Jones (2007) notes that from this relationship emerge norms and rules contributing to improved communications and common language that improves team performance. This sort of structural shift can be traumatic for an organization and requires great resources of will. Buchanan, D., Huczynski, A., (2004). Organization can choose from variety of structure like, functional, divisional, project teams, holding companies and matrix structure. He also urged HR professionals to identify and be keen on the following elements; what has been the driving force behind a specific culture, who are the pacesetter of the culture in the organization, and what are their set threshold standards. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. The importance of structure and process to strategy implementation. Different personal interests will often conflict and need to be addressed. Every organization has a unique structure. Good strategy involves taking account of where a company finds itself in terms of the external market and its internal organizational structure. 5. Ensuring that you manage your organization’s culture during such transitions is key. More dramatic strategies are aided by a centralized organizational structure. It will need to change its organizational structures to move away from tasks that it is not suited for. Several models for assessing organizational culture exist. Factors for Designing It. The process of strategy implementation has an important role to play in the company’s success. Giving perspective to the thematic topic, Carl Wagner, Strathmore Business School Executive Fellow, defined Organizational culture as a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguish the organization from other organisations. Creative thinking and collaboration can be encouraged and rewarded. As previously mentioned, in this study we considered two critical implementation dimensions: organizational structure and strategic behavior. What is the performance measurement? His work appears on eHow, focusing on topics in history and culture. It is crucial to make sure that the unwritten rules become the company policy.”, Speaking of managing transitional and turbulent times in the organization, Fred Nyawando – Deputy HR Director Barclays spoke of the importance of volatility and flexibility in managing people in uncertain times, “HR professionals live in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. For a strategy within an organization to be developed and implemented successfully it must align with the organizational culture. When changing the organisation’s culture it is critical to examine the following; Does performance management matter, is decision making respected and are there consequences for non-compliance? Thus structure is synonymous to a rope that employees hold and binds all employees towards unified direction and aids the identification of Who is Who and What is What of organization. Bloisi, W., (2007). The importance of organizational structures in the implementation of a strategy is hard to overemphasize. What was the most important mathematical equation ever discovered? These strategies involve taking steps such as expanding parts of the organization that are successful and shrinking those that are not. The conference convener, Dr. Hazel Gachunga spoke of the significance of leadership and performance driven perspectives in cultivating progressive organizational cultures, “Significant organizational transformation requires some level of corporate culture change. Most organizations have certain departments that are particularly effective and certain tasks that it is already adept at doing. The authors identify a taxonomy comprised of four different combinations of structure/behavior types, which they label as: Management Dominant, Customer-Centric Innovators, Customer-Centric Cost Controllers, and Middle Ground. The strategy formulation and implementation activities are intertwined. He graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana with a Bachelor of the Arts in history and English literature. define various techniques of stategic eveluation and control. The importance of organizational structures in the implementation of a strategy is hard to overemphasize. Organization is uniform, structured and co-ordinate effort for achievement of economic/financial objectives for profit seeking firms and social for non-profit Organizations. Organizational culture includes the shared beliefs, norms and values within an organization. Nursing homes can be characterized as non profit organizations. The following points can help you identify the appropriate structure needed for strategy implementation. 1. Strategy implementation decisions. This sort of structural shift can be traumatic for an organization and requires great resources of will. Organisational Theory, Design, and Change. To Satisfy Objectives, organization channel employee endeavors in unified direction and establishes means of allocating resources/responsibilities and control under arrangements referred as structure. An effective enabling structure is key to delivering a successful ERP implementation project. Leaders with strong organizations shape a lot of the values and the belief systems in the organization and they help members construct the social reality. Culture is very instinctive. It facilitates effective execution, rapid decision-making and knowledge transfer. What Are The Key Challenges In Strategy Implementation? An innovative culture begins with accepting that the world has really changed and there is need to be open to more. Why Study OB And What Is The Importance Of Studying Organizational Behavior (OB). The strategic center firm manages intricate relationships between network partners. Strategy and implementation must cohere. As a CEO, you need to take a very close look at your organization structure and evaluate if it supports your strategy. A leader who can shape the organizational culture positively can influence the performance of the organization. Important notion stemming from Mullins assertion is that good structure will not only have tangible effects i-e financial but in-tangible affects like motivation thus impacting organizations' operational effectiveness as employees carry out operations/tasks of organization. Strategy and implementation must cohere.


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