed, Wetzel recounts a story from Nov. 20, 2013. When officers fall short of their obligations, though, the consequences for detainees can be far-reaching. “Bryant told him to hit [the other] youth when no one is looking in the dining hall.” The report implies, and video seems to show, that Andrew did just that — throwing a feeble jab — and that the staffer violently intervened to break up the confrontation. Honey buns are extraordinarily popular in prison, and particularly in the Florida penal system. Multiple detainees acknowledged jumping in for no particular reason, but they weren’t charged with assault, much less homicide. He said he overheard the boys say so. A dark-clad detention officer advances. Daly, the DJJ secretary, says this outsourcing has led to greater efficiency and accountability, and more humane conditions. Products Known to Cause False Readings Several household products, including most mouthwashes, yield faulty blood alcohol results $1,000, winner takes all. One staffer dabbed the boy’s bloody head with napkins. Geraci also refrained from calling the abuse hotline as mandated, later explaining: Staff “are prohibited from doing so.”, Mathews “offered no explanation as to why the Abuse Hotline was not contacted after medical documentation supported [Geraci’s claim] that staff Rios manipulated youth’s shoulder with the intent to inflict pain,” the report said. Elord lasted three. There was no respect there, not from other inmates, not from guards, not from the system. As the above-cited Prison Legal News recounted, he paid his lawyer with the only currency he had — honey buns. That complicated the task of identifying attackers and witnesses. By the time Valcin turns around, Elord is swallowed by a blur of kicking khaki. Such “pain compliance” moves, permissible in adult prisons, have been banned by DJJ for more than a decade. Elord cursed at Johnson, who cut dinnertime short for everyone. Here are some key DJJ numbers: Source: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Following a 2008 lawsuit in Vermont, the state’s supreme court ruled that inmates have to be given a hearing before Nutraloaf is doled out as punishment.”.


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